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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 16 February, 2021.

Frigate types clockwise from top left: Support, Exploration, Combat, Trade, and Industrial.

Frigate Traits are randomly-generated characteristics of the frigates.


Frigate Traits are one of the fundamental characteristics that determine the effectiveness of frigates during expeditions. Traits are randomly generated characteristics that can provide both positive and negative effects, serving to benefit or hinder frigates when they are sent on missions. The Manage Fleet screen in the player's central control room of their freighter can be used to review the traits of each frigate in the fleet.

Trait types[]

There are 5 exclusive, 72 beneficial and 25 negative frigate traits in total.

Frigates can be generated with up to 5 traits depending on their level, but each type of frigate has a limited number of traits to be chosen from:

  • The first trait is always an exclusive trait tied to the frigate type.
  • The other four traits are randomly chosen from 42 beneficial and 20 negative traits available to their respective type.

The following coding used in the tables below: FRIGATETYPE.COMBAT.png Combat - FRIGATETYPE.EXPLORE.png Exploration - FRIGATETYPE.MINING.png Industrial - FRIGATETYPE.TRADE.png Trade - FRIGATETYPE.DEFAULT.png Support

Exclusive traits
Combat Specialist +15 Combat
Exploration Specialist +15 Exploration
Industrial Specialist +15 Industry
Support Specialist -15 Fuel Cost
Trade Specialist +15 Trading
Benefical traits
Ablative Armour +4 Combat
Advanced Maintenance Drones Damage Reduction
Advanced Power Distributor -6 Fuel Cost
Aggressive Probes +1 Combat
Alcubierre Drive -2% Expedition Time
Ammo Fabricators +2 Combat
Angry Captain +2 Combat
Anomaly Scanner +2 Exploration
Antimatter Cycler -3 Fuel Cost
Asteroid Scanner +3 Industry
Asteriod Vaporizer +6 Industry
Automatic Investment Engine +4 Trading
AutoTranslator +1 Trading
Cartography Drones +6 Exploration
Cloaking Device +6 Combat
Dynamic Ballast -2% Expedition Time
Economy Scanner +1 Trading
Efficient Warp Drive -4 Fuel Cost
Experimental Impulse Drive -3% Expedition Time
Experimental Weaponry +4 Combat
Expert Navigator -2% Expedition Time
Extendable Drills +2 Industry
Fauna Analysis Device +1 Exploration
Gravitational Visualiser +4 Exploration
Generator Grid -9 Fuel Cost
Harvester Drones +1 Industry
Hidden Weaponry +1 Combat
Holographic Components Damage Reduction
Holographic Displays +2 Exploration
HypnoDrones +2 Trading
Interstellar Signal Array +4 Exploration
Large Tanks -3 Fuel Cost
Laser Drill Array +2 Industry
Local Time Dilator -1% Expedition Time
Long-Distance Sensors +3 Exploration
Mass Driver -1% Expedition Time
Massive Guns +2 Combat
Metal Detector +2 Industry
Mind Control Device +6 Trading
Mineral Extractors +1 Industry
Motivated Crew -2% Expedition Time
Negotiation Module +2 Trading
Ore Processing Unit +2 Industry
Overclocked Power Distributor -4 Fuel Cost
Oversized Fuel Scoop -6 Fuel Cost
Oxygen Recycler -2 Fuel Cost
Photon Sails -2 Fuel Cost
Planetary Data Scoop +1 Exploration
Propaganda Device +4 Trading
Portable Fusion Ignitor -9 Fuel Cost
Radio Telescopes +3 Exploration
Realtime Archival Device +2 Exploration
Reinforced Hull +3 Combat
Remote Market Analyser +2 Trading
Remote Mining Unit +3 Industry
Retrofitted Turrets +3 Combat
Robot Butlers +3 Trading
Robot Crew -6 Fuel Cost
Self-Repairing Hull Damage Reduction
Solar Panels -6 Fuel Cost
Spacetime Anomaly Shielding +6 Exploration
Stowaway Botanist +2 Exploration
Teleportation Device +6 Trading
Terraforming Beams +4 Industry
Tractor Beam +4 Industry
Trade Analysis Computer +2 Trading
Tremendous Cannons +6 Combat
Tuned Engines -4 Fuel Cost
Ultrasonic Weapons +2 Combat
Ultrasonic Welders +6 Industry
Well-Groomed Crew +3 Trading
Wormhole Generator -3% Expedition Time
Negative traits
Badly Painted -2 Trading
Clumsy Drill Operator -6 Industry
Cowardly Gunners -2 Combat
Faulty Torpedoes -6 Combat
Fragile Hull -2 Combat
Haunted Radar -2 Exploration
Inefficient Engine +2 Cost Per Warp
Lazy Crew -2 Industry
Leaky Fuel Tubes +4 Cost Per Warp
Low-Energy Shields -4 Combat
Malfunctioning Drones -2 Industry
Misaligned Sensors -4 Exploration
Oil Burner +1 Cost Per Warp
Outdated Maps -4 Exploration
Poorly-Aligned Ballast +2 Cost Per Warp
Roach Infestation -6 Trading
Rude Captain -2 Trading
Second-Hand Rockets -4 Combat
Small Hold -4 Trading
Small Hoppers -4 Industry
Thief On Board -4 Trading
Thirsty Crew +1 Cost Per Warp
Uncalibrated Warp Drive -6 Exploration
Underpowered Lasers -4 Industry
Wandering Compass -4 Industry

Additional information[]

Release history[]

  • NEXT - Frigates traits were added.