Duluzhboce-Toser Totvasu is a Tropical planet with it's temperature between extremely cold at night and reasonably warm during daylight, with a surface temperature of near 100 °C. This Planet is known to be populated with the species known as the Sentinel. The Vy'keen are a "peaceful" race but will turn hostile if fired at. As such, their installations are built more for trading than warfare.

This Planet can be found on the far outermost edge of the Isuyphoerst Void in the Isdennonnenbei.

Planet Location

  • Planet Name: Duluzhboce-Toser Totvasu
  • Star System Name: Isdennonnenbei (renamed to: Woodhouse Star System), Tabitha Star System
  • Galaxy Region Name: Isuyphoerst Void
  • Galaxy Analysis: Class G8pf // 4 Planets // 1 Moon
  • Galaxy & Planet Discovered By: warren-woodhouse on 10/12/2016 (16:42)
  • Galaxy Distance To Centre: 39918.4 Light-Years

Points of interest

  • There is a Planet called Warren nearby that has a monolith that helps the character learn the Vy'keen language word "Interloper".

Fun Facts

  • Duluzhboce-Toser Totvasu resembles the same look of the E3 Gameplay Demo Planet Balari V.
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