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Diplo Chunks
Diplo Chunks
Category Consumable
Type Raw Ingredient
Total Value 1,400.0 Units.png
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Diplo Chunks is a consumable.


Diplo Chunks is a consumable and one of the Raw Ingredients.

Game description[]

A nutritious meat product, harvested from the corpse of the creature that once contained it.

Process in a Nutrient Processor to generate edible products.


Rangifae-based diplos drop Diplo Chunks when killed.

NOTE: The following information is based on new research as of ExoMech 2.41 on unpacked game files. It has not been confirmed that the following is implemented yet in the game:

The game files suggest that there are two types of animals that appear as "diplos", one generated from the body and coding of the Theroma model and another generated from the Rangifae. The research indicates that a Rangifae-based diplo would yield Diplo Chunks and Giant Eggs, while a Theroma-based diplo would only yield Meaty Chunks and Creature Eggs.


Diplo Chunks is used as an ingredient for cooking the following products using a Nutrient Processor:

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