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Derelict Freighter
Derelict Freighter
System Types Any
Frequency 4
HUD Alert Object of Interest Detected
Mission Alert Space Signal Detected
Interaction Fire upon cargo pods
Ramifications Destroying pods has a small chance to attract pirates
Rewards Chromatic Metal
Updated ExoMech

Derelict Freighter is a space encounter.


Derelict Freighter is a space encounter in the No Man's Sky universe.


Derelict freighters appear as destroyed ships, adrift in space and surrounded by damaged ship parts. They can have the appearance of several types of freighter.


Derelict freighters of this type are static objects and are unresponsive to player hails or other actions. For information on boardable derelicts, refer to Derelict Freighters.

Destructible doors exist that, when destroyed, open rooms with cargo containers. However, there is no method to access them since exiting your ship in space is not allowed. Players with maxed-out health and lots of resources for recharging can try jumping off their nearby frigates and exploring this way, though death is likely if not extremely careful.

Additionally small cargo pods may spawn, allowing the player to destroy them to get resources. However, doing so will occasionally cause Pirates to ambush. The cargo pods can contain more than 300 chromatic metal each.


They can be randomly found in any star system and have a low frequency of appearance.

Systems Regularly Encountered In[]

The following systems have regularly encountered derelict freighters.

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