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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the Empire of Phantomium Marxium Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the Empire of Phantomium Marxium. For the Visions version, see Archive:Empire of Phantomium Marxium (Visions).
Empire of Phantomium Marxium
Empire of Phantomium Marxium
Galaxy Husalvangewi
Quadrant Alpha
Region Mokyharra Band
Capital system (EPMu-70) Revoltwo-Kepler III
Capital planet Zolara
Coordinates 07D2:0070:07D3:0014
Portal Glyphs 0014F1FD4FD3
Government Autocracy
Size Standard-R
Type Fanfiction, Documentation & Military
Founded by Jikomiko / blek18
Federation member No
Platform Xbox
Release Origins

The Empire of Phantomium Marxium is a Civilized space community.


The current official flag of the EPM.

The registered flag of the EPM on the Federation Vexillology Department.

The Empire of Phantomium Marxium is a community of Xbox Travellers that moved from Euclid and are now settled in the Mokyharra Band and neighbouring regions of the Husalvangewi galaxy. Its aim is to assist all Xbox Travellers and the Xbox universe in general by organizing it via any means.

The EPM's capital planet is Zolara, located in the (EPMu-70) Revoltwo-Kepler III system.

Being an Empire, the EPM is currently ruled by Emperor Jikomiko. Second in command is Viceroy blek18. Members of the EPM are to obey directives and orders issued by the former two, but are also obliged to follow the Articles presented below in the Directives & Laws section, which comprise the EPM's Constitution.

The following message is from the Emperor, at the moment of the EPM's Foundation: "All Travellers are welcome! Let's build A GREAT EMPIRE to unite all Xbox players!"

While the EPM ultimately desires to remain withdrawn from any conflict, it will not tolerate any provocation by anyone, whether another community or a single usurper.


The EPM's most important goal is to create a prosperous civilization with its core operations set in the Xbox universe of No Man's Sky. Even with the second relocation of the EPM's capital to the 70th Galaxy, its objective for industrialization and organization of the Xbox universe remains, influenced by all of its past achievements.

The EPM aims to undertake the task of industrialization itself, with every member being able to contribute.

After being banned from the UFT, the EPM also wishes to embrace and spread the freedom it gained whenever and wherever possible.

Phantomial History

The EPM records all important events that have happened or are happening and have affected the EPM, as well as events that occurred before its foundation, on History of the EPM.


The following are projects that the EPM directly manages, or is a part of.

Active Projects

Phantomial Space Force

On the 3rd of August, 2019, Emperor Jikomiko announced the launching of the EPM's own military force called the Phantomial Space Force. The main goal of the PSF is to preserve peace and order within EPM space, and if need be, intervene in galactic affairs for the same preservation of peace and order on an intergalactic scale in the Xbox Universe.

The PSF has its own fighter, dubbed Phantomial FM1A "Vector Mk1" and is based on blueprints created by the early Phantomial Corporation, which itself is no longer considered a project since it has been scrapped.

Note: Credits go to eharris8484 (unassociated with the EPM) for actually finding the location of the fighter.

New Legion of Multistellar Operations

Organized and managed by EPM member SGT SLING, the New Legion of Multistellar Operations, NLMO for short is a non-profit organization within the EPM's jurisdiction. Its aim is to assist Travellers galaxy-wide with any kind of task (i.e. locating coordinates for ships, gathering and delivering agricultural supplies etc.). It was founded on the 15th of February, 2020.

Phantomial Cosmonauts

Formed on the 20th of March 2020, the Phantomial Cosmonauts (abbreviated PhCosmo) is a group of dedicated explorers of the EPM which aim to breathe some life into the exploration department. Their aim is to explore different systems and planets, and document fauna and flora all of which are in EPM territory. It is managed by EPM member Benzi Cosmo.


Instar is the department of the EPM that specialises in "supernatural" investigation of the No Man's Sky universe. Essentially, its main goal is the documentation of glitches and bugs that occur in the game and their categorisation and classification. It was formed on the 9th of August 2020 by SGT SLING. Unlike the rest of the departments, Instar has only one rank, Paladin, which is achieved by reporting multiple glitches in the game.

Phantomial Intelligence Corps

The Phantomial Intelligence Corps was formed during the Araen Conflict on the 14th of August 2020 with the intention of gathering intelligence against enemy forces. It acts as the reconnaissance branch of the PSF and assists it with the information it obtains.

Inactive Projects

The Trinity Pact

The Trinity Pact was announced on the 26th of August, 2019 by HCIS Director optimus3097 and EPM Viceroy blek18. It is an alliance of three civilizations, the EPM, the Helios Confederation of Independent Systems and the Domus Stellaris Confederation (although the DSC would leave on the 22/08/21) and is named after the treaty the three signed. Its aim is to grow and expand the Xbox Universe while remaining as a sprawling union and a subcommittee of the Federation.

Ever since the 4th of June, the EPM and the DSC have departed the Trinity Pact, leaving only the now transformed Helion Trade Federation in it.

The Collective

The Collective abbreviated to 'PTC' is a company run by members of the EPM.

It is a subset of T3 Economy systems within EPM space in Euclid and beyond. PTC systems are classified based on their location. The Collecitve itself has changed since its foundation, records of its history are stored within its headquarters archives.
Currently most services the PTC offered are under the jurisdiction of the NLMO.

Naming Guidelines

Members can use prefixes/suffixes to indicate that their planet/system/base is a part of the civilization:

  • For planets any name can be given alongside the prefix Phantomia/Phantomium or the suffix Marxia/Marxium. Example: Phantomia <DesiredName> => Phantomia Dishonia.
  • For star systems it is advised to add the prefix [EPM] to mark it as one of our own. Example: [EPM] <DesiredName> => [EPM] Bushize
    • In case of naming systems not belonging in Euclid, the prefix needs to include the number of order of the Galaxy.
    • Example of a system located in the Hilbert Dimension:
      [EPM-2] <DesiredName> => [EPM-2] Revoltwo-Kepler I
    • PTC naming guidelines have been changed as well, when naming a system within EPM territory with the wish to also record it for the PTC, Travellers are advised to use the prefix [EPMu] or in case of another galaxy [EPMu-n] where n is the number of the galaxy.
    • Following the PTC guideline as an example, Abandoned systems use the [EPMa] prefix just like rich systems do.
  • For bases to be catalogued on this page, they also will need the prefix [EPM]. Example: [EPM] <DesiredName> => [EPM] FOB1

Note: Most systems discovered post-Beyond use the aforementioned guidelines. In addition, the planet's name guidelines are not a necessity but the rest of them are considered a requirement for proper cataloguing.


If you wish to join you can use the following links to join our other platforms:

Ranking & Specializations

PSF Ranks

Since 29 February the EPM has created its own ranking system for the PSF, its military force. For a visual conceptualization, view the Gallery Section. More details below:

Rank & Description
Defensive Operations Offensive Operations
Region Marshal: Responsible for the defence of an entire region (i.e. Quvele Adjunct) in EPM jurisdiction. Currently title is not considered for acquisition. Major: Responsible for organizing Ops regarding intergalactic peace that take place outside EPM jurisdiction. Ops need to be approved by either the Emperor or Viceroy. Currently not considered for acquisition.
System Marshal: Requires participation in PSF Ops regarding the security of a system in EPM jurisdiction. Grants access to organization of Operations regarding the defence of a specific system, only with the approval of the Emperor or the Viceroy. Rank can be upgraded with multiple stars, each one increasing the amount of systems the Marshal oversees. Multi-Squadron Captain: Requires participation in multiple PSF Ops which take place outside of EPM jurisdiction. Allows for control of multiple squadrons during an active Op. Rank can be upgraded with multiple stars, each one increasing the amount of squadrons that can be commanded at one time.
Squadron Sergeant: Requires experience in the field from multiple operations, which will allow consideration for the rank title. Allows for control of a Squadron during an active Op.
Verified Pilot: First rank in the PSF branch. Requirements are participation in at least one PSF Operation, as well as owning the PSF's ship the Phantomial FM1A "Vector Mk1".
Registered Member: The basic rank everyone needs to get before progressing through any branch. Requirements are a base in EPM space and a good period of activity in the EPM for consideration.

NLMO Specialisations

Since 21 March 2020 the EPM created specializations for the NLMO, details below. For a visual conceptualization, view the Gallery Section.

Specialization & Description
Ship Hunter: Specializes in locating requested ships in the galaxy. Ships can vary from fighters, explorers etc. to fully blown freighters. Needs at least one complete request of locating a ship. Industrial Builder: Specializes in building facilities in EPM territory that provide Travellers with a multitude of resources and products. Requires at least one base built with this purpose. Resource Gatherer: Specializes in obtaining resources that cannot be farmed or gained through the industry. Such resources could be Pugneum, Quad Servos, Walker Brains, Salvaged Data etc. Requires one successful transaction.
Verified Accomplice: The first and only rank of the NLMO. It is necessary to obtain this in order to also be granted a specialization. Requires the Traveller to own the Phantomial FM2 "Nebula".
Registered Member: The basic rank everyone needs to get before progressing through any branch. Requirements are a base in EPM space and a good period of activity in the EPM for consideration.

Phantomial Cosmonauts Ranks

Since 1 June 2020 the EPM created specializations for the Phantomial Cosmonauts, see details below. For a visual conceptualization, view the Gallery Section.

Rank & Description
Free Exploration Intergalactic Exploration Group-Organized Exploration
Documentalist Expert: Sophisticated solo explorer, this is the advanced rank of the Documentalist branch. Requires 20 systems named with the EPM naming guidelines that are close to the capital, or 5 systems including all planets claimed and renamed according to EPM naming guidelines. Galaxy Hopper: Sophisticated intergalactic explorer. Requires 6 anchors to galaxies the EPM does not have access to. Veteran Expeditionary: Has a lot of experience in group expeditions, requires participation in at least 6 expeditions.
Documentalist Recruit: Mainly focused on solo exploration of systems, with the intent of claiming and documenting them for the EPM. Requires 3 systems named with the EPM naming guidelines that are close to the capital. Initiate Jumper: Focused more on travelling through galaxies rather than systems. Requires one anchor to a galaxy the EPM does not have access to. Expeditionary Recruit: Rookie explorer that participates in group expeditions. Requires the Phantomial EM1 "Scuttlebug", as well as participation in at least one expedition.
Verified Explorer: First rank of the Phantomial Cosmonauts. Any kind of contribution to the Explorers' Department will suffice for consideration.
Registered Member: The basic rank everyone needs to get before progressing through any department. Requirements are a base in EPM space and a good period of activity in the EPM for consideration.


For a list of members and citizens, refer to our census page.

A new EPM Xbox Club has been established, under the name NMS Empire of Phantomium Marxium. The owner of it is Viceroy blek18. Travellers are warned that any other club with another owner or a slightly different name are impersonating the EPM.

Discovered Systems

The following systems have been discovered by the EPM:

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
EPMu Artemis Gevirta Terminus Ore Processing Vy'keen 2 0 Xbox Beyond
(EPM) Lannister's Portal Gocutul Yellow High Tech Gek 1 1 Xbox Beyond
(EPM) New Sayama-Adni Gocutul Yellow Trading Korvax 6 Xbox Beyond
Mifontel Gocutul Yellow Metal Processing Vy'keen 3 Xbox Visions
Revoltwo-Kepler I Gocutul Yellow High Voltage Korvax 6 0 Xbox Beyond
Uebloemf Gocutul Yellow Energy Supply Vy'keen 4 1 Xbox Visions
(EPM) Bushka Ikiansub Shallows Yellow Scientific Gek 3 3 Xbox ExoMech
(EPM) Inokawa-Tua Ikiansub Shallows Green High Voltage Korvax 3 0 Xbox ExoMech
(EPMu) Tritium Star Ikiansub Shallows Yellow Power Generation Gek 5 1 Xbox ExoMech
(EPM) Stellaria Marxia Kuhendi Instability Yellow Research Vy'keen 3 2 Xbox Beyond
Oktovri Centauri V/I Leamishe Cluster Blue Technology Korvax 5 1 Xbox Visions
(EPMu-70) Revoltwo-Kepler III Mokyharra Band Green Ore Extraction Gek 6 0 Xbox Origins
Hobost Oyashi Band Yellow Scientific Korvax 3 1 Xbox Visions
Olleywo-Reles XVI Oyashi Band Yellow Scientific Gek 1 0 Xbox NEXT
(EPM) GenBra Space Corp Embassy Quvele Adjunct Blue Technology Vy'keen 3 0 PS4 ExoMech
(EPMu) Oarhear-Goseos Quvele Adjunct Green Minerals Korvax 2 0 Xbox ExoMech
Merarlse XIX - GenBra Expedition Quvele Adjunct Yellow Fuel Generation Gek 3 1 PS4 ExoMech
Naossas Quvele Adjunct Yellow Experimental Vy'keen 4 2 Xbox ExoMech
Oarhear-Goseos (EPM) Quvele Adjunct Green Minerals Korvax 2 0 PS4 ExoMech
$$$ EPM Cronos II Sawalaik Yellow Trading Vy'keen 2 1 Xbox Beyond
(EPMu) Coalition Trail A1 The Arm of Giyredi Yellow Manufacturing Gek 2 2 Xbox ExoMech
(EPMu) Coalition Trail A2 The Arm of Giyredi Yellow Technology Vy'keen 1 0 Xbox ExoMech
(EPMu) Coalition Trail A3 The Arm of Giyredi Green Power Generation Gek 2 2 Xbox ExoMech
EPMu Helios 2 Yuetzn Band High Tech Gek 1 2 Xbox Beyond

Territorial Boundaries

Not all of the above are located within the current borders of the EPM. The systems below are within the borders or are considered colonies:



The capital system preserves its predecessor's name, only difference being the numbering. Even if it previously indicated socialistic/communistic ideals, it still remains an important monument to the EPM's past.
As of March of 2020, the system [EPMu] Revotlwo-Kepler II has had its name reverted to the original pre-generated name, Naossas.
Unlike the first time it moved, the territories surrounding the Quvele Adjunct are still recognized by the EPM as its own territory. In addition, the colonies in other galaxies have been discontinued for the time being.

Bases Established

Buildable.pavingtall.png  Note: This section is under development.

Non-Production Bases

The bases showed here are not focused on the production of resources, but they still may house small facilities for it.

Naossas - Endor

Image Base Name Owner
(EPM) Castamere.jpg [EPM] Castamere Jikomiko
(EPM) Galactis.jpg [EPM] Galactis blek18
(EPM) Benzi's Fortress2.jpg [EPM] Benzi's Fortress Benzi Cosmo
(EPM) Phantomial Museum.jpg [EPM] Phantomial Museum SGT SLING
(EPM) Mazzulas Happy Hotel.jpg [EPM] Mazzulas Happy Hotel Mazzulaelectro
(EPM) Raven (Center1).jpg [EPM] Raven(Center/1) RavenSteel1366
(EPM) Penthouse of Denis.jpg [EPM] Penthouse of Denis ydenisy
(EPM) Serenity.jpg [EPM] Serenity SparkiinJayz
(EPM) Hyperion.jpg [EPM] Hyperion ULTRA SNIF

Production Bases

The bases listed here have been given encrypted names to showcase their features, and as such they do not represent the in-game names of the bases.

Base Encryption Key
Prefix Substance Symbol Number and Class Suffix Random Example
[EPM] Uranium: U The number indicates

the order of the depot

regarding the substance

and the letter after it the

class of the hotspot.

Depot [EPM] U/1/S Depot
Oxygen: O2 [EPM] O2/5/A Depot
Silver: Ag [EPM] Ag/7/B Depot
Rusted Metal: Jn [EPM] Jn/4/C Depot
Gold: Au [EPM] Au/1/B Depot
Activated Indium: AIn [EPM] AIn/6/S Depot
Frost Crystal: Fc Only Numbers used [EPM] Fc/3 Depot

Directives & Laws

The following are laws and directives that are to be followed regardless of any circumstances.

Article I

Paragraph I: Actions that are to be taken by members of the EPM that affect it in any way are to be discussed first with the Emperor or the Viceroy.
Paragraph II: As a continuation of the previous paragraph, if a member wants to establish a company within EPM space (5000 LY radius from the capital system) he needs to be granted authorization to do so by either the Emperor or the Viceroy and also be able to maintain its Gamepedia page.
Paragraph III: All members of the EPM are to treat each other equally and with respect, failure to do so will result with the ostracism of the perpetrator from EPM space.
Paragraph IV: Any member who is deemed a threat to the EPM and its citizens will once again be ostracized from EPM space.

Article II

Paragraph I: Warships of any kind that enter the territory of the EPM without authorization will be treated as a threat and dealt with accordingly.
Paragraph II: As an exception of the previous paragraph, any warship belonging to a civilization member of an alliance the EPM partakes in will be treated as allies and can feel at home.

Diplomatic Relations

The EPM has friendly relations with the following civilizations/companies:

Civilizations/Companies Reasons
The Collective Limited Partnership Contract
Orbital Engineering Company Multiple Successful NLMO Requests
Von Fatalis Corporation Facility Sharing Act
Vendaia Ascendancy Mutual Agreement Act
Helion Trade Federation Historical Events
The Qitanian Empire Multiple Collaborations
Black Star Order Multiple Collaborations
GenBra Space Corp Multiple Collaborations
NMS Galactic Empire Military Alliance


History of Flags & Emblems

Rank Trees