Frostwort is one of the farmable plants in No Man's Sky. A blueprint can be acquired from a Farmer, or from the Construction Research Unit in the Space Anomaly. Harvesting wild Frostwort requires a Haz-Mat Gauntlet.


A large crystal flower with radiant blue blooms, found only in snowy biomes. Frostwort can be farmed and makes a reliable crop, and its adaptation to harsh conditions results in highly frequent harvests.

Suitable for hydroponic indoor planting. Ensure Frozen climate before planting outdoors.

Approximate growing time: 1 hour


In addition to the blueprint, you will also need the following resources to craft a plant.

  • 50x Frost Crystal Frost Crystal.png
  • 25x Dioxite Dioxite.png

They can be farmed indoors on a Hydroponic Tray, or outdoors in Frozen planets.


After sixty (60) minutes, a Frostwort will yield around fifty (50) pieces of Frost Crystal Frost Crystal.png.


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