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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
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The three primary factions

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Factions, also known as Races, are the sentient species in No Man's Sky.

Summary[ | ]

There are currently six different factions in No Man's Sky, each with distinct languages, lore, and technology.

The three main factions (Korvax, Gek and Vy'keen) inhabit the star systems.

  • The Korvax are a near-immortal sentient machine species. They value science and exploration. They also worship the Atlas and accept the Sentinels' presence. They specialise in Exosuit technology.
  • The Gek are a sentient amphibious species. They value commerce, and the ancient First Spawn Gek believed themselves to be the master race of the galaxy. They specialise in Starship technology.
  • The Vy'keen are a humanoid sentient species. They are military-oriented with a very rigid honour system and a deep hatred for Sentinels. They specialise in Multi-tool technology.
  • The Autophage are a sentient machine species. They are built from scrap and can only be seen with special scanner technology.
  • The Travellers are a mysterious humanoid species of free explorers that recently arrived in the galaxy. Their origins and purposes are unknown.
  • The Anomalies are a mysterious humanoid species and each of them wear helmets, hiding their true appearance. Their origins and purposes are unknown. The Anomaly is the only race that is not depicted by NPCs. Consequently, the only way to interact with other Anomalies is to play the game online.

While not a true faction, the Sentinels serve as a police force of unknown origin or true intention. They are ever-present but in varying amounts on different planets.

You can be affiliated with the first four factions mentioned above, but your reputation with e.g. the Korvax won't affect your reputation with the other factions because they are not hostile to each other. However you cannot have any reputation with the Sentinels, the Travellers, or the Anomalies.

Gaining Reputation[ | ]

Reputation can be gained for any faction by performing certain actions:

Losing Reputation[ | ]

  • Destroying Trader ships of any particular faction.
  • Failing the problems at Monoliths.
  • Destroying small, single-engine cargo ships within Freighter fleets.
  • Refusing to accept gifts.
  • Taking a multitool from Vy'keen NPCs. (Sometimes this causes you to gain reputation)
  • Speaking threatening words when interacting with an alien using the practice speech option.
    • "Aggressive words" i.e. "Destroy" to a Gek envoy.

Gameplay effects[ | ]

Faction standing currently has the following effects:

  • Availability of certain blueprints to purchase.
  • Faction specific dialogue options.
  • Possibility to start missions, which require a minimum faction standing.
  • High standing will grant the player aid at times when under attack by pirates.

Gifts[ | ]

Gifts are race specific curiosities given to NPCs to receive Crashed Ship locations, resources, units, and reputation.

Relations[ | ]

I tell -null- all that I have learned. Of the Vy'keen crusade against the Sentinels. How they nearly succeeded, only to have the barbarism of the Gek First Spawn draw the Sentinels back to the galaxy. I learned that the homeworld of the Korvax was destroyed by the Gek, the survivors enslaved or melted down. For years the Korvax toiled beneath their oppressor's, until the empire fell and they were free once more. The Gek became Atlas worshippers. But from the Gek, I learned something different. The Gek did not redeem themselves of their own accord. A great number of Korvax sacrificed themselves, mingling their Nanite blood with countless unborn Gek. Their impulse to trade is a mere evolution of their impulse to war, a few signals switched in the brain.
Priest Entity Nada
Vy'keen hate the Gek, hate the Sentinels. Sentinels hate our home, Gek hate Korvax. Nada should be friends with Vy'keen, yes? No. Nada does not think in this way.
Specialist Polo
(Vy'keen are) Big grumpy fellows! They do not like friendly little Gek. Perhaps they are wise. Like all beings, you will see their value if you get to know them.
Remnants of the Atzuru-Reku
The book of Hirk speaks of the rise of the Travellers. They shall ascend, delving into the boundless void. The Vy'keen shall not impede their ascent for the Travellers must prevail. So decrees the word of Hirk.
Vy'keen Cartographer
Grah! Do not speak that (Atlas) name! Only pathetic beings worship Liar-Atlas! The crimes of the Gek will not be forgotten! Obliterated Korvax homeworld, enslaved the synthetics and melted them down for Nanite Clusters! Their so-called First Spawn summoned back the Sentinels with their brutality and barbarism! Grah!
Vy'keen Cartographer
The Vy'keen tells me of their history, of wars with the Gek, of Korvax slaves and tyrannous empires. They Vy'keen suggests that if the Atlas is a God, then it is insane.

Additional information[ | ]

  • The appearance of the player character is defaulted to an Anomaly, which can be changed later at an Appearance Modifier.
  • Different systems are controlled by different factions and multiple factions cannot control the same system.
  • The factions controlling a system also determine the majority of ships coming into the space station.
  • some buyable items or blueprint require certain amounts of standing to purchase.

Release history[ | ]

  • Release - Korvax, Gek and Vy'keen were introduced to the game.
  • Atlas Rises - Traveller was introduced to the game.
  • NEXT - Anomaly was introduced to the game, and is the default appearance for a player character.
  • Crossplay - a maxed-out standing with a faction can now be lost again.
  • Echoes - Authophage introduced to the game.

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