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Location Terrestrial
Type Genus
Description Six-legged cats, dogs, etc
Updated Foundation

Felihex is a genus.


Felihex is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky.

The word is a combination of the words Felidae (cats) and hexapod (six legged). Generally referred to as "six legged cats," "hexapod dogs," or similar terms, this genus is essentially identical to the Felidae genus but with six legs. Not to be confused with the Hexungulatis genus, which is comprised of six legged cows.

Major Variants & Characteristics[]

Felihex only has one major variant.

  • Six legs.
  • Two eyes and a mouth, a tail, usually two ears.
  • Usually four distinctly visible canine teeth when their mouths are open, except in the case of boar-like species.
  • Usually canine/feline-like feet.

Additional information[]