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Electrical Wiring
Electrical Wiring
Category Base Building
Type Power Distribution Module
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Electrical Wire is a base building product.


Electrical Wire is a base building product that connects various base building products to supply power to them.

Unlike most items in No Man's Sky, it costs nothing to build.

Game Description[]

High-capacity electrical wiring. Use wiring to connect Power generators to your base. Most technology as well as structures with embedded lighting systems, require a power source to operate.

Wiring can be connected to various switches to facilitate selective power flow.


This product can be found on the Build menu >> Power & Industry >> Industrial.


To place electrical wiring, connect sockets (blue circles with thunderbolts) by running wires between them. A glowing green ball will indicate the end of the wires you are putting in place.

The maximum length electrical wiring can be is 200u.

Additional Information[]

  • Wiring does not function when the power devices on each end are part of different bases - even if owned by the same player. No error is displayed in-game and instead just does not function.
  • The visual lines indicating the wires can be hidden using a Electrical Cloaking Unit.
  • Each individual segment counts as a separate item towards any building limits.

Release History[]

  • Beyond - Added as a base building product.