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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.

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Funky Claude
Funky Claude
Galaxy Euclid
Region The Arm of Vezitinen
Star system HUB1-15F Mila
Planet Axby Delta
Bait Scented Herbs
Gender Prime
Behaviour Always foraging
Diet Small trees
Height 3.8 m
Weight 202.3 kg
Genus Bos
Notes Yellow blood
Mode Normal
Territory Galactic Hub Project
Discovered by VanCorc
Discovery platform PS4/PC
Updated ExoMech

Funky Claude is a creature.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Greater Mushroom Beetle, or GMB, known as Funky Claude is a creature in the No Man's Sky universe. This member of the Bos genus is the larger of 2 known GMBs located in the Galactic Hub Project.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The creature features a yellow body with brown or red stripes (they can appear black and white in this planet's unique light) and a brown or grey mushroom (which appears red, purple, brown in the natural planet light). Both genders appear to have antennae.

Gender Dimorphism[edit | edit source]

The fungal symbiote or "mushroom" only appears on the Prime gender.

The Radical gender of this species has large crab-like claws and the legs have a more spindly appearance. The body is yellow and encased in what appears to be an exoskeleton similar to an Earth crab. The eyes are a striking color of green that seem similar to the eye structure of an Earth gecko.

Alias Names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Y. Larvakuthae
PS4 Current: Funky Claude
PC Current: Funky Claude

Cross-Platform Information[edit | edit source]

Platform Date Uploaded Uploaded By System Planet Confirmed By
PS4 Nov 23 2018 VanCorc HUB1-15F Mila Axby Delta swampcastlenms
PC Nov 25 2018 rwhitby HUB1-1F5 Mila Axby Delta ElCapoChino

Discovery Menu[edit | edit source]

Found wandering the fevered, dreamlike landscape of planet Axby Delta. Flighty, busy creatures, they are always on the move, always foraging for their next meal. They use their acidic tongues to burrow into trees, dissolving and then sucking out the soft and delicious inner wood.

Additional Observations: Yellow blood

Location[edit | edit source]

It can be found on the planet Axby Delta in the HUB1-1F5 Mila star system.



Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The Expected HUB Tag for this system is HUB1-1F5.
  • This friendly GMB inhabits a planet which is also home to a Galactic Hub colony, the tropical colony of Interloper Island. This GMB is just small enough to be fed by hand.

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