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Freighter Base Building is a base-building page.


Freighter Base Building describes base building aboard a freighter.


There is a 21 x 21 x 14 area aboard a freighter where a limited number of base building products can be built. This results in a total volume of 6174 u3in which the build menu will remain open. Freighter Corridors and Large Freighter Rooms can be used to expand the interior of freighters.

Freighter Fleet Rooms[]

Base building aboard a freighter is required unless the player wants to be without the potentially massive source of income Frigate fleets bring in. Fleet Command Rooms are required to send out expeditions and to debrief them once complete. It is recommended that the player build at least six of them to support 5 expeditions at once and the rare expedition that lasts longer that 24hrs.

Restoring a Base After Purchasing a New Freighter[]

After obtaining a new freighter, any existing freighter base is automatically transferred and reassembled aboard the new freighter.

If you want to start over, an option is available on the freighter upgrade terminal that lets you reset your freighter base back to the default layout.

Note that prior to Prisms, your base would be lost in this situation, although part of the materials could be salvaged.

Buildable Products Aboard a Freighter[]

Numerous structures can be built aboard a freighter, including many decorations. Some decoration blueprints can be salvaged from the wrecks of derelict freighters found abandoned in space...

List of Freighter Base Building products[]

Building Product Category
BUILDABLE.DRESSINGROOM.png Appearance Modifier Tech / General
BUILDABLE.TELEPORTER.png Base Teleport Module Tech / General
BUILDABLE.BASECAPSULE.png Base Salvage Capsule (broken) Tech / General
BUILDABLE.TERMINAL.png Galactic Trade Terminal Tech / General
BUILDABLE.HEALTHSTATION.png Health Station Tech / General
BUILDABLE.SHIELDSTATION.png Hazard Protection Unit Tech / General
BUILDABLE.REFINER2.png Medium Refiner Tech / General
BUILDABLE.REFINER3.png Large Refiner Tech / General
BUILDABLE.SAVEPOINT.png Save Point Tech / Portable
BUILDABLE.REFINER1.png Portable Refiner Tech / Portable
BUILDABLE.COOKER.png Nutrient Processor Tech / Portable
BUILDABLE.BLUEPRINTAN.png Construction Research Unit Tech / Portable
BUILDABLE.LCRATE.png Locked Crate Tech / Storage
BUILDABLE.AMCRATE.png Small Crate Tech / Storage
DECORATION.CRATELCYLINDER.png Barrel Fabricator Tech / Storage
DECORATION.CRATELRARE.png Crate Fabricator Tech / Storage
BUILDABLE.SPACE CONTAINER.0.png Freighter Storage Unit 0-9 Tech / Storage
BUILDABLE.VEHICLESUMMONER.FREIGHTER.png Orbital Exocraft Materialiser Tech / Specialist
Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.NPCFARM.png Agricultural Terminal Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.NPCBUILDER.png Construction Terminal Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.NPCWEAPON.png Weapons Terminal Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.NPCSCIENCE.png Science Terminal Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.PLANTER.png Hydroponic Tray Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.PLANTERMEGA.png Large Hydroponic Tray Tech / Specialist
PRODUCT.RADIOPLANT.png Gamma Weed Tech / Specialist
Product.toxicplant.png Fungal Cluster Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Skywort Icon.png Frostwort Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Bloodsbane Icon.png Venom Urchin Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Vivilava Icon.png Solar Vine Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Coprite Orb Icon.png Gutrot Flower Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Gravitino Orb Icon.png Gravitino Host Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Carrion Root Icon.png Mordite Root Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Cucrassula Icon.png Echinocactus Tech / Specialist
Sbramble.png Star Bramble Tech / Specialist
NmsFarming Albumen Pearl Orb Icon.png Albumen Pearl Orb Tech / Specialist
PRODUCT.NIPPLANT.png NipNip Tech / Specialist
Buildable.standplanter.png Standing Planter Tech / Specialist
DECORATION.PLANTPOT1.png Flora Containment 1 Tech / Specialist
DECORATION.PLANTPOT2.png Flora Containment 2 Tech / Specialist
DECORATION.PLANTPOT3.png Flora Containment 3 Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.PLANTPOT.png Potted Plant Tech / Specialist
BUILDABLE.SPACE CUBEROOM.png Large Freighter Room (variant 1) Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CUBEROOMB.png Large Freighter Room (variant 2) Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CUBEROOMC.png Large Freighter Room (variant 3) Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CORRIDOR.png Freighter Corridor Freighter Parts corridor l.png Curved Freighter Corridor Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CORRIDOR T.png Freighter Junction Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CORRIDOR STAIRS.png Freighter Stairs Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.SPACE CORRIDOR X.png Freighter Cross Junction Freighter Parts
BUILDABLE.NPCFRIGTERM.png Fleet Command Room Freighter Parts
Decal.visual.png Decal (visual 1) Vy'Keen Decoration / Decals
Decal.visual2.png Decal (visual 2) Gek Decoration / Decals
Decal.visual3.png Decal (visual 3) Korvax Decoration / Decals
Decal.visual4.png Decal (visual 4) blob Decoration / Decals
Decal.visual5.png Decal (visual 5) bauna Decoration / Decals
DECAL.VISSIMPLE1.png Decal (simple 1) blue insignia Decoration / Decals
DECAL.VISSIMPLE2.png Decal (simple 2) green insignia Decoration / Decals
DECAL.VISSIMPLE3.png Decal (simple 3) red insignia Decoration / Decals
DECAL.VISSIMPLE4.png Decal (simple 4) grey insignia Decoration / Decals
DECAL.1.png Decal (variant 1) white insignia Decoration / Decals
DECAL.2.png Decal (variant 2) white bar Decoration / Decals
Decal.hellologo.png Decal (HelloGames) Decoration / Decals
Decal.nmslogo.png Decal (NMS) Decoration / Decals
Decal.num0.png Decal (0) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM1.png Decal (1) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM2.png Decal (2) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM3.png Decal (3) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM4.png Decal (4) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM5.png Decal (5) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM6.png Decal (6) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM7.png Decal (7) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM8.png Decal (8) Decoration / Decals
DECAL.NUM9.png Decal (9) Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL01.png Anomaly Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL02.png Galactic Hub Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL03.png Hand of Approval Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL04.png Nada Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL05.png Polo Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL06.png Apollo Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL07.png Artemis Decal Decoration / Decals
SPECIAL.DECAL08.png Null Decal Decoration / Decals
Blue Light Decoration / Lights
Pink Light Decoration / Lights
Yellow Light Decoration / Lights
Green Light Decoration / Lights
Red Light Decoration / Lights
White Light Decoration / Lights
DECORATION.CEILINGLIGHT.png Ceiling Light Decoration / Lights
Buildable.light001.png Light Decoration / Lights
BUILDABLE.LABLAMP.png Lab Lamp Decoration / Lights
Decoration.curveddesk.png Curved Desk Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.WEAPONRACK.png Weapon Rack Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.LARGEDESK.png Large Monitor Station Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.MONITORDESK.png Monitor Station Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.ROOFMONITOR.png Ceiling Panel Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.FLOORMAT1.png Floor Mat Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.SERVERSTACK.png Server Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.DRAWS.png Drawers Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.WALLFLAG1.png Wall Flag 1 Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.WALLFLAG2.png Wall Flag 2 Decoration / Interior
DECORATION.WALLFLAG3.png Wall Flag 3 Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.CHAIR001.png Chair (variant 1) Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.CHAIR002.png Chair (variant 2) Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.CHAIR003.png Chair (variant 3) Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.TABLE001.png Table (variant 1) Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.TABLE002.png Table (variant 2) Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.TECHPANEL.png Tech Panel Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.WALLSCREEN.png Wall Screen Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.WALLFAN.png Wall Fan Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.WALLUNIT.png Wall Unit Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.BED.png Bed Decoration / Interior
Nms Worktop-OG.jpg Worktop Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.WALLSCREENB.png Green Wall Screen Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.BOXEDSCREEN.png Oscilloscope Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.OCTACABINET.png Octa-Cabinet Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.ROBOTARM.png Robotic Arm Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.LOCKER.png Locker Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.CANRACK.png Canister Rack Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SOFA2L.png Corner Sofa Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SOFA2.png Swept Sofa Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SOFA.png Sofa Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SIMPLEDESK.png Simple Desk Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.LIGHTTABLE.png Light Table Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.STORAGEPANEL.png Storage Panel Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.FLATPANEL.png Flat Panel Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SHELFPANEL.png Shelf Panel Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SIDEPANEL.png Side Panel Decoration / Interior
BUILDABLE.SIDEPANEL.png Tall Cabinet Decoration / Interior

Freighter Storage Units[]

Freighter Storage Units can be built aboard a freighter to add extra space to your freighter, up to a total of 200 slots in the Storage Container tabs of the freighter's inventory.

Orbital Exocraft Materialiser[]

An Orbital Exocraft Materialiser allows the player to summon their exocraft anywhere in the system as long as their freighter is there.

Release History[]