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Exocraft Terminal
Exocraft Terminal
Research station for exocrafts and technology
Category Technology
Type Terminal
Updated Endurance

The Exocraft Terminal is an item used for research.


Terminals of various types can be crafted, each with their own special purposes. The Exocraft Terminal is used for specialized research, and for the creation of Exocraft-related blueprints through the Exocraft Technician missions. The blueprint for this terminal itself is received as part of the base missions.

The blueprints for the following items can be acquired at an Exocraft Terminal based on specific quests from the Technician.

Game description[]

A research station tailored to the needs of Mechanics, and equipped with bespoke vehicular design software.


Exocraft Terminal can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Exocraft Terminal can be dismantled after construction, returning the following ingredients:

Additional information[]

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - item added as part of the Exocraft feature
  • NEXT - formula changed, formerly used Iron; blueprint now received as part of the base mission
  • Endurance - can now be built on a freighter