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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Fusion Engine
Fusion Engine
Category Exocraft - Core Systems
Type Exocraft Power System
Recharged with Carbon, Condensed Carbon, Oxygen
Updated NEXT

Fusion Engine is an exocraft technology.


Fusion Engine is an exocraft technology which comes pre-installed in all Exocraft and powers their locomotion systems. As Exocraft would not function without this technology, it cannot be dismantled.

The Fusion Engine has an internal fuel supply which is slowly consumed while the Exocraft is moving normally and more quickly consumed while an Exocraft Acceleration Module is being actively used. If this fuel supply is depleted, the Exocraft will be unable to move until the Fusion Engine is recharged with Carbon (0.33%/unit), Condensed Carbon (1%/unit), or Oxygen (0.67%/unit)

Game description[]

A compact fusion core common to all Exocraft.

Requires fuel to function.

Version history[]