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File:Euclidean Hallows Pumpkin Patch Origins 7.png|{{link|Euclidean Hallows Pumpkin Patch}}<br>This Halloween-inspired base was once a pumpkin patch. With the pumpkins now extinct, it is a historical site and seasonal Halloween attraction.
File:Euclidean Hallows Pumpkin Patch Origins 7.png|{{link|Euclidean Hallows Pumpkin Patch}}<br>This Halloween-inspired base was once a pumpkin patch. With the pumpkins now extinct, it is a historical site and seasonal Halloween attraction.
File:Gd8.jpg|[[Galaxy Donuts]]<br>The Galactic Hub's first chain restaurant, Galaxy Donuts shops and their delicious treats can be found in most of the 11 Hub regions.
File:Gd8.jpg|[[Galaxy Donuts]]<br>The Galactic Hub's first chain restaurant, Galaxy Donuts shops and their delicious treats can be found in most of the 11 Hub regions.
File:|{{link|Gojoshu Fairgrounds}}<br>The Gojoshu Fairgrounds are an amusement park and collection of mini-games, designed for social gatherings, HubCoin use, and multiplayer interactions. A sprawling lakeside park with more than 15 interactive games and attractions to explore!
File:GFGCasterCourt3.jpg|{{link|Gojoshu Fairgrounds}}<br>The Gojoshu Fairgrounds are an amusement park and collection of mini-games, designed for social gatherings, HubCoin use, and multiplayer interactions. A sprawling lakeside park with more than 15 interactive games and attractions to explore!
File:Procedural Universal Studios 3.png|{{link|Procedural Universal Studios}}<br>This base is a functional photography & movie studio with a specialization in chroma key (green screen) technology.
File:Procedural Universal Studios 3.png|{{link|Procedural Universal Studios}}<br>This base is a functional photography & movie studio with a specialization in chroma key (green screen) technology.

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This page fills the role of Embassy for the Galactic Hub Project Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization hub that is a creative addition to the game.

There are multiple game-release versions of the Galactic Hub Project embassy page.

Galactic Hub Project
Galactic Hub Project
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Uefert Nebula
Capital system Owdzangm XV
Capital planet Drogradur NO426
Coordinates 042F:0078:0D56:001B
Portal Glyphs 501BF9557C30
Size Hub-R
Type Construction, Documentation, & Profit
Founded by GalacticGeographic / 7101334 (Reddit)
Federation member Yes
Platform PS/PC/XB
Release Outlaws

The Galactic Hub Project is a civilized space community.


Official flag of the Galactic Hub.

Official in-game flag of the Galactic Hub, registered with the Federation Vexillology Department.

The Galactic Hub Project, generally referred to just as the Galactic Hub, is the largest and oldest active civilization in No Man's Sky. The core focus of the Galactic Hub is exploration and documentation, but the civilization also offers extensive multiplayer support, economic interactions, competitive PVP events, player-made content such as bases, and more. Members of the Galactic Hub are known as Interlopers, an adoption of possibly-insulting, often-used Vy'keen terminology.

The Galactic Hub officially occupies 11 regions: The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions. Inside these 11 regions, Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines are considered mandatory. Individual players and sovereign civilizations also occupy the space around the Galactic Hub, known as the Hubble Zone (which includes the "Huburbs").

The Galactic Hub's main website is the Galactic Hub subreddit (or "Hubreddit"). Our Discord server is also a core component of many player-to-player interactions, as well as general socializing. See the "Hub Links & 3rd-Party Tools" section for more official Galactic Hub websites.

Interloper Census

Upon reaching the Galactic Hub, the first thing you should do is sign up for the Interloper Census, for the following reasons:

  • Gives the Galactic Hub staff an accurate idea of the size of the civilization.
  • Allows other players to more easily locate your home base(s), and what game mode it's on.

The Galactic Hub Census will be reset every year.


  • Documentation - Clearly locate desirable ships, multi-tools, freighters, and technology; fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources; and much more. Contribute with the knowledge that you're part of a semi-scientific community and helping other Interlopers.
  • Multiplayer Elements - As the largest civilization in Euclid, the Galactic Hub is the #1 location for multiplayer interactions, whether that means seeing other players, player bases, PVP competitions (both combat & racing), parties & special events, an abundance of Communications Stations, or just frequently coming across discovered systems. Production Bases / Farms allow players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources.
  • Economy - The core component of the Galactic Hub's metagame economy is HubCoin, our native cryptocurrency. This is earned only through activity within the civilization, and is never available for purchase. Our Discord server has a "#Trades-and-Services" channel where players can request help from specific Service Roles. For example, you might request a Construction Worker to bring you large quantities of Carbon and Ferrite, or you may want to call a HUber Transport to quickly let you access a location which is too distant or which you have difficulty finding. Players can register with a certain Service Role so they will be notified when they're needed. Services can be paid for in HubCoin, Units (via valuable items like Stasis Devices or Fusion Ignitors), Nanites (via Modules), various forms of barter, or be left unpaid (at the Service Person's discretion).
  • Community - The community extends beyond the in-game multiplayer elements. Our community has created over 6,000 wiki pages, has 58,000+ Subreddit subscribers, a variety of resources (see "Hub Links & 3rd Party Tools" section), and even a Redbubble shop for Galactic Hub merchandise. More importantly than just the features, the Galactic Hub community are friendly, often very experienced Interlopers. We ask that new players do some basic research, but we're always willing to help anyone who needs it.

Naming Convention

The Galactic Hub uses a specific convention when naming solar systems, the Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines. These guidelines require that solar system names have 3 parts:

  • HUBn - The "HUB" part lets people know they're in the Galactic Hub, and the "n" represents the Region Number, from 1 - 11.
  • Solar Index Value / ### - The Solar Index Value (SIV) is the last part of a coordinate string from a Signal Booster. Each SIV appears only once per region and stays the same across updates (so far).

These two parts are combined in brackets as [HUBn-###], which functions like an abbreviated coordinate string (the region number represents the first 3 parts of a coordinate string, and the SIV represents the last part). This forms a "Hub Tag."

  • (Optional) Custom Name - Custom names, or the original procedurally-generated name, should be placed after the Hub Tag.

As Hub Tags are invaluable for navigation - they make it fairly easy to remember and repost entire coordinate strings - they are considered mandatory. Players who prefer not to use Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines should only upload systems outside the Galactic Hub's 11 regions. No naming guidelines are enforced in the Huburbs / Hubble Zone outside of the 11 Hub regions. Note that the Euclid Galactic Hub is entirely renamed & uploaded as far as systems go, but many planets, fauna, flora, etc remain undiscovered and un-uploaded.

Regions Occupied

Map of the Galactic Hub's regions by UniDestiny. The 9 regions in the middle share the same horizontal plane, with 1 region above and 1 below HUB1 / the Arm of Vezitinen.

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

HUB # Region Name Coordinates Glyphs
1 The Arm of Vezitinen 042F:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C30
2 Canthian 042F:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C30
3 Dexterf Sector 0430:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C31
4 The Arm of Katteus 0430:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C31
5 Nugsdor Adjunct 0430:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C31
6 Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C30
7 Widraik 042E:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C2F
8 Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C2F
9 Sivess Instability 042E:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C2F
10 Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0000 0001FA556C30
11 Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:0000 0001F8556C30
  • HUB1 (Arm of Vezitinen) is the core of the Hub, and can be thought of as "downtown Galactic Hub." This region has the densest concentration of discoveries and bases.
  • HUB10 (Savenix Instability) is the Embassy Region. Other civilizations should base their Embassies in this region, as close to the Black Hole as possible.
  • HUB11 (Nonlopsi Instability) is the Production Region. Interlopers constructing Crop Farms, Gas Refineries, Mining Bases, or bases which otherwise exist primarily to provide items/resources should build them in this region.

Hub Links & 3rd-Party Tools

  • Pilgrim Star Path can help players reach the Galactic Hub using traditional, "rite of passage" coordinate-and-warp-engine travel.
  • Redbubble Shop gives enthusiastic interlopers a place to purchase (real-life) Hub merchandise. Note that this doesn't include metallic Galactic Hub pins, which are produced in limited quantities.

How to Join

The glyphs to Owdzangm XV are listed below.


See Interloper's Handbook - Guide to the Galactic Hub for further guides on how to reach the Hub, how to contribute to the Hub, customs of Hub life, and more.

Content Directory

For "coordinates," include Signal Booster coordinates for systems and planets, and both Signal Booster & Visor Latitude/Longitude coordinates for planetary locations. For "image," include an image of whatever makes the location notable.


Colonies are systems (or often smaller areas, such as a single planet or even a single island) where multiple players have created bases. The Galactic Hub's largest colonies are official colonies - colonies officially sponsored by the Hub staff - but a number of smaller, unofficial colonies also exist. Any Hub citizen is welcome to start their own colony.

The colonies below are arranged (based on an estimation / educated guess) from most to least active.

Image Name Location Notes Discoverer
ZFjzhUg.jpg Drogradur NO426 Planet: Drogradur NO426;
Chrima E16 (PC)
System: Owdzangm XV
Capital Colony
The new capital planet of the Galactic Hub. A paradise planet with megafauna diplos, Drogradur NO426 is an earth-like planet with no storms and non-aggressive sentinels across all game modes.
New Bandera poster.png New Bandera Colony Planet: New Bandera
System: HUB9-144 Afimsk
New Bandera is a Wild West-themed colony. Players are encouraged to use stone (adobe) or wooden base parts. In the valley town of Valentine, PVP is always allowed. If you want to allow PVP at your base outside of Valentine, you must include "PVP" in the base name.
Olverha 1.png Dorinish

Planet: Olverha (PS4);
Red Grass No Rain Space Hawaii (Xbox);
Lamuella (PC)
System: HUB4-130 Paradise Beaks (PS4);
HUB4-130 Widget's Shaking Tail (Xbox)
Coastal Colony
The planet Olverha hosts the colony Dorinish, the Galactic Hub's fourth official colony. Inspired by Southern California, Dorinish residents live along the coastlines and are encouraged to build small-to-medium-sized homes which occupy both the land and sea. This tropical planet has many notable features, including: a species of megafauna (~6m) Mogara / Grunts, a species of rare violet flower-trees rarely seen elsewhere in-game, beautiful beaches and underwater caves, yellow bubble / lollipop grass, a Cycromys / bird species, and more. "0430:0078:0D55:0130"
jawertown; first documented by old_school_rpg
B64xl7bldkq51.png Rave Colony Planet: Lepios &
Electric Diplo Carnival
System: HUB1-1 Tepper
Use byebeat devices as much as posssible, even if it's your first time using one. Use light-up and glowing objects as much as possible. (Especially connected to your ByeBeat device so the lights strobe/flash). Build on one planet or the other, not both, to conserve space. Try to keep your base small to conserve on lag, but if you have a huge idea you must build, go for it!
7101334 & epicdude312
Stone Age Colony Hub Huts.png The Stone Age Colony: Hub Huts Planet: Cherubim
System: HUB4-B2 Sanctum of the Seraphim
Hub Huts is a Stone Age-themed colony. Players must build underground, must use at least 1 Mud Hut, must make it look generally "stone age" and natural in appearance, and must not use any technology of any kind (except the base computer).



Discovered by PSN: Dini_at_home_400; subterranean GMB discovered by LordFrobozz; colony opened by 7101334.
New Pompeii.png New Pompeii Planet: HUB1-22A Necouvern;
Space Australia (PC)
System: HUB1-22A Garou
Come bathe in the pyroclastic flows of New Pompeii!
HUB6-7C.png Exotic Planet: Various planets
System: HUB6-7C Elovr
Exotic System
The HUB6-7C Elovr system is home to 4 different exotic planets, providing an excellent opportunity for colonization or gathering exotic-specific base decorations. Rattle Spines, Electric Cubes, Bubble Clusters, and Ossified Stars are all available in this system.
Uploaded by PS4: Toby_Johansson
First documented by g5457s
Coyllee Cave Rest Stop.jpg Coyllee Planet: Coyllee
System: Metroyal, a booming Vy'keen system in the Huburb Srbija region, neighboring the Sivess Instability (HUB9).
Coylee has beautiful, massive, and unique cave systems that are richly ornate, and originate at mouths of rivers, canyons, and surface gaps. It's a sun-drenched, tropical world, with no storms, chill sentinels, and giant flying mantises and crabs. There are no terrestrial predators. The planet is resplendent with red rivers, lakes and massive seas, and these waters permeate the planet's winding, endless cavern systems that are frequently navigable by Nautilon. Coylee also features forests that look like they were transplanted from Where The Wild Things, The system features a T1 barrel fighter that spawns as an S class. Surveys indicate Coyllee has a settlement of 20+ Interlopers on PC, 2 on PS4, and 2 on XBox.
Discovered by Chaoz` (PC).
First documented by ardyalligan (PC) and Zergling924 (PC). First settled by CaptainJoey (Hub Discord, PS4)
Unea City Colony.jpg Unea City Colony Planet: Unea Prime
System: HUB1-83 Siri
Unea City Colony is an open community located on a dead planet in order to test the limits of Beyond-era community base building.

A Modern wonder of Spires and Towers!


Minor Unofficial Colonies Various


Production Bases (Farms, etc)

If any Production Bases are visited and cannot be located, please message the listed architect. If they do not reply for 7+ days, or reply and indicate they demolished/removed the base, please remove it from the list below.

Image Base Name Production Type Harvest Location
& Game Mode
Carbon Warehouse-2.jpg The Carbon Warehouse
Dozens of Carbon Planters for an Interloper's basic building needs. Located in HUB11-204
Depot 7,500+ Carbon 042F:0077:0D55:0204
Normal mode
CB farm Hub9-3.jpg Illusion of Symmetry HUB9 CB Farm
36 Circuit Board farm in HUB9-1FB.
Depot Star Bulb, Frostwort, Solar Vine, Cactus Flesh 042E:0078:0D54:01FB
Normal mode
Smaugsden-cactus.jpg Smaug's Den
Large depot farms spread across multiple planets in a single Huburb system.
Depot Frostwort, Solar Vine, Gamma Root, & Fungal Mould
(Exact quantity unknown - thousands)
(Huburb region Nudryorob Fringe)
HUBB5CB1.jpg GWK Agronomy
A series of affiliated farms in the Nonlopsi Instability (HUB11) region.
Farms, Depots, & Refineries Frostwort, Solar Vine, Cactus Flesh, Star Bulb, Coprite, Gamma Root, Nitrogen, Sulphurine, Radon
(Exact quantity unknown - thousands)
Various in HUB11 Nonlopsi Instability region
Haze Valley Farm 3.png Haze Valley Farm
Home to the universe's largest outdoor NipNip crop & more.
Depot NipNip Buds
(Approximately 550 NipNip plants)
New Avalon
New Beijing
New Detroit (*)
New Petra (*)
Circuit Boards (x32)
Liquid Explosive (x32)
Living Glass (x32)
Various materials & gases
Hive Key Image.png The Hive Farm
Copper (x5000+)
Crops (50+ each)
NipNip, FrostwortSolar Vine, Cactus Flesh, Star Bulb,
Gamma Root, Fungal Mould, Venom Urchin, Gravito Host,
Carbon, Album Pearl, Mordite, Faecium
HUB10-6A Icarus Sun
Eniwa 68/L3
Tavis Spaceport Farm
Rusty Metal (7000+)
Oxygen (7000+)
Crops (50+ each)
NipNip, Frostwort, Solar Vine, Cactus Flesh, Star Bulb,
Gamma Root, Fungal Mould, Venom Urchin, Gravito Host,
Carbon, Album Pearl, Mordite, Faecium
HUB10-6A Icarus Sun
Shut Yo collage.png
COSTANZA FARMS Community Farms///3 planets, 3 farms Living Glass (x44), Circuit Board (x45), Liquid Explosive (x40) [HUB10-1E8] COSTANZA FARMS



Blacks AI Mine.png
Black's AI Mine Activated Indium 155,000 Act. Ind. [HUB8-E9] Baritt-Flit XI 042E:0078:0D55:00E9 00E9F9556C2F BlackCatLair
Titter2 AI mine.png
Titter2's AI Mine Activated Indium 350,250 Act. Ind. [HUB8-1F5] Bosonu 042E:0078:0D55:01F5 01F5F9556C2F Titter2
Ging's AI Tower.png Ging’s AI Tower Activated Indium 101,250 Act. Ind.

Rate: 4,995/hr

[HUB10-17D] Beppuma-Rutsey
Samat 45/A3

Production Colonies

Production Colonies are similar to standard Colonies in that they are localized gatherings of multiple bases. While standard Colonies are focused on a sense of community, showing off your building skills, and visiting neighbors' bases, Production Colonies are focused on extracting resources from planets in a cooperative fashion.

Image Name Location Resources & Other Notes Discoverer
GH Supply Depot System.png Galactic Hub Supply Depot System
(Xbox, normal

PC, normal)

HUB3-066 Neisomu-Reha
Shime Base: Copper, Sodium, Phosphorus, Solanium
Nagbornem Base: Pyrite, Copper, Salt, Oxygen, Echinocactus
Adsto Beta Base: Silver, Faecium, Copper
Omse Prime Base: Uranium, Silver, Radon, Gamma Root
Deborn V Base: Ammonia, Nitrogen, Silver, Fungal Mould
Plutt J7 Base: Cobalt, Oxygen, Dioxite

Community Bases (Non-Production)


275850 20201106153826 1.png
F. Cloudhyaea (6.9m)
Discoverer: ApexFatality

T. Quintalneae Asymmetric.jpg
T. Quintalneae (5.0m)
Discoverer: A Mustaikis

Erik (D. Paneth.) (2.4m)
Discoverer: Phaedrus29


See Galactic Hub Ship Hunters and their Galactic Hub Starship Catalog for more.


See Galactic Hub Freighter Catalog for more.


TP GreenTubes.jpg
Touch of the Dance
S Class - Rifle - 24
Discoverer: TPHaze
S/r on planet Ueli and go to (+56.02, -121.57)

Spacetime Entangler Y58M-6S Cab.jpg
Spacetime Entangler
S Class - Rifle - 24
Discoverer: TPHaze
S/r on Gujo 35/E2, then fly to Sicuyth (+12.59, +79.22)

No Man's Sky Screenshot 2021.10.28 -
Theory of the Night
S Class - Rifle - 24
Discoverer: liftheavy2003
T2 - S/r on Esoso, fly to (-51.45, +174.72)

Multiplayer Content Overview


Colonies are localized settlements of multiple player bases. Colonies may occupy a single island, a single solar system, or any amount of space in-between. Some colonies are "free-form" where any players may join and build at whatever location they'd like, others have designated landmasses to build on, and others still have coordinated settlement maps where players must settle at specific planetary coordinates.

See Colonies section for more info.

Competitive Events

See the Star League section.



HubCoin is the Galactic Hub's Native Currency and the backbone of its metagame economy. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Goerli Ethereum Testnet; it does not exist in-game. The full details are available in the link, but to summarize a few key points:

  • HubCoin is never available for purchase, it is exclusively available as a reward for player activity within the Galactic Hub. Anyone found to be selling or purchasing HubCoin in exchange for real money - whether USD, GBP, crypto, or any other currency with real-world monetary value - will have their address blacklisted from interacting with HubCoin.
  • The above rule is currently the only restriction on HubCoin use. Aside from that one exception, it is your property/value to use however you want, and can never be taken away from you by Galactic Hub staff.
  • Some recommended ways to use HubCoin are redeeming prizes from GH Staff, paying other interlopers in exchange for goods or services, shopping on the Galactic Hub Marketplace, tipping them small amounts in exchange for information / help, betting on GH Star League events, paying competitive-event entry fees which are collectively put into prize pools for the winner(s), or even using your HubCoin to pay employees and start your own business.
  • HubCoin is earned through monthly distribution events by posting new threads/images/links in the Galactic Hub subreddit; posting in the Discord server; using this Wiki as a member of the Galactic Hub; and posting on Twitter using the #GalacticHub hashtag. It can also be earned through interactions with other interlopers, claiming bounties on known hostile players (GH Defense Force only), claiming bounties on high-value fauna, competing in competitive events, and participating in special events. You must fill out a registration form to qualify for monthly distribution.
  • HubCoin may be used anywhere in No Man's Sky, there are no rules stipulating you must only use it within Galactic Hub space.


Services are the jobs / careers of the Galactic Hub civilization. Services serve two primary functions: to allow players to request help in a direct way from other players, and to allow players who respond to those requests to be rewarded/paid. Services are conducted through the "#Trades-and-Services" channel of the Galactic Hub Discord.

The process of requesting a Service is as follows:

  • Enter the "#Trades-and-Services" channel of the Galactic Hub Discord.
  • Begin your message with a ping/tag for the Service Role which you need assistance from. For example, if you needed a HUber Transport, you would start your message with "@HUber Captain".
  • In the rest of your message, explain the details of what service you need. Always include your Game Mode. Always include your location (via Signal Booster coordinates and/or Portal glyphs) if location is relevant.
  • Wait for a Service Person to reply to your request. They will ping/tag you directly.
  • Work out the details (including payment details) with the Service Person. Once an agreement is reached, proceed with the Service as requested.

List of Services

  • Architect - Architects can construct bases for you, either by joining your party or (on PS4) via Share Play. Architects may also offer input or renovations on existing bases. Architects are tasked primarily with the structure of a base; see the "Interior Designer" role for a greater focus on furniture, etc.
  • Construction Material Supplier - Construction Material Suppliers supply large quantities of Carbon and Ferrite, and may or may not offer additional construction supplies as well. Although they may be willing to help with projects, a Construction Material Supplier's main service is offering resources, not helping to build a base.
  • Electrician - Similar to an Architect, an Electrician can help you construct your base but with a specific focus on wiring, whether it be wiring complex mechanisms or just running the wires so they're as invisible as possible.
  • Financial Agent - Financial Agents have a straightforward job: you give them money, and they turn it into more money by using it to craft products, etc. You can also choose to trust them with your HubCoin. They profit by keeping some of the money they earn, or may request other forms of payment such as barter.
  • Fuel Delivery - Fuel Deliverers operate primarily in Survival and Permadeath, bringing Starship Launch Fuel to players who find themselves effectively trapped by storms or other conditions.
  • HUber Captain - HUber Captains are tasked primarily with moving players to the Hub by use of the "Join Party" function, and with moving players around the Galactic Hub (and Hubble Zone in general) with their freighters and navigation skill. If you need to reach a specific location, or need help getting to the Galactic Hub, just call a HUber.
  • Interior Designer - Interior Designers focus on the placement of furniture, decals, lights, and other objects within the interior spaces of a base (as well as "lawn/patio furniture" and similar focuses). Like Architects, they can help you build a base from the start or renovate/offer input on an existing base, and work either through the party function or Share Play.
  • Investor - Investors offer start-up funds or resources for other businesses, and are unique in that they may accept (or even require) a percentage of your businesses's earnings in the future rather than more standard payment methods.

If you can think of a Service role which is not currently supported, please suggest it to 7101334. Not all suggestions will be applied, but they will all be discussed by the Council.

How to Register for / Retire from a Service Role

Services are handled through the Galactic Hub Discord. After joining the Discord, navigate to the "#bots" channel, and post the command associated with the role (from the list below) in the chat. Your role will automatically be assigned, and you will be notified whenever someone posts in the "#trades-and-services" channel requesting help from your role. You may sign up for multiple roles.

Commands: !architect !construction !designer !electrician !financial !fuel !huber !investor

If you want to retire from a Service, ask any Discord Moderator (Sentinel) to remove your role.

Payment Methods

Service may be paid for in a variety of ways.

  • HubCoin: Players can pay with HubCoin (details in the section above) directly by transferring it to another player's Wallet. HubCoin may be preferable to Units, Nanites, or Barter because there is no way to produce it through duping, save editing, or other "less legitimate" means. It can also be redeemed for prizes not available otherwise. It may be preferable to Service for mutual ease of use. However, some Galactic Hub citizens may not be familiar with how to use HubCoin since it is not a part of the game itself.
  • Units Units.png: Players can pay with Units indirectly by transferring items of appropriate value. For example, for a lower-value trade you might transfer a Larval Core, while for a more high-value trade, you might transfer 25 Stasis Devices. The "exchange value" of any items traded for this purpose is always the Galactic Average displayed in the pause menu - the local prices of Space Stations / Trade Posts are irrelevant, whether higher or lower.
  • Nanites: Players can pay with Nanites indirectly by transferring modules of appropriate value. A lower-value trade might see a B-Class Module traded, while a high-value trade could see 5 S-Class Modules transferred as payment. Platinum, Hadal Cores, and other items/resources can also be refined into Nanites. The "exchange value" of any items traded for this purpose is always the value at the space station where the trade was conducted, as a Galactic Average value is not displayed for Nanites.
  • Barter: Players can pay with items meant more for crafting, construction, technology, or other purposes besides indirect transfer of Units/Nanites.
  • Service: Some Service People may accept, or even request/require, other Services as payment. For example, an Investor might offer to invest 300 million Units.png in your business if you work as a Construction Material Supplier for them for 4 gameplay sessions.


Individuals who are found to have intentionally defrauded other players will be banned from participating in any Services, and may be banned from the Hub if they haven't contributed much to the community. However, their address will not be blacklisted from use of HubCoin unless they violated the "no exchanging for real-world value currencies" rule.

Historically, in multiple years of using this Service System, this has not been an issue.

Government & Civilized Space Interactions

Government Structure

The Galactic Hub is directed primarily by Founder / Director 7101334, who is advised by the Galactic Hub Council. Security Officer MrJordanMurphy acts as second in command. Post-Euclid Directors (leaders of Galactic Hub Hilbert, Calypso, Budullangr, & Eissentam) have near-complete authority over their civilizations, with some exceptions such as coordinates, naming guidelines, use of subreddit/wiki, and emblem. Post-Euclid Galactic Hubs are technically overseen by 7101334 but, in practice, they are mostly autonomous after they are established. Directors of the various GH Chapters also operate with a high degree of autonomy, largely deciding how their chapter should operate.

The Galactic Hub is not interested in hostile interactions with other civilizations ('wars').


Emblem for the Federation.

(Refer to Civilized space page for more info)

The Galactic Hub Foreign Ministry is the diplomatic arm of the Galactic Hub, focused on fostering positive relations with other civilizations and constructing embassies in foreign space.

United Federation of Travelers

The Galactic Hub is a founding member of the United Federation of Travelers alliance, a longstanding alliance of most of No Man's Sky's largest civilizations. Since the Federation was established, the Galactic Hub's Ambassadors have been some of the more active participants. Through the Federation, the Hub has expanded ties with groups like the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and Cafe 42, two of the other largest civilizations in-game.

Hubble Cooperative

The Hubble Cooperative is a non-binding, ungoverned alliance of civilizations within the Hubble Zone: 1-2 maximum freighter warps (about 5,000-6,000ly) of the Galactic Hub's core region. The purpose of the Hubble Cooperative is to encourage as many sovereign civilizations to exist within close proximity as possible, with the goal of mutually increased traffic and easier access to inter-civilizational discoveries.

The Galactic Hub and Alliance of Galactic Travellers (AGT), the two largest civilizations in the game, are based around this zone.

Benefits of Alliance

The Galactic Hub extends certain benefits to civilizations which are either Federation members or located in the Hubble Zone:

  • Economic Assistance - Your civilizations' leaders can request economic assistance from the Galactic Hub as needed.
  • Embassy Construction - A Galactic Hub architect will create an embassy base and (if desired/applicable) build an embassy base within your space. Embassies provide a show of support and respect from the Galactic Hub, as well as providing a point of interest for travelers.


"Chapters" are official organizations within the Galactic Hub which perform a specific function designed to benefit the community.

GH Builders Guild (GHBG)

The Galactic Hub Builders Guild (GHBG) is a GH chapter dedicated to creating public bases for Hub colonies, special events, and major projects. The GHBG creates builds, assists other GH chapters with building needs, researches and develops new building techniques, helps train interested builders, and catalogues Hub builds. Lead by Director Brutus, the GHBG oversees the creation of major monuments from PvP arenas to diplomatic embassies.

GH Defense Force (GHDF)

The Galactic Hub Defense Force (GHDF) is a GH chapter dedicated to policing the Galactic Hub, maintaining peace outside the Hub as appropriate (particularly during weekend events and at crucial update sites like the Living Ship planet), and occasionally intelligence gathering or other military applications. Lead by Head Security Officer MrJordanMurphy, the GHDF has gained both widespread fame among the legitimate community and infamy among trolls and would-be disruptors. GHDF Officers have official uniforms, training events, private communications channels, and more to facilitate their peacekeeping mission.

GHDF membership is strict. Generally, only well-established members of the Galactic Hub community are accepted as Officers. 450+ have applied but only ~110 have been accepted.

(Note that the GHDF and Galactic Hub Security Office are distinct and separate organizations, although there is collaboration.)

GH Exobiology Corps (GHEC)

The Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps (GHEC) is a GH chapter dedicated to exploration, discovery, and documentation of fauna, with a particular focus on rare species within the Galactic Hub's borders. Led by Chief Research Officer Phaedrus29, the GHEC has already thoroughly documented many species and furthered scientific understanding of fauna in general (such as with this post on r/NMS_Academia).

GH Geological Surveyors (GHGS)

The Galactic Hub Geological Surveyors (GHGS) is a GH chapter dedicated to locating S or A-class hotspots, mineral deposits, and gas clouds within the Galactic Hub. Led by LtGing, THE_PILOT_HAZE, and AkimaPrime, their work will be of direct and immediate benefit to the formation of new mining sites, colonies, individual player bases, and more.

GH Ship Hunters (GHSH)

The Galactic Hub Ship Hunters (GHSH) is a GH chapter dedicated to exploration, discovery, and documentation of starships, freighters and multitools. Led by Brigantine ApexFatality, the GHSH continues a longstanding tradition in the Galactic Hub of locating and documenting desirable possessions for other players. In this, they are the successors to one of the oldest benefits of the Galactic Hub, one which predates any sort of "conventional" multiplayer features.

GH Star League (GHSL)

The Galactic Hub Star League (or just Star League for short) is the competitive simulation sports organization sponsored by the Galactic Hub, led by Grimr0c, AugmentEcho, and MrSllim. "Simulation Sports" is the umbrella category for any form of live-multiplayer or time-trial-based competitive event in No Man's Sky, such as mutually-agreed-upon player-versus-player (PVP) battles, exocraft racing, on-foot racing, starship battles, and many other possible events. Star League events are hosted in Normal mode on all platforms.

GH Treasury Department (GHTD)

The Galactic Hub Treasury Department (GHTD) is an official legislative and executive department tasked with ensuring the smooth functioning of the HubCoin economy, led by Kaboom443.

Canon References

The Galactic Hub has been added to the game in various ways and was also a part of the Waking Titan ARG. That means the Galactic Hub is canon in the NMS universe!

History & Press References

See Timeline - Galactic Hub.


While all Interlopers contribute to the Galactic Hub with their presence alone, some members have stepped up to take on specific tasks and/or fill specific roles within the Galactic Hub's structured leadership.

Platform & Galaxy Directors

Galaxy Directors in the Galactic Hub are the main points of authority within a galaxy, making the "final calls" for that galaxy's Galactic Hub. Post-Euclid Directors are generally limited only in civilization location, emblem, and naming guidelines.

Platform Directors coordinate operations across an entire platform (PS4, PC, XBox).

  • 7101334 - Founder, PS4 Director, Euclid Director
  • Pahefu - Co-Founder, Hilbert Director

Division Directors

Division Directors in the Galactic Hub are the primary individuals tasked with running specific sectors and organizations within the Galactic Hub.

  • Security Director: MrJordanMurphy - Security Director is tasked with implementing measures to ensure continued peace within the Galactic Hub and, at request, other Hubble-based civilizations. This includes running the GHDF as the Head Security Officer.
  • Colonial Development Director: ardyalligan - The Colonial Development Director is tasked with managing and promoting new colonies within the Galactic Hub. This includes coordinating with multiple divisions to ensure that locations are scouted and plots assigned to increase tourism destinations within the Hub.
  • Construction Director: BlackCat / nmskibbles / Brutus - The Construction Directors are tasked with recruiting and training builders to make interesting architecture within the Galactic Hub. This includes running the GHBG.
  • Wildlife Director: Phaedrus29 - The Wildlife Director is tasked with discovering and catologing fauna found in the Galactic Hub. This includes running the GHEC as the Chief Research Officer.
  • Utilities Director: TPHaze - The Utilities Director is tasked with discovering and catologing Geological hotspots and mineral deposits found in the Galactic Hub. This includes running the GHGS as the Chief Geological Officer.
  • Transportation Director: ApexFatality - The Transportation Director is tasked with discovering and catologing ships and freighters found in the Galactic Hub. This includes running the GHSH as the Brigantine.
  • Star League Director: Grimr0c - The Star League officer helps coordinate plans, construct bases, contact athletes, and otherwise generally be the main contact in making Galactic Hub Star League events happen.
  • Media Director: MrJordanMurphy - The media officer is tasked with coordinating and distributing content made by the Galactic Hub's Hosts. It will include managing a YouTube account, and reviewing and approving content to be uploaded. This will include recruiting personalities and talent to create content as hosts for the hub.

Galactic Hub Council

The majority of the remaining Galactic Hub staff are the members of the Galactic Hub Council.

Note that all previously listed Staff are also members of the Council.

Council Members:

Moderators, Ambassadors, & Additional Staff

Moderators coordinate Galactic Hub websites.

  • Reddit Moderators: 7101334, AndyKrycek6, DesignationG, MrJordanMurphy, Malorn44, Old_school_rpg, ApexFatality
  • Discord Moderators: Nyctae#7507, alexo1001#7653, MrJordanMurphy#1004, Rusyn#9295, Blackcat#7349, Just_Kew#2650

Ambassadors vote on behalf of the Galactic Hub in the United Federation of Travelers.

  • Euclid Ambassadors: 7101334, AndyKrycek6, MrJordanMurphy
  • Hilbert Ambassadors: Pahefu
  • Calypso Ambassadors: ApexFatality
  • Budullangr Ambassadors: IlContePier
  • Eissentam Ambassadors: Seyurie, VertSkiy (AirosRhyner), KinG-Asssassin