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The subject of this article is from the Outlaws update.
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Crashed Freighter is a Point of Interest.


Crashed Freighter

Crashed Freighter is a Shelter type of planetary Point of Interest.

Crashed freighters can be located after solving a puzzle at a Transmission Tower or by normal exploration. Through the use of tools such as the Terrain Manipulator, Plasma Launcher, or Geology Cannon, you can uncover storage units that contain Nanite Clusters or units. Each crashed freighter has a Distress Beacon that will grant a blueprint and start the secondary mission. Note that the containers can emit deadly radiation that goes past any protection measures, although it can be cut off by entering a Minotaur power suit.

They can often be spotted on the surface without any hints due to their giant silhouette and appear in average frequency.


The cargo pod has one, randomly chosen Damaged Component which will need to be repaired. All cargo pods located at the same Crashed Freighter will have the same Damaged Component.

Additional Information[]

  • Sometimes a secondary mission will appear in your log to search for six containers at a crash site.
  • Different from a Crashed Ship; you can't recover a crashed freighter.
  • One or more of the storage containers may be inaccessible without excavation.
  • The first sighting of a crashed freighter was on the planet Quidar II, feature in one of the Pre-release videos.


  • Sometimes the marker for a Crashed Freighter that is found through a Transmission Tower or with the Signal Booster will not be cleared when you access the distress beacon. Using the Signal Booster to find a Drop Pod will clear the marker. However, this may take you back to a Drop Pod you've already found.
  • Sometimes you can not access all the cargo-pods the freighter contains because the one at the far end of the freighter gets stuck in indestructable terrain.

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