Farming is a method of growing plants to harvest their resources to either sell or build technologies that would be otherwise hard to come by. There are Currently 11 Plants that can be farmed with the use of a Hydroponic Tray. All blueprints are obtained through Farmers hired on the Traveler's base or from the Construction Blueprint Station in the Space Anomaly.

Farming Tips

Hydroponic Trays take power from the base, so using a reliable power source like Electromagnetic Generators is recommended. The same will go for Bio-Domes. For growing larger amounts of plants, Bio-Domes allow for all plants to be harvested when they are fully grown, saving the Traveler time as opposed to harvesting each plant one-by-one. There are some plants that can grow outdoors on specific planets. Plants like the Albumen Pearl Orb and Gravitino Host are only grown indoors.

Full List of Farmable Plants

Albumen Pearl Orb.png
Albumen Pearl Orb
Coprite Orb.png
Coprite Flower
Gravitino Host.jpg
Gravitino Host
Mordite Root.jpg
Mordite Root
Solar Vine.jpg
Solar Vine
Star Bramble.jpg
Star Bramble
Venom Urchin.jpg

Venom Urchin

Fungal Cluster.jpg
Fungal Cluster
Gama Weed.jpg
Gamma Weed
Plant Growth Time (min) Units/Harvest Price/Unit Price/Harvest Price/Minute
Albumen Pearl Orb 80 1 9025 9025
Venom Urchin 40 1 11685 11685
Gravitino Host 120 1 12445 12445
Frostwort 60 50 12 600 40
Solar Vine 960 50 70 3500 30
Fungal Cluster 240 50 16 800 25
Gamma Weed 240 50 16 800 25
Star Bramble 240 25 32 800 25
Coprite Flower 30 25 30 750 25
Echinocactus 960 100 28 2800 22
Mordite Root 60 25 40 995 16

It is important to note that the base trade values of these farmable products do not come anywhere near to their manufactured counterparts. For a list of the trade items that can be crafted from these plants please look a the Curiosities page.

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