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The subject of this article is from the Outlaws update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 19 July, 2022.

Discoveries Interface on PC

Discoveries is a generic term for the many types of game objects a player may find.


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A player's discoveries are located in the Discoveries menu. This is accessed differently depending on the platform: (Needs confirmation below)

  • For a PC, press P or ESC
  • For PS4/PS5, press the options button
  • For Xbox, press the start button

The discovery menu allows players to look up information on their Star system, planet, moon, mineral, flora, fauna, waypoint, and mineral discoveries. Among other things, the player will be given naming rights to their discovery, and the new name will be stored as part of the Atlas recor on the Hello Games Discovery Servers.

Uploading Discoveries[]

Players must manually upload each discovery for it to be recorded in the Atlas for proper credit to be given, if the player does not upload their discoveries a new player can stake claim to them by scanning and uploading them.

It is possible to upload all undiscovered items in the history of visits simultaneously by hovering over the UP arrow that is immediately to the upper right of the left had list of star systems. If this arrow is white, then it can be used for a mass upload of systems, planets, fauna, minerals, flora and waypoints that may not yet have been uploaded. However, you will be unable to name any of these items if you use a mass upload function.

Nanite Clusters are awarded for each discovery upload. The amount is based on the the type of discovery.

Discovery Bonus - Fauna[]

If the fauna of a planet are discovered completely, an additional bonus will be rewarded after confirming the completion by clicking the PAW.BW.png icon in the top right corner of the Creature Discovery Menu. This is required for Planetary Zoology milestone progress.

Renaming Discoveries[]

If named incorrectly, you can always rename the flora, fauna, planet, or star system by reloading at an earlier save point. (Note: This is unverified to work since Origins era.)

Star System Discovery Details[]

The full details of a star system discovery are:

  • Discoverers gamertag
  • Discovery date

For normal star systems, Abandoned Systems and Pirate Controlled systems, this information can be observed by scanning inside the Space Station while in the system. The information is then visible on the upper left side of the visor scan.

For Uncharted systems, there is no space station. It is necessary to call your Freighter to the system, then fly your starship to land on one of the Frigates. Exit your starship, and point your field of view into space (not at the frigate), and then activate the visor scanner. This will provide a similar scan view as if you were on a space station, and provide the discovery information.

Items within a star system can also be accessed from the Star System Discovery Menu. This will lead to the Planet Discovery Menu, and its submenus of Creature Discovery Menu, Flora Discovery Menu and the Mineral Discovery Menu.

Known Bugs[]

  • If a planet was discovered in an earlier era, and the biome conditions were reset/changed due to a new era update (see Universe Evolution), then the Planet Discovery Menu for a planet will reflect the earlier era name, resources, creature counts, discoverer name, etc. until a new discoverer lands on the planet and marks it for upload. The planet will normally appear as unmapped from space in most cases when it is approached using the starship. Note that even after the planet discovery is uploaded by the discoverer, the discovery menu will still show the incorrect fauna, flora and mineral count. The Exploration Guide on the Logs menu will however show the correct counts for these items. If the player exits the game and re-loads completely, then the discovery screen will be corrected.
  • The Exploration Guide screen will always show the correct number of creatures to be discovered on a planet. The Planet - Discovery Menu will reflect an earlier era of creature/fauna/flora/mineral counts if it was discovered in the past. These will be reset and correctly loaded if you warp out of the system and then return as this will force a refresh of the planet discovery information.