A stable, crystalline form of hydrogen remarkable both for its extreme energy density and its stability at atmospheric pressures.

Common to all worlds, Di-Hydrogen is found in the form of large 'blue crystals'. It is a key componet of Starship Launch Fuel.


When combined with Metal Plating di-hydrogen can be used to create Starship Launch Fuel.

Di-Hydrogen can used to create Di-Hydrogen Jelly for 40 units in the inventory or 30 with a refiner. If the Di-Hyrodgen Jelly is placed back in the refiner it will produce 50 Di-Hydrogen giving an infinite supply as long as one has the fuel for the refiner.


When scanning for Di-Hydrogen it will be marked by a Blue diamond with the elemental symbol (H) in the middle.

The crystals are a bright blue color and usually com in small batches of 150 units for each patch.

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