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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Emaganxia-Gano Major
Emaganxia-Gano Major
Galaxy Euclid
Region Sugaikinovi Fringe
Star system Boyedexiusmodi
Biome Scorched - Hot Planet
Weather Heated Atmosphere
Resources Fd Em Cu Hr AP
Sentinels Standard
Flora Undetected
Fauna Medium
Discovered by Ezegnegch
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Survival
Updated Pathfinder

Planet Information[]


Emaganxia-Gano Major is a large-sized hot planet in the star system Boyedexiusmodi on PC Version No Man's Sky universe.

Out of all the hot worlds I've seen, this one is the most beautiful of them all and my personal favorite, despite the lack of flora. Its uniqueness and beauty is comparable to my all-time favorite and forever planet, Gukarlevskios-Aep.

The planet is notable for lots of things. It has lots of water for a hot planet, having large lakes and many rivers. Abundant Albumen Pearls can be found near or inside caves. While this large planet doesn't give much of an impression of size and vastness as Gukarlevskios-Aep, it gives a feeling of being in a very far, strange and distant land that very few planets offer. While this is true for a lot of planets, the vibes of this planet is quite different and unique.

Finally, it is home to the elusive and very rare swimming rat. The genus of this species is currently unknown.


The planet is somewhat rocky and is rather hilly. There are sporadic pockets of sand, sometimes going into lakes and creating beaches. Large lakes and winding rivers of varying length are commonplace, implying that this may be a wet, oceanic world in the past. There are also tiny pools of water, giving an impression of hot springs.

Emeril deposits are common, usually found in small pits or in pools of water. Copper resources are a bit harder to find, but they're usually found in egg-like rock formations or towering monoliths.

There aren't that many cave systems, but should you find one, there's a good chance of finding clusters of Albumen Pearls.

Atmosphere and Climate[]

The planet has a pale sky-blue sky. Visibility is clear as the fog isn't too thick. Heat storms occur twice a day, but it isn't too bad compared to some other hot planets.

The night sky is a mix of dark blue and purple.

Temperatures hover around 58C at day, going down to 43C at night.

Things to Do[]

The fun starts after you get adequate heat protection.

There are lots of hot spring pools here. Find one, make sure it's safe, get in and just relax. Some pools have Emeril in them. Talk about relaxing and earning units.

Look for a lake and if you're lucky, it should have a beach. The planet's heat at daytime hovers at around 58C. It's pretty hot, but it's not as scorching as most hot worlds. Get yourself tanned in just a few minutes of bathing in Boyedexiusmodi's rays.

Hop into a Nomad Exocraft and enjoy fishing for sharks, squid-like creatures, and even swimming rats! Once you're done, you can explore the many winding rivers the planet has to offer.

Get your blood pumping and battle the sentinels by grabbing the many Albumen Pearls found near and inside caves. Test the power of your Multi-tool and hone your battle skills while earning money all at the same time!

Finally, claim this wonderful large hot paradise as your home planet and build the base of your dreams! Many beautiful adventures and experiences await, as long as you're fine by the lack of flora. Come and visit the unique hot paradise, Emaganxia-Gano Major!


Megafauna and cows are the dominant lifeforms. Giant 8.3m striders and 6m cows are everywhere. Cows rule this world. One can make the finest milk and cook up the highest quality steak in the region due to the presence of FOUR species of cows.

However, it's lacking in flora.


Name Color Discovered by   Brief description
... ... ... Short flowery branch-like tiny tree


Name Environment Gender Diet Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description
... ... ... ... ...m ... Giant 8.3m strider


Name Type Note
Fervidium Exotic elements
Emeril Neutral elements
Copper Neutral elements
Heridium Silicate elements
Albumen Pearl Trade Commodity Hidden near and inside caves


This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Emaganxia-Gano Major is an ocean planet that's heating up as time passes. This caused the liquid to dry up, leaving behind a large and beautiful lake-lands sort of world with many winding river systems of varying length. In time, all of the liquid with dry up and eventually, the planet will end up an extremely hot and lifeless world. A sad fate for such a beautiful hot paradise...

As it is very slowly approaching its ultimate demise, for the meantime it is a beautiful hot paradise with many riches. There is a heated debate whether the Albumen Pearls from here or Gukarlevskios-Aep is of higher quality. The Fervidium from its Vivilava is known to be of the highest quality and most expensive in the Fringe, as it is cool enough to be touched by hand, yet can burn and even explode with power greater than the Fervidium from Ogoriyaz-Kit Zunana. Not to mention it is extremely easy to "control", greatly increasing its number of uses.

In addition to its high quality Pearls and Fervidium, the most ridiculously expensive steak and milk are found here. Dominated by four species of cows, the planet is the steak gourmet and milk drinker's heaven. The heat from the planet increases the temperature of the cows' meat to the point that it's completely safe to eat even if they're alive. And they're delicious even when raw. With proper preparation by a master chef, the steak and milk here are described to be "Heavenly". Unfortunately, a bottle of Emaganxia Milk costs around 150,000 units, while steak from the megafauna cow can go as high as 600,000 per dish. That's as expensive as a Starship!

Right now, there is a collective effort to preserve the current state of the planet, as it is too valuable to be lost. Should the planet continue to dry up and heat up further, its unique and valuable riches would be lost... forever.


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