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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Glitterpede Imperial Exploration Corps
Glitterpede Imperial Exploration Corps
Galaxy Ontiniangp
Region Paavan Adjunct
HQ System Wasahik-Bekin
Founded by Glitterpede
Type NpC
Specialisation Exploration
Platform PC
Updated Expeditions

The Glitterpede Imperial Exploration Corps is a company.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Glitterpede Imperial Exploration Corps or GPIEC (pronounced "G-peace") is a company in No Man's Sky, chartered to oversee an exploration and infrastructure construction mission in a specified interstellar region. It is a non-profit corporation.

The GPIEC is based in the Paavan Adjunct region of the Ontiniangp galaxy.

The GPIEC is overseen by Warlord-CEO Glitterpede, a mostly-peaceful explorer and outpost builder.

Mission[edit | edit source]

The mission of the Glitterpede Imperial Exploration Corps is to explore the Ontiniangp galaxy - to acquire scientific knowledge about its systems, worlds, and life forms, and share gathered data with the intergalactic community for the benefit of all civilized space. The efforts of the Corps have begun in the Paavan Adjunct region amidst its 555 star systems. The GPIEC has peacefully claimed the Paavan Adjunct as an interstellar real estate holding for the primary purpose of scientific research, where exploration will be prioritized and native life preserved to the greatest extent possible. To support its mission, GPIEC is constructing minimally-invasive corporate facilities throughout the Adjunct, focusing on outpost construction in systems that lack the presence of any civilization in order to facilitate travel in these areas.

Location[edit | edit source]

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Company headquarters are located in the Paavan Adjunct region of the Ontiniangp galaxy, in system Wasahik-Bekin on the planet Owceston Ichic.

GPIEC headquarters on Owceston Ichic
Headquarters Navigation Data:[edit | edit source]

Ontiniangp Galaxy



Facilities[edit | edit source]

GPIEC maintains Activated Indium mines on planet Raks IX in system GPIEC1 Kogami, Ontiniangp galaxy, in order to help fund Corps operations and provide habitable outposts in an uncharted system.

The GPIEC also maintains facilities outside of the Ontiniangp galaxy:

Corporate Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

The GPIEC maintains a representative office on Drogradur NO426, capital of the Galactic Hub Project, using the ceremonial name "The Glitterpedian Embassy." While this facility is not the formal embassy of a government, company communications officers felt that the title "Embassy" would confer a regal air upon the company's office on the most populous planet in civilized space.

Glitterpedian Embassy - image taken by teo1315

Scientific Conglomeration[edit | edit source]

The GPIEC considers the entirety of the Paavan Adjunct to be a Scientific Conglomeration under its administration, where preservation and study of native life is prioritized.

Data on specific systems within the Conglomeration is provided below:

Claimed Systems[edit | edit source]
System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Thgatel VII Dakesma Anomaly Yellow Research Korvax 4 2 PC Expeditions
GPIEC1 Ainaia Paavan Adjunct Yellow Research Korvax 4 2 PC Expeditions
GPIEC1 Erikug-Rutess Paavan Adjunct Yellow Energy Supply Korvax 4 0 PC Expeditions
GPIEC1 Kogami Paavan Adjunct Blue None Uncharted 5 1 PC Expeditions
GPIEC1 Naharaza III Paavan Adjunct Yellow Ore Processing Korvax 4 0 PC Expeditions
GPIEC1 Oharashi X Paavan Adjunct Yellow Material Fusion Korvax 4 0 PC Expeditions
Wasahik-Bekin Paavan Adjunct Yellow Fuel Generation Gek 3 1 PC Expeditions
Noufimsk IV Rokovskyla Shallows Yellow Power Generation Korvax 4 0 PC Expeditions

Charted Systems[edit | edit source]

All 555 systems of the Paavan Adjunct have been charted and more specific data will be provided to the intergalactic community on a continuing basis as the GPIEC is able to process and refine the information.

Guidelines & Scientific Methodology[edit | edit source]

  • Systems in the Paavan Adjunct are named with the prefix GPIEC1. If further regions are selected as GPIEC scientific conglomerations, the same naming convention will be relied upon.
  • The GPIEC has a zero-tolerance policy regarding piracy.
  • The GPIEC opposes the excessive hunting of fauna or the needless destruction of natural lands.

Regarding scientific exploration, the Corps prioritizes the study of and data acquisition regarding Fauna species. Scans of flora and minerals are made whenever possible, but transmissions to the intergalactic community are prioritized for faunal data.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The GPIEC is a loose hierarchy under the command of Warlord-CEO Glitterpede, who sets policy and objectives for the Corps with input from its executive Vice Presidents. The company has several divisions, overseeing various aspects of the Corps' operations.

GPIEC Front Office (GPIEC-FO)[edit | edit source]

Warlord-CEO Glitterpede

The corporate Front Office directly under the Warlord-CEO handles primary administrative functions over the company, from finance to legal support to sentient resources.

GPIEC Government Affairs (GPIEC-GOV)[edit | edit source]

GPIEC-GOV Vice President Fushuozh

While a management entity in nature, GPIEC-GOV is too large to be a mere part of the Front Office. The division: maintains the Glitterpedian Embassy to the Galactic Hub Project; serves to represent the corporation in dialog with governments, institutions, and other companies; and oversees public relations campaigns.

GPIEC Exploration Division (GPIEC-EXO)[edit | edit source]

GPIEC-EXO Vice President Ivkazhs

The Exploration Division makes up the bulk of the Corps, overseeing deployments to new planets, recording and transmitting data to civilized space, and assigning missions to the company fleet's exploration frigates.

GPIEC Resource Acquisition Division (GPIEC-RAD)[edit | edit source]

GPIEC-RAD Vice President Ukrasn

The Resource Acquisition Division procures necessary resources for the Corps, from raw materials to specialized machinery.

The Mining Office within the division oversees major resource harvesting operations, including constructed mines and temporary "strafing runs" that involve GPIEC ships pulverizing the surfaces of lifeless, uninhabitable planets to collect strategic resources.

The Trading Office works with the galactic trade terminal network to buy key products and sell excess goods to support the Corps' budget.

GPIEC Construction Services (GPIEC-CON)[edit | edit source]

GPIEC-CON Vice President Mosf

The Corps' construction division is responsible for identifying ideal real estate properties, while confirming with GPIEC-EX that outpost construction will be minimally disruptive to surrounding ecosystems. GPIEC-CON surveys selected lands, evaluates potential hazards, designs outpost architecture, and ultimately erects Corps facilities. The Energy Systems Office within GPIEC-CON identifies ideal energy resources for Corps facilities, either tapping into existing electromagnetic hot spots or designing robust solar power systems with battery backups.

GPIEC Corporate Security (GPIEC-SEC)[edit | edit source]

GPIEC-SEC Vice President Yomolo

GPIEC Corporate Security is the company department tasked with protecting Corps facilities, enforcing the zero-tolerance policy against piracy, and defending the Paavan Adjunct against spaceborne threats.

Notably, GPIEC-SEC maintains a spacefaring fleet that emphasizes exploration and combat capabilities. Its lead vessel is the capital freighter U.S.S. Victoria, seen below with attendant frigates.

20210330151719 1.jpg 20210306204120 1.jpg 20210330105843 1.jpg

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Those interested in participating in the exploration of Ontiniangp alongside the GPIEC can contact Warlord-CEO Glitterpede for discussions. The Corps would kindly request that interested parties discuss mutually-agreeable naming conventions if participating in analysis of regions located near the GPIEC scientific protectorate.

Employees[edit | edit source]

Member name PC/PS/Xbox Homeplanet
Glitterpede PC Liykend Beta

Gallery[edit | edit source]