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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Galactic Heritage Archive
Galactic Heritage Archive
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4/PC
Release Atlas Rises

This page concerns heritage sites.


The Galactic Heritage Archive (GHA) was established to document player bases which had undergone structural transformation by the Atlas Rises biome reset (and any subsequent resets) and recognise certain builds with Galactic Heritage Site classification.

Unless otherwise specified, all entries exist solely on PS4 platform in Normal Mode.

It is an initiative sponsored by the United Federation of Travelers.


The primary objective of the GHA is to catalogue abandoned or altered base sites which had significance at the time that they were affected by the appropriate biome reset. It is expected that 'significance' will normally be defined as one of the following:

Base sites submitted for consideration will be visited and documented prior to their inclusion. These builds will then be awarded ‘Galactic Heritage Site’ status, recognising the site’s importance to its appropriate era and ensuring it retains relevance and significance as a key part of the history and evolution of the No Man’s Sky universe.

This page is a work-in-progress and will be updated as appropriate.

Galactic Heritage Site Listing[]

Visiting Heritage Sites[]

Many of these sites no longer register as selectable base units and, in the event of a third party base claim in the same system, may be lost forever.

To guard against this, and protect the rich legacy that these sites form a key part of, specific glyphs or coordinates are not being made public. If you would like to visit a site (be that by portal and exocraft journey, portal migration to nearby star system or warping from your current location in time-honoured tradition) please contact zazariins for specific information.

Heritage Site Galaxy System Planet
BHC Space Embassy.jpg Euclid Bez-Harr Concern Space Embassy Zone System Hova Rises
Bez-Harr Concern Space Embassy Notes: A casualty of the Harsh Buds War and the Atlas Rises galaxy regenerations. Partially buried, incomplete, base module unable to be located.
GHA Consilii 2.jpg Euclid Consilii -NMSL System Umiddalr Geynna
Consilii Pearl Farm Notes: Historically the home of Ty Beecham, a prominent member of the No Man's Sky Love civilisation and the No Man's Sky community in general.
The Atlas Rises universe regeneration raised this build high in the air (inaccessible by jetpack) due to changes in landscape. The base module was also deleted when the biome changed from lush to barren.
29314437 185238528756628 3318775569545428992 o.jpg Euclid AGT Euclid Embassy FED System AGT 1.3 Rebirth
AGT Operations Centre Notes: The universal centre of operations for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers until their relocation to the Milland region after the Atlas Rises universal regeneration.
Abundance creative1.jpg Euclid Gamma Centauri NMSL Yellowzone No12 System Abundance (RIP)
Abundance H.Q Notes: One of five bases located on the same planet during the Pathfinder era. This site was built in both Normal and Creative modes with only minor differences between the two. Significantly affected by the Atlas Rises galaxy regenerations. Structure broken and raised into the area - and also partially buried on creative mode build. Base module unable to be located.
PP Base site2.jpg Euclid HUB7-G-214 Einhander System Biorinerth ML518
Peaceful Pepperbase Notes: The home of Interloper syn1334 - co-creator of the Galactic Hub Project. Base build has relocated approximately 12 hours from the mass of comm stations marking the original site.
Horner3.jpg Euclid HUB8-V-AF Glast System Horner
Unknown Interloper Tomb Notes: A partly buried puzzle/mystery base with significant and grandiose use of infrastructure.
Intrus Legacy 8.jpg Euclid HUB7-G-A8 Intrus AGT System Newariins
Ariins Zazhelikal - #theAGT Notes: A well preserved half-pyramid and farming build, the historic home of AGT founding member Zazhelekal Ariins during his tenure in the Legacy Hub.
RF5.jpg Euclid Dawnbreak System Hobayamegawa
Conatus Mortem Notes: PC (Normal) The base build of the player known as 'Reaction Faction', a key lore episode forming part of the transition from Pathfinder era to Atlas Rises era.
Hov.jpg Euclid HUB4-K-17E Hov Infinity Star System New Athena
Grand Castle of Hov Notes: The home and capital build for the Galactic Empire of Hova. This mysterious, powerful, and influential civilisation continues to operate throughout the Euclid galaxy.