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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
Galactic Trade Terminal
Galactic Trade Terminal
Electronic access to the galactic markets
Category Technology
Type Terminal
Complexity 10
Power usage 15 kPs
Updated Origins

A Galactic Trade Terminal provides access to the Galactic Market.


Galactic Market terminal

A Galactic Trade Terminal provides access to the Galactic Market; where a player can trade, sell, and purchase items.

Terminals of this type are found on space stations, and various Point of Interest locations on a planet. They provide quick electronic access to galactic markets where items of various types may be bought or sold on the open market.

Players can build these terminals on a base or freighter.

Game description[]

A trading terminal that provides instant local access to the market for resources and products.



A player may choose to interact with a terminal using the interaction button on their controller or keyboard. The first step is to choose whether to sell items to the network, or buy them from the network. Once this selection has been made, the items are displayed in a list. Switching target inventories, as well as buying and selling, can be done with the respective keybind displayed above the item list. For each item, the following details and functions are displayed:

  • name of the resource or tradeable
  • price value in units at the current location
  • units difference from the galactic average
  • text description of the planned transaction (example: "Sell 13 for 1540 units")
  • arrow icons to decrease or increase the number to be sold or purchased

If the cursor is moved over an item, a tooltip will display additional information about that item.


All Terminals[]

Every terminal will have these offerings:

Space Station Terminals[]

Possible Offerings[]

The following goods will occasionally appear for sale in trade terminals.

  • Tier 2-5 marketed Tradeables specific to the economy of the current system


Galactic Trade Terminal can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

The blueprint can be learned by completing an Overseer quest, or purchased on Space Anomaly at the Construction Research Station.

Additional information[]


  • Goods availability are bound to the current freighter spawn in a system.
  • If a resource sells out, it will begin to slowly restock, although the restocking is not shown in real time while using the terminal, but will be shown when closing and reopening the terminal offerings.


  • The Terminal can only be placed on an inner wall of a powerable structure, such as inside a Cylindrical Room, Square Room, Cuboid Room or inside a Freighter. It cannot be placed on any unpowered surface, such as a basic wood, concrete, or metal wall, nor any other surface that naturally exists in the game.
  • Terminals can be constructed on your capital ship/Freighter.
  • There is a limit of 10 terminals per base (although Short-Range Teleporters can be used as a workaround to enable access to terminals from additional locations throughout the base).
  • Galactic Trade Terminals will occur on a planet at all Trading Posts, Minor Settlements, Colossal Archives, as well as procedurally generated as stand alone Point of Interest terminals accompanied by a Waypoint.

Crashing the market[]

Prices of a product will decrease if you sell to a terminal, and then slowly return to normal. They will not change if you buy, or if you sell to a pilot NPC at a space station or a trading post.

Crashing a market involves selling large amounts of any material or trade commodity and buying it back at the prices reduced up to 80%. The best commodity to use for crashing a market is by far Cobalt. At ~200 units per item it is valuable enough, and every Space station sells it. This is important, because you can only buy back the commodity that a current terminal sells. The big advantage of Cobalt is that you can mine sufficient amount to start market crashing in caves on your starting planet. 2,000 is the minimum amount recommended, although you will have some gains from as little as 1,000. When the Cobalt amount at your disposal increases to 10,000 (one full stack), you will get ~1.6M Units.png by selling this stack and buying it back.

After the Star system market is crashed, you may be able to buy additional amounts of Cobalt from NPCs landing in the Space station. By quickly jumping between Space stations and crashing the Cobalt market it is possible to earn up to 4 billion Units.png in less than 24 hours of game time, and completely upgrade your Exosuit storage at the same time. Adding other high value materials (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Ionised Cobalt, and Chlorine) to your inventory can further increase the profits, but these can only be sold at the station that already sell them.

Release history[]

  • Release - Introduced to the game.
  • Foundation - Added as a base building product.
  • Pathfinder - The prices are bound to current freighter spawn.
  • NEXT - Blueprint changed, formerly used Voltaic cell, Emeril and Circuit Board. Prices bind removed.
  • Beyond 2.09.1 - Fixed an issue that caused trade terminals on freighters to intersect the floor (fix will apply to new terminals, old terminals will need to be repositioned manually).