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Cursed Dust
Cursed Dust
Category Soil
Type Ashes of Despair
Rarity Common
Blueprint Value 959 Units.png
Used for Upgrading
Updated Frontiers

Cursed dust is a resource.


Cursed Dust is a resource obtained from cursed dust deposits on planets blighted by titan worm activity.

It is one of the Localised Earth Elements.

Game description[]

A powdery desert soil, slick with the gland expressions of a colossal sandworm. Historically, some have regarded this dust the divine parent of such worms. It smells curiously sweet.

Cursed Dust gathers in the terrain of planets blighted by titan worm activity.

Identification and Collection[]

This is a local resource extract, typically found in large deposits on the surface of Mega Exotic type of worlds with a base Barren environment.

The resource can be detected by conducting surface inspection with an Analysis Visor or visually.

The resource can be collected using an Autonomous Mining Unit or using a Terrain Manipulator fitting in a Multi-tool (generally, the preferred method of collection).


Cursed Dust can be refined into Residual Goop which makes it a reliable source for Nanites.


Cursed Dust is not used as an ingredient for crafting.


Cursed Dust is not used as an ingredient for refining using a Refiner.


Cursed Dust is not used as an ingredient for cooking using a Nutrient Processor.


Release history[]

  • Update 3.70 - Expedition 4: Emergence - Added as a resource.