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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.

GOG Version is a game background page.


This page is a description of the GOG Version number shown on No Man's Sky Update Pages on this Wiki.

Up to Update 1.23, GOG version numbers used on installer files were different from the version number shown on the patch notes. This page serves as a historical reference for how these unique version numbers were used on GOG's installation files.


The numeric code is inserted into the installer file names in the following format:


  • setup_no_mans_sky_ .exe

Game Data Files[]

  • setup_no_mans_sky_ -1.bin


  • patch_no_mans_sky_ .exe

File Names[]

These are the installation files that have been confirmed to exist from Update 1.03 through Update 1.23:


Update 1.03

setup_no_mans_sky_2.0.0.2.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.0.0.2-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
setup_no_mans_sky_preorder_dlc_2.0.0.2.exe 7.2MB Pre-order DLC Bonus Installer

Update 1.04

setup_no_mans_sky_2.1.0.3.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.1.0.3-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files

Update 1.05

setup_no_mans_sky_2.2.0.4.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.2.0.4-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
patch_no_mans_sky_2.2.0.4.exe 19.8MB Patch to update 1.04 to 1.05

Update 1.06

setup_no_mans_sky_2.3.0.5.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.3.0.5-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
patch_no_mans_sky_2.3.0.5.exe 23.1MB Patch to update 1.05 to 1.06

Update 1.07

setup_no_mans_sky_2.4.0.6.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.4.0.6-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files

Update 1.09

patch_no_mans_sky_2.5.0.7.exe 28.9MB Patch to update to 1.09

Update 1.09.1

setup_no_mans_sky_2.6.0.8.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.6.0.8-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
patch_no_mans_sky_2.6.0.8.exe 5MB Patch to update to 1.09.1


Update 1.10

setup_no_mans_sky_2.7.0.9.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.7.0.9-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files

Update 1.12

setup_no_mans_sky_2.8.0.10.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.8.0.10-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
patch_no_mans_sky_2.8.0.10.exe 20MB Patch to update to 1.12

Update 1.13

setup_no_mans_sky_2.9.0.11.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.9.0.11-1.bin 2.46GB Game Data Files
patch_no_mans_sky_2.9.0.11.exe 12MB Patch to update to 1.13

Path Finder[]

Update 1.20

setup_no_mans_sky_2.10.0.13.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.10.0.13-1.bin 3.9GB Game Data Files
setup_no_mans_sky_2.10.0.13-2.bin 379.8MB Game Data Files

Update 1.22

setup_no_mans_sky_2.11.0.14.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.11.0.14-1.bin 3.9GB Game Data Files
setup_no_mans_sky_2.11.0.14-2.bin 379.8MB Game Data Files

Update 1.23

setup_no_mans_sky_2.12.0.15.exe 28.9MB Installer
setup_no_mans_sky_2.12.0.15-1.bin 3.9GB Game Data Files
setup_no_mans_sky_2.12.0.15-2.bin 379.8MB Game Data Files

Later Versions[]

Versions of No Man's Sky after Update 1.23 use the standard version number in their filename. For example setup_no_mans_sky_1.24_(a)_(10858).exe and setup_no_mans_sky_1.24_(a)_(10858)-1.bin for Update 1.24.