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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
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Size comparison: Pilgrim, Nomad, Roamer, Colossus

Exocraft are planetary exploration vehicles.

Summary[ | ]

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Five land Exocraft with their respective Geobays

Exocraft are planetary exploration vehicles which, with the right technology, can locate specific Points of Interest, mine basic resources or engage in combat with Sentinels and some fauna.

Six Exocraft are available, and can be used to explore any planet or moon. These vehicles require fuel to move. (Example: Organic Elements such as Carbon or Oxygen for the Nomad).

Exocraft become available initially by building their respective geobays. To do this, you must first unlock a blueprint, either through use of an Exocraft Terminal in a base on a planet, or via the research room in the Space Anomaly.

Summoning[ | ]

Normally, the player can only summon an Exocraft if it is not more than 750u away from the desired summoning location. However, building an Exocraft Summoning Station on any planet in a system removes the distance condition for the entire system, allowing the player to summon any owned Exocraft to their position from any other location or planet in the entire system.

Players who own a freighter may build an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. This powerful technology allows you to summon your Exocraft whenever your freighter is present in the current star system.

Exocraft can be customized in appearance at their respective summoning stations using the orange panel. Options include paint colours, decals, and boost particle colour.

All Exocraft keep their inventories and installed tech when summoned, even on different planets, systems, and across galaxies.

Types[ | ]

Roamer[ | ]

20170316234719 1

The Roamer in action.

Roamer is the first exocraft that the players can access, as unlocking its geobay is a prerequisite for unlocking those for all the other Exocraft. It is classified as a medium Exocraft - a great all-rounder with 28 slots which is capable of quickly crossing rugged terrain and adapting to most situations including underwater operations. The geobay blueprint for the Roamer can be purchased at either the Space Anomaly, or alternatively it can be unlocked at a Base Computer via the Base Computer Archives mission, allowing players to obtain an Exocraft without building an Exocraft Terminal.

Nomad[ | ]

Nomad Water Glide

Nomad gliding over water
(recommended for Portal Travellers)

Nomad is a small and light Exocraft. What it may lack in cargo space (the vehicle only has 30 slots), this hovercraft makes up for in speed, agility and its ability to glide over water. Most effective with portals. Some players report this is the most fuel-efficient Exocraft.

Nomad comes with the Exocraft Acceleration Module pre-installed. This allows for a 1 second small burst in speed every 3 seconds.

Pilgrim[ | ]

Pilgrim is another light Exocraft. Like Nomad, this one has 16 inventory slots and comes with the Exocraft Acceleration Module pre-installed. Pilgrim is the only two-wheeled member of the Exocraft family. With full upgrades in place, it is the fastest of any Exocraft on land. It is the most land-based member of the exocraft family, having a much shorter boost cooldown and being able to take huge leaps, but crawling while in water.

Colossus[ | ]


Closeup of the Colossus exocraft

Colossus is the largest Exocraft. This lumbering behemoth offers an enormous cargo hold (42 slots in total), perfect for those looking to harvest resources, or install numerous Upgrade Modules.

Colossus has an Exocraft Mining Laser pre-built.

Due to a weak engine and a lack of grip, it was often regarded as a mobile cargo unit. To amend this problem and make it a proper space truck, Colossus received an update in NEXT which made it faster and more agile (its base speed was augmented even further in Update 1.63). Installing multiple Upgrade Modules can make it reasonably agile.

Dragonfly (Not Released)[ | ]

Dragonfly is an outdated and unreleased hovercraft vehicle containing 16 slots that was recently extracted by the save editor. The original preview of the Dragonfly had the appearance of a smaller version of the Nautilon but with no headlights, whereas the old version of the Nautilon looked like a rocket submarine and performed very differently. In the end, the present day Nautilon took the model from the classic Dragonfly and the Dragonfly was unpublished, hidden alongside the remaining exocraft, but with no corresponding garage in existence. As of now, the only way to retrieve this vehicle is to copy and paste the locations of one of the other exocrafts that are visible.

Minotaur[ | ]

Minotaur exopage

Minotaur exploring a planet

Minotaur is a mechanical walker containing 28 slots that can be used to safely explore all planets, performing mining, combat, and exploration tasks. It has an independent jetpack, and is with the pre-installed Environment Control Unit - it is immune to all planetary hazards. The Minotaur's standard mining laser can be upgraded to a Minotaur Bore if desired, enabling the alteration of terrain on planets similar to the function of a Multi-tool's Terrain Manipulator. Also it is amphibious, and can mine underwater. It also shoots missiles.

Nautilon[ | ]

Nautilon exopage

Nautilon swimming under water

Nautilon is the only non-terrestrial Exocraft. It is a submersible vehicle that is designed for underwater navigation, combat and mining. It can be summoned to any ocean on the planet, as well as docked at underwater buildings. It has 28 inventory slots and its own special drive, the Humboldt Drive.

Acquiring Exocraft[ | ]

All Exocraft Geobay blueprints may be obtained at the Construction Research Station. Alternatively, after constructing an Exocraft Terminal, acquire the Roamer, Nomad, and Colossus by hiring a Vy'keen Technician for your planetary (or freighter) base and completing a new series of missions. You can place a Geobay on any planet. Doing so will summon the corresponding Exocraft.

The Pilgrim Geobay and Minotaur Geobay blueprints can be either purchased from the Construction Research Station for 10 Salvaged Data, or received as one of the rewards in the Community Expedition, the same applies to the Exocraft Summoning Station blueprint.

The Nautilon Chamber is available as part of the Dreams of the Deep mission. If Nautilon is obtained with the Construction Research Station, then the blueprint for the Hydrothermal Fuel Cell must be obtained from a Manufacturing Facility, or an Operations Centre.

Upgrading Roamer / Colossus / Nomad / Pilgrim[ | ]

Blueprints can be obtained from Iteration Perses on the Anomaly, or the Exocraft Technician (requires a Exocraft Terminal to be be built in a base or on a freighter). Upgrades and some blueprints can also be obtained from any space station exocraft technology merchant.

Exocraft Core Technology Blueprints[ | ]

Class Technology / Upgrade Effect
Render.engine Fusion Engine Engine
RENDER.ENGINEMOD Icarus Fuel System Generates energy during daylight hours
E.Acceleration Module Allows short bursts of speed
RENDER.VEHICLE LASER E.Mining Laser Mining Laser with no overheat
A Class E.Mining Laser Sigma Ability to harvest tough minerals / +20% Mining Laser Power
E.Mounted Cannon Lobs explosives toward targets
E.Signal Booster Finds Resource Deposits & Depots / +100% Scan
A Class E.Signal Booster Tau Finds Ruins & Monoliths / +100% Scan
B Class E. Advanced Signal Booster Finds Abandoned Buildings & Drop Pods / +100% Scan
A Class RENDER.TRACTION Drift Suspension Drift / +200% Forwards Grip / -34% Angular Grip
A Class RENDER.TRACTION Grip Boost Suspension Sharp Turns / -50% Forwards Grip / +110% Angular Grip
A Class RENDER.TRACTION Hi-Slide Suspension Slide / -50% Forwards Grip / -34% Angular Grip
RENDER.PROTECTTOXIC Air Filtration Unit Protects against Toxic environments
RENDER.PROTECTRADS Neutron Shielding Protects against Radioactive environments
RENDER.PROTECTCOLD Megawatt Heater Protects against Cold environments
RENDER.PROTECTHEAT Thermal Buffer Protects against Hot environments

Exocraft Core Upgrade Modules[ | ]







C Class B Class A Class S Class
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max

B Class/A Class 1-2

S Class 2

Top Speed 1 3 3 8 8 15 10 15
Fuel Usage 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20
NmsTech Exocraft Acceleration Module Upgrade Icon Boost C Class 1

B Class/A Class 1-2

S Class 2

Boost Power 10 20 20 35 35 55 55 70
Tank Size 10 20 15 30 30 50 50 60

B Class/A Class 1-2

S Class 2

Laser Power 5 10 10 20 20 30 30 50
Laser Efficiency 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20

B Class 2-3

A Class/S Class 3

Damage 5 10 10 20 20 30 30 (12) 40 (17)
Rate Of Fire 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20 (21)
Weapon Efficiency 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20


1. Upgrade modules should be added adjacent to the core system where possible, to a maximum of three upgrades in a single exocraft. This is best achieved by arrangements in a 2x2 box, or as a slightly lower cumulative gain as a line of 3 vertically or horizontally adjacent to the core system.

Release history[ | ]

  • Pathfinder - Introduced to the game.
  • NEXT - Improved Colossus speed and climb ability to enhance its performance.
  • NEXT 1.63
    • Added Pilgrim and its blueprint for the Pilgrim Geobay can be purchased from the Blueprint Analyser.
    • Increased the inventory size of all Exocraft.
    • Increased the base speed of Colossus.
    • Added Upgrade Modules for Exocrafts that can be purchased with Nanite Clusters from the Technician once their quest chain is complete.
    • Expanded the Exocraft Quick Menu options to allow all owned and in-range Exocraft to be summoned, not just the current primary Exocraft.
    • Added the ability to customise the Exocraft with unique paint, decals and boost particle options.[1]
    • Added specific technology to customise Exocraft handling, allowing drivers to spec their vehicles for grip or drift.
    • Added a speedometer display to the HUD while driving an Exocraft.
    • Fixed an issue where Exocraft with laser upgrades could still not mine resources that required an Advanced Mining Laser.
    • Fixed an issue where Exocraft could not mine terrain resources.
  • Abyss - Added Nautilon
  • Beyond
    • Added fully modelled cockpits / interiors for all the Exocraft and Nautilon Submarine.
    • Fixed a number of issues where trees and rocks could not be run over by Exocraft.
  • ExoMech - added Minotaur exocraft, all other exocrafts no longer fully protect from elements without extra protection upgrades.
  • Expeditions - added Nomad and Minotaur Geobays as Community Expeditions reward.
  • Waypoint - Inventory sizes increased

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References[ | ]

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