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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

East Vinter Company
East Vinter Company
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Founded by Sæhrímnir/ItsKorra (Reddit)
Type LLC
Services Construction, Documentation, & Profit
Federation member No
Platform PS4/PC/Xbox
Updated Living Ship

The East Vinter Company is a civilized space community.


The East Vinter Company, generally referred to just as East Vinter, is one of the newer and yet powerful civilizations in No Man's Sky. The core focus of the East Vinter Company is exploration and documentation, but the civilization will also offer multiplayer support, economic interactions, competitive PVP events, player-made content such as bases, and more. Members of the East Vinter Company are known as East Britannians, a combination of the terms Briton and Britannia as well as the term “East”.

The East Vinter Company will officially occupy 7 regions in the Delta Quadrant of Euclid galaxy and all planets surrounding the regions. Inside these 7 regions, Space Britannia and Vinterfleet Naming Guidelines are considered mandatory. Individual players and sovereign civilizations may occupy the space around the East Vinter Company, known as the East Vinter Zone (which includes the "Vinter systems ").

The East Vinter Company’s main website is the website known as Discord.

Space Britannia Census[]

Upon reaching the East Vinter Company , the first thing you should do is sign up for the upcoming East Britannian Census:

  • Gives the East Vinter Company, Vinter Fleet and Space Britannia staff an accurate idea of the size of the civilization.
  • Allows other players to more easily locate your home base(s), and what game mode it's on (however, you can omit that info if you don't want a lot of visitors).
  • Allows people to check which platform you're on (can be useful if you post something on the Subreddit, for example, and they're wondering if it's on PC, PS4 or Xbox).


  • Documentation - Clearly locate desirable ships, multitools, freighters, and technology; fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources; and much more. Contribute with the knowledge that you're part of a semi-scientific community and helping other East Britannians.
  • Multiplayer Elements - As a budding civilization/company in Euclid and first of the East Delta Companies, the East Delta Company will be a prime location for multiplayer interactions, whether that means seeing other players, player bases, a variety of Communications Stations, or just frequently coming across discovered systems. Mega Micro Farms allow players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources. Various multiplayer events will also hosted in the East Delta Company, from celebrations to colonial territory expansion contests to exocraft/starship races.
  • Economy - The East Vinters [Place Holder/East Vinter Company Discord Server ] has a "#Trading and Economic Activity" channel where players will be able request help from specific Service Roles. For example, you might request a Construction Worker to bring you large quantities of Carbon and Ferrite, or you may want to call a Blyft unit Transport to quickly let you access a location which is too distant or which you have difficulty finding. Players can register with a certain Service Role so they will be notified when they're needed. Services can be paid for in Units (via valuable items like Stasis Devices or Fusion Ignitors), Nanites (via Modules), various forms of barter, or unpaid (at the Service Person's discretion).
  • Community - The community will extend beyond the in-game multiplayer elements. Our community will be one of multiple East Delta Companies each with a different owner. We will have a discord, wiki page, Facebook page, amino and possibly subreddit.

Naming Convention[]

The East Vinter Company uses a specific convention when naming solar systems, the East Delta Company Name Guidelines. These guidelines require that solar system names have 3 parts:

  • EVF - The "EVF" part lets people know they're in the East Delta Company, and the "F" represents the Region Number, from 1 - 7.
  • Solar Index Value / ### - The Solar Index Value (SIV) is the last part of a coordinate string from a Signal Booster. Each SIV appears only once per region.

These two parts are combined in brackets as [EVF-###], which functions like an abbreviated coordinate string (the region number represents the first 3 parts of a coordinate string, and the SIV represents the last part). This forms a "East Delta Tag."

  • (Optional) Custom Name - Custom names, or the original procedurally-generated name, should be placed after the East Vinter Tag.

As East Vinter Tags are invaluable for navigation - they make it fairly easy to remember and repost entire coordinate strings - they are considered mandatory. Players who prefer not to use East Delta Naming Guidelines should only upload systems outside the East Vinter Company’s 7 regions. No naming guidelines are enforced in the Vinter Syetems / Vinter Zone outside of the 7 East Delta regions.

Regions Occupied[]

  • Systems and Regions to be listed.

East Vinter Links[]

  • Social Media(To be Listed):

How to Join[]

Contact ItsKorra on reddit or Sæhrímnir#7532 on discord.

Content Directory[]

For "coordinates," include Signal Booster coordinates for systems and planets, and both Signal Booster & Visor Latitude/Longitude coordinates for planetary locations. For "image," include an image of whatever makes the location notable.


Colonies are systems claimed by the East Delta Company but possessing very little to no infrastructure . The East Deltas largest colonies will be those closer to the Capital of The East Delta Company - Any East Delta citizen is welcome to start their own colony.


Services are the jobs / careers of the East Delta Company. Services serve two primary functions: to allow players to request help in a direct way from other players, and to allow players who respond to those requests to be rewarded/paid. Services are conducted through the "#Trading and Economic Activity" channel of the East Delta Company Discord.

The process of requesting a Service is as follows:

  • Enter the "#Trading and Economic Activity" channel of the East Delta Company Discord.
  • Begin your message with a ping/tag for the Service Role which you need assistance from. For example, if you needed a Blyft Transport, you would start your message with "@Blyft Teleporter".
  • In the rest of your message, explain the details of what service you need. Always include your Game Mode. Always include your location (via Signal Booster coordinates and/or Portal glyphs) if location is relevant.
  • Wait for a Service Person to reply to your request. They will ping/tag you directly.
  • Work out the details (including payment details) with the Service Person. Once an agreement is reached, proceed with the Service as requested.

List of Services[]

  • Builder - Builders can construct bases for you, either by joining your party or (on PS4) via Share Play. Builders may also offer input or renovations on existing bases. Architects are tasked primarily with the structure of a base; see the "Interior Designer" role for a greater focus on furniture, etc.
  • Construction Material Supplier - Construction Material Suppliers supply large quantities of Carbon and Ferrite, and may or may not offer additional construction supplies as well. Although they may be willing to help with projects, a Construction Material Supplier's main service is offering resources, not helping to build a base.
  • Electrician - Similar to an Architect, an Electrician can help you construct your base but with a specific focus on wiring, whether it be wiring complex mechanisms or just running the wires so they're as invisible as possible.
  • Financial Agent - Financial Agents have a straightforward job: you give them money, and they turn it into more money by using it to craft products, etc. They profit by keeping some of the money they earn, or may request other forms of payment such as barter.
  • Fuel Delivery - Fuel Deliverers operate primarily in Survival and Permadeath, bringing Starship Launch Fuel to players who find themselves effectively trapped by storms or other conditions.
  • Blyft Teleporters - Blyft teleporters our drivers are tasked primarily with moving players to the East Delta Company by use of the "Join Party" function, and with moving players around the East Delta Comy (and Vinter Zone in general) with their freighters and navigation skill. If you need to reach a specific location, or need help getting to the East Delta Company , just call a Blyft driver.
  • Interior Designer - Interior Designers focus on the placement of furniture, decals, lights, and other objects within the interior spaces of a base (as well as "lawn/patio furniture" and similar focuses). Like Builders, they can help you build a base from the start or renovate/offer input on an existing base, and work either through the party function or Share Play.
  • Investor - Investors offer start-up money for other businesses, and are unique in that they may accept (or even require) a percentage of your businesses's earnings in the future rather than more standard payment methods.

If you can think of a Service role which is not currently supported, please suggest it to ItsKorra and Sæhrímnir#7532. Not all suggestions will be applied, but they will all be discussed by the Council of Corporate Executives.

How to Register for / Retire from a Service Role[]

Services are handled through the East Delta Company Discord. After joining the Discord, navigate to the "#roles" channel and request a role.

If you want to retire from a Service, ask any Discord Moderator (The Crown it Corporate Politician) to remove your role.

The Merchant Class[]

The Merchant Class is a separate class of service. Merchants sell goods to other players, or may even give out free goods.

Items may be transferred directly through the menu, but this sometimes causes players to crash. An alternative is placing a Portable Refiner, then transferring items indirectly through the Refiner.

Registering & Operating as a Merchant[]

To become a merchant, first register for the Merchant service role as described in the Services section above. After that, the only requirement is that you include the word "Merchant" somewhere in your Freighter name. Merchant may also be abbreviated in your freighter name as "M." For example, EDF-1 Unification(Gek Nip Bud M.). A freighter name may be 31 characters long.

When you find another player, you will summon your freighter into the system. This will display the message, "(East Britannian Name) summoned their capital ship (Freighter Name)", immediately notifying all other players of your freighter name and advertising your mobile shop.

As a Merchant, your freighter is your primary advertising tool. You should name it something catchy, but something which also makes it clear what you're selling. You don't need to list your entire sales inventory - for example, if you sold various weapon modules as well as supplies, you might choose "(Mods&Etc M.)". A food merchant might use a phrase like "(Dessert Merchant)" rather than specifying they sell both cakes and donuts. If people can already guess what you're selling - maybe your freighter is called "Gek Nip Mobile Grow" or "Golden Tuna Foods" - then you can even just put (Merchant) without further specification.

Freighters are not currently visible to other players in multiplayer and therefore cannot be used as mobile restaurants. If freighters become visible in a future update, their use will expand.

Be prepared to accept a variety of different payments. Players may not have the exact item or currency you want, and if it's more convenient for them to get the item you're selling on their own vs getting the payment you're requesting, your business isn't likely to flourish.

You will also need some method for customers to contact you. Being available on mic is strongly recommended as a merchant, but text-based messaging (Discord, in-game chat for PC, or PS4/XBox messaging) is also an option.

Finding & Contacting a Merchant[]

Customers have two options to find merchants: by tagging the @Merchant role in the #Trading and Economic Activity Discord channel like any other Service as described in the Services section above or directly messaging. Merchants can most often be found in high-activity systems like the capital, other official colonies, or systems hosting active events.

After locating a Merchant, inquire about what goods they're selling and what their prices are. From there, either proceed with the transaction, try haggling their prices down a bit, or decline to pursue the transaction further. Merchants live on their reputation as much as business, so be sure to rate your experience with them.

Payment Methods[]

Services & Merchants may be paid for in a variety of ways.

  • Units Units.png: Players can pay with Units indirectly by transferring items of appropriate value. For example, for a lower-value trade you might transfer a Larval Core, while for a more high-value trade, you might transfer 25 Stasis Devices. The "exchange value" of any items traded for this purpose is always the Galactic Average displayed in the pause menu - the local prices of Space Stations / Trade Posts are irrelevant, whether higher or lower.
  • Nanites: Players can pay with Nanites indirectly by transferring modules of appropriate value. A lower-value trade might see a B-Class Module traded, while a high-value trade could see 5 S-Class Modules transferred as payment. Platinum, Hadal Cores, and other items/resources can also be refined into Nanites. The "exchange value" of any items traded for this purpose is always the value at the space station where the trade was conducted, as a Galactic Average value is not displayed for Nanites.
  • Barter: Players can pay with items meant more for crafting, construction, technology, or other purposes besides indirect transfer of Units/Nanites.
  • Service: Some Service People may accept, or even request/require, other Services as payment. For example, an Investor might offer to invest 300 million Units.png in your business if you work as a Construction Material Supplier for them for 4 gameplay sessions.


Individuals who are determined to have intentionally defrauded other players will be banned from participating in any Services, and may be banned from the East Delta Company after three offenses or if they haven't contributed much to the community.

Government & Civilized Space Interactions[]

Government Structure[]

The East Delta Company is directed primarily by Founder/Corporate Politician Sæhrímnir#7532 and Emperor of Space Britannia ItsKorra.

The East Delta Company is not interested in hostile interactions with other civilizations ('wars').


The East Delta Company is an ally of Space Britannia, East Delta Company(V.I.S.I.O.N), East Delta Utensil Legion and East Eclipse Company.

The East Delta Alliance[]

The East Delta Company is a powerful member of the East Delta Alliance a Corporate alliance of multiple of No Man's Sky's budding civilizations and East Delta Companies.

The East Delta Alliance[]

The East Delta Alliance is a non-binding, ungoverned alliance of civilizations within the yet to be uploaded East Delta Zone. The purpose of the Vinter Zone is to encourage as many sovereign civilizations to exist within close proximity as possible with the intent to acquire them as allies and trade partners and to create mutually beneficial traffic inter-civilizational trade and infrastructure.

Formal Alliances[]

The East Delta Company hosts a formal alliance program for civilizations which are either East Delta Company Alliance members or located in the Vinter Zone. Formal alliances come with the following benefits:

  • Economic Assistance - Your civilizations' leaders can request economic assistance from the Galactic Hub as needed.
  • Embassy Construction - A East Delta Company builder will create an embassy base and (if desired/applicable) claim an embassy system within your space. Embassies provide a show of support and respect from the East Delta, as well as providing a point of interest for travelers.

List of Formal Alliances[]

  • East Delta Utensil Legion - A former discord based civilization founded by Fork, York and ItsKorra now turned Vassal State and renamed the East Delta Utensil Legion, Is member of the East Delta Company Alliance.
  • East Delta Company( V.I.S.I.O.N) - A Company and partial Vassal state created by Wraxh#9911 and ItsKorra. Discord based. Member of the East Delta Company Alliance.
  • East Eclipse Company - A Company and partial Vassal state created by S1LENT#0836 and ItsKorra. Discord based. Member of the East Delta Company Alliance.
  • Space Britannia Grand Colonial British Empire recreated in space, owner of 100 star systems and Partial Parent State Of each Company, citizens and Politicians have significant power within all East Delta Companies.

Embassy Systems & Bases[]

Embassy systems are single systems claimed by the East Delta Company in another civilization's space, in which an embassy base is constructed. Embassy systems & bases have a few purposes:

  • Dedicated teleportation/Portal travel point between that civilization and the East Delta Company for whoever claims the system, or anyone else who makes the journey from the East Delta Company to the Embassy.
  • Dedicated location for members of both civilizations (East Delta Company and native civilization) to leave Communications Stations.
  • Display of friendship and respect in making the (often long) journey from the East Delta Company to the native civilization.

Space Britannia Imperial Forces[]

The Imperial Forces of Space Britannia, or Imperial Forces, is the police and military apparatus of Space Britannia and by extension all East Delta Companies including this one. The Imperial Forces helps the citizens of the East Delta Company fight AI enemies such as Sentinels and Monstrosities, acts with the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces to deter and occasionally combat trolls/malicious players.


While all Citizens will contribute to the East Delta Company with their presence alone, some members have stepped up to take on specific tasks and/or fill specific roles within the East Delta Company’s structured leadership.


Corporate Politicians in the East Delta Company are the main points of authority within an East Delta Company , making the "final calls" for that specific East Delta Company.

Platform Directors coordinate operations across an entire platform (PS4, PC, XBox).

  • ItsKorra - Co-Owner, PS4 , The Crown, Co-Director
  • Sæhrímnir#7532 - Corporate Politician, Co-Owner, Co-Director.