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This article was documented by the Galactic Hub.


The Galactic Hub Ship Hunters is the Galactic Hub's vessel research organization.


The Galactic Hub Ship Hunters is the official vessel research subdivision of the Galactic Hub Project dedicated to exploration, discovery, and documentation of Starships, Freighters, Multi-tools and Derelict Freighters.


The mission of the Galactic Hub Ship Hunters (GHSH) is to:

  • Discover Starships, Freighters and Multi-tools within the borders of the Galactic Hub Project in Euclid and Galactic Hub Eissentam.
  • To gather the necessary information (screenshots, ship names, coordinates, economy level, etc) for proper wiki documentation on the appropriate Catalogs below.
  • To share such discoveries and documentation with the citizens of the Galactic Hub for their enjoyment and use via NMSGalacticHub on Reddit, the Discord server, Twitter, and whatever other methods the Galactic Hub Council sees fit to implement.

Joining the Galactic Hub Ship Hunters[]

First, complete the GHSH Volunteer Form.

After filling out the GHSH Volunteer Form, the Director of the GHSH, ApexFatality, will examine your volunteer application and, if possible, evaluate your wiki skills and any other relevant information.

The goal of the application process is to analyze your proficiency in wiki documentation and your in-game knowledge of ship and multitool mechanics. Your skills will not weigh heavily on whether or not you are accepted, but are a determining factor.

After an application is processed, applicants may be contacted directly in periods of few applications, or notified en masse via a Reddit thread notifying applicants in periods of many applications.

Featured Starships[]

See the album below for a sample of popular ship models which are treasured by members of the NMS community.

GHSH Featured Starships Catalog


Starships Galactic Hub Starship Catalog
Starships in Euclid Hub space

Galactic Hub Freighter Catalog
Freighters in Euclid Hub space

Galactic Hub Multi-tool Catalog
Multi-tools in Euclid Hub space

Crashed Ships
Galactic Hub Crashed Ship Catalog
Crashed ships in Euclid Hub space

Derelict Freighter
Galactic Hub Derelict Freighter Catalog
Derelict Freighters in Euclid Hub space

Galactic Hub Eissentam (EisHub) Branch[]

Official logo of the Galactic Hub Eissentam.




Naming Discoveries[]

GHSH members will know and properly employ Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines during the course of their exploration. Not all systems are required to be uploaded but it is strongly advised that any system in which a discovery is made be properly named and cataloged.

GHSH Wiki Page Counter[]

84 starships on the wiki have documented by the GHSH.

  • 19 Exotics
  • 15 Explorers
  • 32 Fighters
  • 11 Haulers
  • 2 Shuttles

47 multitools on the wiki have documented by the GHSH.

  • 20 Aliens
  • 20 Experimentals
  • 4 Pistols
  • 3 Rifles

Below is a breakdown on how many wiki pages each GHSH Hunter has created.

Name Starships Multitools
ApexFatality 12 1
Phaedrus29 2 15
TPHaze 1 18
Docteurmccoy 11 1
Jazzmine 19 0
Lenni 14 7
BlackCatLair 1 1
liftheavy2003 22 3
TerriblePurpose 0 1
ardyalligan 0 2
YucaFrita 1 0

Hierarchy / Rank System[]

The GHSH is organized into a hierarchical rank structure. Rank names are based on historical sailing ships size's and types and are as follows:

  1. Barque (BAR): This rank is reserved for the Director of the Galactic Hub. The Barque maintains authority over the GHSH, and has final say over all exploration and research endeavors.
  2. Brigantine (BRG): This hunter is the Director of the GHSH. The Brigantine is responsible for all vessel matters relating to the Galactic Hub and oversees all GHSH operations. This rank will run the day-to-day operations of the GHSH, and serves as the intermediary between the Barque and the rest of the GHSH.
  3. Vice Brigantine (VBRG): This hunter is the Assistant Director of the GHSH. The Vice Brigantine assists the Brigantine with running the day-to-day operations of the GHSH.
  4. Schooner (SH4): These hunters possess expert knowledge of the game's ship and multitool mechanics. They are able to create, edit, and maintain GHSH wiki pages. They have made great contributions to the GHSH and are active members in the GHSH community.
  5. Ketch (SH3): These hunters have general knowledge of the game's ship and multitool mechanics. They are proficient in discovering and wiki documenting their own discoveries with little oversight.
  6. Cutter (SH2): These are hunters who have not yet demonstrated an ability to properly wiki document their own discoveries. However, they are proficient at finding and noting the location of their discoveries to pass along for wiki documentation.
  7. Sloop (SH1): These are recruits who have not yet received training in proper wiki documentation and/or the discovery of ships and multitools. This is considered a trial rank and new members can dropped from the GHSH for inactivity reasons.

Researcher Registry[]


Reddit Discord Playstation Network ID Rank Date of GHSH Acceptance Officer Number
7101334 7101334#0228 Syn1334 (BAR) 2020/01/27 1
old_school_rpg old_school_rpg#7219 bigdcaughman (SH4) 2020/01/27 3
swampcastlenms swampcastlenms#2919 swampcastle (SH4) 2020/02/10 8
docteurmccoy docteurmccoy#8357 docteurmccoy (SH2) 2020/02/11 10
TPHaze TPHaze#7797 TPHaze12 (SH4) 2020/05/27 14
Phaedrus29 Phaedrus29#0302 Phaedrus29 (SH2) 2020/07/29 21
arnaubalo arnaubalo#5845 arnaudbalo (SH3) 2020/08/7 23
GalaxyInTheSky GalaxyInTheSky#4912 JasonAnthonyW (SH1) 2020/10/20 30
H-Bomb2400 h-bomb2400#4412 Boo24P (SH1) 2020/10/21 31
Timely_Resolution_42 MagTheRed#0751 MagnusTheRed (PSN) (SH1) 2021/04/03 39


Reddit Discord XBox Live ID Rank Date of GHSH Acceptance Officer Number
BlackCatLair BlackCat [XB]#7349 BlackCatLair (SH4) 2020/01/27 2
ApexFatality Apex Fatality#9642 ApexFatality93 (BRG) 2020/01/27 4
Titter2 Titter2#0722 Titter2 (SH2) 2020/02/16 12
VitaIncerta666 nineinchwhalez#5656 nineinchwhalez (SH1) 2020/10/18 25
liftheavy2003 liftheavy2003#7169 FiredForumla63 (SH2) 2020/10/20 28
CorntheLlama CorntheLlama#7036 CorntheLlama (SH1) 2020/10/20 29
Lucky_r0bot Lucky_r0bot#3911 Lucky R0bot (SH1) 2021/04/03 41
Publicspastaslad69 Pineapple_enthusiast#6155 TP4AU (SH1) 2021/04/03 42


Username (Reddit, etc) Discord Steam ID Rank Date of GHSH Acceptance Officer Number
ardyalligan ardyalligan#1256 ardyalligan (SH4) 2020/02/10 6
Aramil__Nailo AramiNailo#9937 Butcher (SH1) 2020/05/27 15
Jazzmine Jazzmine#8785 Jazzmine (SH3) 2020/07/08 17
TerriblePurpose TerriblePurpose#6463 TerriblePurpose (SH2) 2020/07/21 20
Flexifyyy CreepyUncle#2581 Flexify (SH1) 2020/10/18 24
MaraSargon Sargon The Grape#1398 Sargon The Grape (SH1) 2020/10/18 26
YucaFritaConSalsa YucaFrita#8150 YucaFrita (VBRG) 2020/10/19 27
ElCapoChino93 ElCapoChino#8781 ElCapoChino (SH3) 2020/11/01 32
Viper0108 Viper#8780 Viper (SH1) 2020/11/22 33
N/A Geidi#1762 Oado (SH1) 2020/11/23 34
grimgore2 grimgore2#1125 969rob (SH3) 2020/11/25 35
Rafowler1001 Randy#7651 rafowler1001 (SH1) 2021/01/25 36
Lenni009 Lenni#4423 Lenni (SH3) 2021/01/31 37
beatmymeatman biotic#6536 Biotic (SH1) 2021/03/30 38
KneeHiSniper Kneehisniper#8670 Vapingcerberus (SH1) 2021/04/03 40

Current Missions and Assignments[]

SMOL Shuttle

This section is maintained by YucaFritaConSalsa

SMOL Shuttle Search[]

Euclid Hub page still has open spots in the top 9 at page Galactic Hub Shuttles

Eissentam Hub now has 9 Smol Shuttles registered but you can still get in the TOP 9 register! For that you need to find a "smoler" one, that is below handicap 7. Check the page: EisHub Shuttles


Go hunt for Smols!

EisHub HUB2 Exotics mapping[]

Mysterious Exotics awaiting to be discovered

Refer to page: EisHub Exotics

Systems below require identification of their Exotics. A full entry in the catalogue are required to accomplish this mission. The required data is:

  • front picture with glyphs
  • side picture with glyphs (preferred)
  • Back picture without glyphs (preferred)

The pictures should be taken in conditions allowing for correct interpretation of hull color, decoration material (gold or silver) and if present, the decoration sign (example: bubbles)

  • Procedural Name of the ship
  • System economy (★ or ★★ or ★★★)
  • Name of original discover (with Discord/Wiki/Reddit link if available)

System Tag Glyphs Ship Hunter name Status
HUB2-3 (Hinjuk XIX) 0003F9555C30 YucaFritaConSalsa Done
HUB2-6 (Urihamama) 0006F9555C30 YucaFritaConSalsa Done
[HUB2-11] Okyotana 0011F9555C30 open Pending
HUB2-12 (Aioike-Ranyev XII) 0012F9555C30 open Pending
HUB2-15 (Tendair-Japi) 0015F9555C30 open Pending
HUB2-23 (Onmatsu-Dudulv) 0023F9555C30 open Pending

EisHub derelict freighter research[]

One of the derelict freighters to be checked

Refer to page: EisHub derelicts

Systems below require identification of their stats. The frigate fuel stat, as well as the hyperdrive range upgrades are required to accomplish this mission. The required data is:

  • Hyperdrive upgrade module stat
  • Frigate fuel module stat

Note: The fuel stat is a different upgrade than the hyperdrive module, looking similar to a jetpack upgrade.

This is in the Eissentam galaxy. You need to be in that galaxy to hunt those pics with below glyphs.

System Tag Glyphs Ship Hunter name Status
HUB7-63 (Floston Inc.) 1063F9557C2F open Pending
HUB7-1C7 Meramst-Rakoi 11C7F9557C2F open Pending
HUB7-1D8 Teleyndapj 11D8F9557C2F open Pending
HUB7-1EB Odfangel XI 01EBF9557C2F open Pending
HUB7-1E9 Potumini 11E9F9557C2F open Pending
HUB7-5C (Olhelm-Amur) 005CF9557C2F open Pending