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Disambig.pngThis article is about galactic coordinates. For information on other types of coordinates, see:

Galactic Coordinates are points used in navigation.


Galactic Coordinates are the points that can be extracted from a Signal Booster data string and used in a Coordinate Plotting App to acquire your Galactic Coordinate Position in a No Man's Sky galaxy.

When placed, a Signal Booster will display a Coordinate data string, such as the one in the video below: HUKYA:046A:0081:0D6D:0038

Decoding signal booster string[]

3D Galaxy chart with Signal Booster coordinate system (the Y axis has a different scale)

Var name: Scanner ID X Y Z Solar System Index
Substring HUKYA 046A 0081 0D6D 0038
range for game values (4-5 letters) 0..FFF 0..FF 0..FFF 1..2FF

The three sections in the middle (046A:0081:0D6D) can be entered into a Coordinate Plotting App to extrapolate an x, y, z position.

The last section (0038) is a Solar System Index and not necessary for galactic scale navigation. More research is being conducted by the Alliance of Galactic Travellers on their specific function.

  • An index of 0079 designates a black hole system.
  • an index of 007A designates an Atlas Station

In the game, the x, y and z (called VoxelX,VoxelY and VoxelZ) coordinates, together with the SolarSystemIndex, are internally referred to as GalacticAddress.

These Galactic Coordinates are crucial for long range galactic navigation. To learn more, visit the iVc Navigator's Guide

Decoding Portal string[]

Var name: Planet Solar System Index Y Z X
Substring 1 079 00 9D9 690
range for game values 0..F 000...2FF 00..FF 000...FFF 000...FFF

Not only is the portal string mixed around compared to the signal booster, there are adjustments to translate the X, Y, and Z coordinates. The portal code uses the galactic center for 0,0,0 rather than a corner. From signal booster to portal, a value is Added or Subtracted. The lower half of each range has a constant Added value, while the upper half has a constant Subtracted value.

Conversion X Y Z Planet SSI
Signal Booster 1 046A 0081 0D6D 0 038
translate +801 -7F -7FF
Portal 1 C6B 02 56E 0 038
Signal Booster 2 0E8F 007F 01D8 0 079
translate -7FF -7F +801
Portal 2 690 00 9D9 0 079

Table of conversions[]

Galactic Portal Galactic Portal
(Y = bottom) (X = west)
(Z = north)
0000 81 0000 801
0001 82 0001 802
... ...
007E FF 07FE FFF
007F 00 07FF 000
0080 01 0800 001
... ...
00FD 7E 0FFD 7FE
00FE 7F 0FFE 7FF
(Y = top) (X = east)
(Z = south)

Wiki use[]

Coords Template[]

When entering coordinates on a wiki page, use the coords macro in the following format (the alpha parm is optional):


will create this:


Coordinates and Glyph Generation Template[]

When entering coordinates on a wiki page, and you also want it to automatically display glyphs, use the CoordGlyphConvert macro in the following format (the alpha parm is not to be used):


will create this:





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