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Exocraft are planetary vehicles used for exploration in No Man's Sky. There are currently three Exocraft vehicle types available - the Nomad, the Roamer, and the Colossus.

Acquiring a Vehicle

Before players can craft an Exocraft, they must first build a base. Once this is done, the Exocraft Terminal Blueprint will unlock. Create the terminal, then hire a Vy'keen Technician. The technician will have a series of missions for the player to complete to unlock more blueprints including the Geobay which will allow the player to create a safe place to store an Exocraft. There are three Exocraft Geobays, one for each type.


The Nomad is the smallest of the three types of Exocraft. It is also the most agile and fastest. Unlike the Roamer and Colossus, the Nomad can glide over water surfaces. It has the smallest size cargo bay. The Nomad comes with an Exocraft Acceleration Module pre-installed.


The Roamer is a mid-size Exocraft. It is a more balanced vehicle with a mid-size cargo bay, and able to adapt to most terrain types. A good vehicle to use for most situations.


The Colossus is the largest and heaviest of the Exocrafts. This vehicle is perfect for long-range expeditions with it's moderate speed and agility, and large cargo space. The Colossus also includes a Mining Laser.



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