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Expedition Patches is an index page.


Expedition Patches provides a visual catalog of the patches available while playing in Expedition mode. Twitch Awards are also included.

The release number indicates the first publication of the patch.

Expedition 1 Patches[]

Expedition 1 Rewards[]


Expedition 2 Patches[]


Expedition 2 Rewards[]


Expedition 3 Patches[]

Sorted By Phase and Milestone
Based on Datamined info and is subject to change.

Expedition 3 Rewards[]

Sorted By Phase

Common Between Expeditions[]

Unused Patches[]

Sorted Alphabetical

Unused (Added with Frontiers)[]

Sorted Alphabetical

Twitch Awards[]

First Event[]

Day 1 Drops - April 02, 2021

Day 2 Drops - April 03, 2021

Day 3 Drops - April 04, 2021

Day 4 Drops - April 05, 2021

Day 5 Drops - April 06, 2021

Second Event[]

Additional information[]