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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
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Economy Scanner
Economy Scanner
Grants the ability to check a system's economy without having to visit
Category Starship - Scanner
Type Long-range Sensor technology
Updated NextGen

Economy Scanner is a starship technology.


Economy Scanner is a starship technology and allows the player to check a star systems' economy in the Galactic Map without having to warp to that system.

Without it, the player would have to actually warp to the system to check its economy. The scanner allows this research to be done without ever having to warp. This saves warp cells and makes it easier for players to find high-economy systems as well as systems of the correct economy type for a trade route.

Game description[]

An upgrade to the starship's galactic-scale sensors. This device allows the user to access detailed economic data about a system without having to visit.


The Economy Scanner can be bought for 150 Nanite Clusters from the Anomaly's spaceship blueprint vendor. Note that most systems will not have them; it is rare random chance that a vendor will have this item.

It can also be purchased in the Space Anomaly, in the ship upgrade area.

It can also be found by following a distress beacon to a Crashed Ship.


Economy Scanner can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Economy Scanner can be repaired using the following ingredients:

Economy Scanner can be dismantled after construction, returning the following ingredients:

How to use[]

Buy and Sell values

See: Economy

System economies can be sorted by economy type and by galactic average trade values.

The Sell and Buy percentages for a system correspond to the variation of the tradeables' buying and selling prices compared to the galactic average. These two percentages can be displayed in the infobox for a system page in this wiki, and will show as E-Buy and E-Sell.

The scanner can also be used to locate Trading Posts while in the starship. Simply bring up the in-flight menu and use the economy scanner (located within Utilities) to immediately locate a trading station on a nearby planet.

To note on PC use the R key to see more information about systems in the galactic map menu.

Additional information[]

  • Higher economy means there is a much higher chance that you may find an S-class ship.

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