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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.
Expanding the Base
Mission type Secondary
Preceded by: Awakenings
Starting point: Overseer
Requires: Awakenings
Implemented Pathfinder
Description Base building related quest

Expanding the Base is a secondary mission.


Expanding the Base is one of the game's secondary missions as of the Pathfinder update. The mission introduces the player to the Overseer NPC and various other base-related NPCs.

It also gives access to vital blueprints and tech such as Large Refiners and Exocraft. The mission branches off into several other related missions, which are Scientific Research, Weapons Research, Agricultural Research and Exocraft Technician.



Upon building a base and placing a Construction Terminal, the player will be prompted to fly to a space station to find and hire a base Overseer. The mission will place a navigation marker, which the player will see upon flying back into space and point the player towards their local space station. Find the Gek Overseer NPC in the space station, which should be in a room back behind the technology merchants. As a tip; instead of flying back, the player may use the local Teleporter to return to their base.

Glass and Storage Containers[]

When the player returns to their base, they will find their Overseer waiting at their Terminal. Talking to them will give the player the blueprint for Glass. They will then ask the player to gather Chromatic Metal for a Science Terminal, in order to recruit a Korvax Scientist. They will then give the player the blueprint for the Science Terminal and ask the player to locate an Abandoned Building, so the player can obtain data from the terminal for Storage Containers 1-9. The player will then be given a navigation marker, so follow it to the building, collect the schematic from the Terminal after clearing it of Residual Goop and then return to the base.

The Science Terminal and Scientific Research[]

Upon speaking to the Overseer, the player will be given Storage Container blueprints and be asked to construct a Science Terminal. Build an additional room if required and place the Science Terminal in said room and then warp to a Korvax controlled system to recruit a Korvax NPC for a Scientist.

This mission then also branches off into the Scientist-related mission that involves their recruitment and advancements, said mission is called Scientific Research. Once the player has unlocked the blueprints for Microprocessors from the Korvax Scientist, set this mission to the active mission and return to the Overseer with two Microprocessors.

The Weapons Terminal and Weapons Research[]

They will then ask the player to gather Pugneum for the Weapons Terminal if the player hasn't yet in advance.

The player then must build and place a Weapons Terminal and hire a Vy'keen NPC for it, which will also unlock the Weapons Research mission.

The Agricultural Terminal and Agricultural Research[]

After recruiting the Vy'keen and returning to the Overseer, the player will need to gather Solanium so warp to a system that has a Scorched planet, land on one and gather the requisite 45 Solanium before returning to the Overseer. As a tip, a player may check their Discoveries tab to locate a previously discovered Scorched planet if they do not have the Solanium in advance. It is also recommended to fly over the surface of said planet-type until the player locates Solanium, quickly hop out, gather it and then exit the planet. Return to the Overseer and the player will be given the blueprint for the Agricultural Terminal.

Galactic Trade Terminals[]

The Overseer then will request a Circuit Board from the player, which means the player must have advanced far enough in the Scientific Research mission to learn the blueprint in order to craft them. To do so, the player may have started farming with the Gek Farmer optionally via the Agricultural Research mission, however, the player may skip that part related to the main mission and instead gather wild Solanium, Frost Crystal, etc. Giving the Circuit Board to the Overseer will give the player the blueprint for Galactic Trade Terminals.

The Exocraft Terminal and Exocraft Technician[]

The player will then next be required to obtain a Gravitino Ball, which should be easy assuming they've completed the near-full extent of the farming mission. This will award a Conflict Scanner for the ship. Next, the player will need to give 100 Mordite to the Overseer. The player will also unlock the Geology Cannon & Exocraft Terminal, which is the last Terminal in this series of missions and therefore the last mission past the Farmer NPC. Beyond that and any unfinished missions this mission branches off into, getting the reward from the Mordite means the mission is now finished. However, after this mission is finished, the player will then unlock a repeatable mission named The Overseer's Tour upon speaking to them again.

Exocraft Terminals can only be built on planets.


  • The Overseer may glitch into repeating the give-dialogue for Gravitino Balls twice, exiting the conversation and speaking to them will make them advance forward as normal.
  • You may have to use NMS Save editor to reset quest due to glitch not recognizing the Construction Terminal.
  • If the Construction Terminal is indirectly removed, the quest may break. In order to resolve this, just place down a new Construction Terminal in the same base and then remove it yourself.
    • Examples of removing it indirectly include removing a Cylindrical Room while there is a Construction Terminal inside
    • This issue may be present for the other terminals



Mission Progression[]

For a detailed chart of how this mission progresses, see Mission Progression.


Expanding the Base Walkthrough

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Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - Added as a secondary mission.
  • Atlas Rises - Certain requirements and tasks changed.
  • NEXT - Certain requirements and tasks changed.
  • NEXT 1.64 - Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Glass blueprint at the correct time.