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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 February, 2024.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the Galactic Hub Calypso Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization HUB that is a creative addition to the game.

Galactic Hub Calypso
Galactic Hub Calypso
Galaxy Calypso
Quadrant Gamma
Region The Arm of Taticale
Capital system HUB4-73 New Beginnings
Capital planet New Humiena
Coordinates 0430:0078:0D55:0073
Portal Glyphs 5073F9556C315073F9556C31
Size Hub-R
Type Construction, Documentation, & Profit
Head of State ApexFatality
Federation member Yes
Platform All
Release Echoes

Galactic Hub Calypso is a civilized space community.

Summary[ | ]

GalacticHubCalypso flags

Official flag and banner of Galactic Hub Calypso

Galactic Hub Calypso is an independent extension of the Galactic Hub civilization into the 3rd galaxy, Calypso. Galactic Hub Calypso, also known as CalHub, is located at the same coordinates as the 11 regions of the Galactic Hub in Euclid, but Calypso, a Harsh galaxy. Players who seek out this galaxy are much more likely to be greeted with Extreme environments. The Galactic Hub Calypso civilization is for those seeking the chaotic beauty not normally presented in No Man's Sky.

Mission[ | ]

This universe exists in a peculiar state; for it is not truly real until we witness it. The "known" of this universe comes solely from the players. An unknown number of star systems await to be discovered. The mission of Galactic Hub Calypso, above all else, is to tap into the potential of "unknown" space and add it to our ever-growing library of the "known."

Background[ | ]

Galactic Hub Calypso was officially established on 5 Nov 2017 as one of four post-euclid hubs of the Galactic Hub Project. The early years of the community struggled to attract new members due to the unforgiving environments associated with the Calypso galaxy. This issue was further compacted by the overall low population of players in Calypso galaxy wide. Despite these challenges, CalHub slowly persevered throughout the years. In Oct 2021, re-found interest in CalHub prompted a reboot of the community. One last final stand to weather the storm. While CalHub is closely related to the Galactic Hub Project, it is considered an independent civilization, lead by separate leadership.

Naming Convention[ | ]

Galactic Hub Calypso uses the same in-game naming guidelines as the Galactic Hub Project. Names created using these guidelines mark the system as Galactic Hub Calypso space, and can share a variety of important information in a small number of characters. Such names can be very useful to other Interlopers. See Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines for specifics.

Interloper Census[ | ]

Upon reaching Galactic Hub Calypso, the first thing you should do is sign up for our Census, for the following reasons:

  • Gives the CalHub staff an accurate idea of the size of the civilization.
  • Allows other players to more easily locate your home base(s), and what game mode it's on.

Regions Occupied[ | ]

Galactic Hub Calypso officially occupies the following 45 regions:

Click the button below to see a table of the CalHub regions:
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HUB # Region Name Coordinates Glyphs
1 Uisaor Spur 042F:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C300001F9556C30
2 The Arm of Kiffeyn 042F:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C300001F9555C30
3 Ilongl Cloud 0430:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C310001F9555C31
4 The Arm of Taticale 0430:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C310001F9556C31
5 Egerap Anomaly 0430:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C310001F9557C31
6 Wakestones Expanse 042F:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C300001F9557C30
7 Erhahn Fringe 042E:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C2F0001F9557C2F
8 Imrikians Terminus 042E:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C2F0001F9556C2F
9 Imedeili 042E:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C2F0001F9555C2F
10 Kovasu Adjunct 042F:0079:0D55:0000 0001FA556C300001FA556C30
11 Lossians Boundary 042F:0077:0D55:0000 0001F8556C300001F8556C30
12 Quverci Terminus 042E:0078:0D53:0000 0001F9554C2F0001F9554C2F
13 Wouden Adjunct 042F:0078:0D53:0000 0001F9554C300001F9554C30
14 Brambu Fringe 0430:0078:0D53:0000 0001F9554C310001F9554C31
15 Etiusin Cloud 0431:0078:0D53:0000 0001F9554C320001F9554C32
16 Birovect 0431:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C320001F9555C32
17 Yewaliteng Band 0431:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C320001F9556C32
18 Reigern 0431:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C320001F9557C32
19 Ograne Mass 0431:0078:0D57:0000 0001F9558C320001F9558C32
20 Sea of Osynet 0430:0078:0D57:0000 0001F9558C310001F9558C31
21 Joletova Boundary 042F:0078:0D57:0000 0001F9558C300001F9558C30
22 Fearfs Cluster 042E:0078:0D57:0000 0001F9558C2F0001F9558C2F
23 Savenush Instability 042D:0078:0D57:0000 0001F9558C2E0001F9558C2E
24 Qubeld Mass 042D:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C2E0001F9557C2E
25 Boquil Void 042D:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C2E0001F9556C2E
26 Dappan Anomaly 042D:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C2E0001F9555C2E
27 Kaperkel 042D:0078:0D53:0000 0001F9554C2E0001F9554C2E
28 Otusakam Spur 042F:0079:0D54:0000 0001FA555C300001FA555C30
29 Yuskyala 0430:0079:0D54:0000 0001FA555C310001FA555C31
30 Cahuij 0430:0079:0D55:0000 0001FA556C310001FA556C31
31 Itsaka Expanse 0430:0079:0D56:0000 0001FA557C310001FA557C31
32 Yehimbi 042F:0079:0D56:0000 0001FA557C300001FA557C30
33 Tesinio Expanse 042E:0079:0D56:0000 0001FA557C2F0001FA557C2F
34 Sea of Ebbeg 042E:0079:0D55:0000 0001FA556C2F0001FA556C2F
35 Trzesi Cluster 042E:0079:0D54:0000 0001FA555C2F0001FA555C2F
36 Egezesi 042F:0077:0D54:0000 0001F8555C300001F8555C30
37 Haweiweu Terminus 0430:0077:0D54:0000 0001F8555C310001F8555C31
38 Unbice Shallows 0430:0077:0D55:0000 0001F8556C310001F8556C31
39 Ockani 0430:0077:0D56:0000 0001F8557C310001F8557C31
40 Esburybur 042F:0077:0D56:0000 0001F8557C300001F8557C30
41 Ecimbar Quadrant 042E:0077:0D56:0000 0001F8557C2F0001F8557C2F
42 Zexung Fringe 042E:0077:0D55:0000 0001F8556C2F0001F8556C2F
43 Kivorsi Sector 042E:0077:0D54:0000 0001F8555C2F0001F8555C2F
44 Niumfo Fringe 042F:007A:0D55:0000 0001FB556C300001FB556C30
45 Haliwar Band 042F:0076:0D55:0000 0001F7556C300001F7556C30

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

Navigating to Galactic Hub Calypso[ | ]

Option 1 - Requires Multiplayer
Need help getting to Galactic Hub Calypso?
Inquire for a huber (taxi) in our Discord server in the #huber-services channel.
Option 2 - Requires glyphs
Jump to the center of the Euclid and Hilbert Dimension galaxies to reach the Calypso galaxy.
  • Typing in the first glyph (jellyfish/sunset) 12 times in any portal will take you very close to the center of any galaxy.
  • Go through the portal and warp to the center of Euclid and Hilbert.
  • Once in Calypso, use a portal to reach Galactic Hub Calypso.

Third Party Tools / Related Websites[ | ]

  • GH Calypso Discord - Join our discord server to interact with other members of the community and stay up-to-date with new developments in the community.
  • GH Calypso Subreddit - You can also join our dedicated subreddit
  • No Man's Sky Portals Decoder Easily convert Portal Glyphs into coordinates, and vice versa.

CALHUB Content Directory[ | ]

Fauna[ | ]

CalHub Diplo Album
Mushroom Beetles
CalHub M. Beetle Album
Rare Fauna
CalHub Rare Fauna Album

Flora & Minerals[ | ]

CalHub Flower Album
CalHub Minerals Album

Planets[ | ]

CalHub Remarkable Planets

Starships[ | ]

CalHub Starship Catalog

Multi-Tools[ | ]

CalHub Multi-Tool Catalog

Player Bases[ | ]

CalHub Base Catalog

Alliances & Subfactions[ | ]

Federation Emblem 2

Emblem for the Federation.

(Refer to Civilized space page for more info)

United Federation of Travelers[ | ]

The United Federation of Travelers , or the Federation, is an alliance of civilized space zones.

Galactic Hub Civs in Other Galaxies[ | ]

There are other Galactic Hubs in different galaxies, which are linked below.

Galactic Hub Calypso Staff[ | ]

The Galactic Hub Calypso staff, or CalHub Cabinet, is the leadership team tasked with running various projects inside CalHub.

Position title Job description Name Date started
Director Overseas all aspects of CalHub ApexFatality 29 Oct 21
Head Archivist Manages CalHub wiki pages and leads Archivist team (Vacant) N/A
Colonies Manages the Colonies program in CalHub Xirakkal 16 Oct 23
Events Coordinator Coordinates social and hubcoin events in CalHub HayleyGeek 16 Oct 23
Community Advertiser Promotes CalHub content across various NMS communities (Vacant) N/A
Exploration Lead Lead organizer for exploration of CalHub space c0de2blue52 20 Oct 23
Discord Manager Responsible for improvements to the CalHub discord server Wieder 17 Oct 23

Documented systems[ | ]

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
HUB14-1 Chigas Brambu Fringe Yellow Mass Production Korvax 4 1 Omega
HUB14-22F Ubary Brambu Fringe Blue Data Unavailable Uncharted 2 0 Omega
HUB5-38 Depend-Onda Egerap Anomaly Commercial Vy'keen 4 0 PC ExoMech
HUB7-1E9 Elusea Erhahn Fringe Prospecting Vy'keen 6 0 PC ExoMech
HUB45-159 Dadelworl Haliwar Band Yellow Mercantile Korvax 3 0 Omega
HUB45-177 Manifold Dooms Haliwar Band Yellow Mercantile Gek 4 2 Orbital
HUB45-1D6 Risen Hawaii Haliwar Band Yellow Experimental Korvax 6 0 Omega
HUB45-1EC Wimble-Has I Haliwar Band Yellow Power Generation Vy'keen 4 0 Omega
HUB45-3 Sedgeta IX Haliwar Band Yellow Manufacturing Vy'keen 4 1 Omega
HUB45-5 Megall Haliwar Band Yellow Metal Processing Vy'keen 3 1 Omega


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