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Galaxy Sound Studios
Galaxy Sound Studios
Galaxy Euclid
Region Oefergia Boundary
Star system Qitand-Kouth
Planet Haen Quilliams
Builder Edvintage
Builder platform PS4
Claimed by Dapper Diplo Dough Depot
Portal glyphs 306B02FFAFFB
Game mode Normal
Updated Frontiers
Farm Geobay
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack

Galaxy Sound Studios is a player base.


Galaxy Sound Studios is a player base, located on the planet Haen Quilliams in the Qitand-Kouth system, and serves as the headquarters of Galaxy Records, the first ingame Record Company in No Man's Sky.


The base used to be called "Qitand-Kouth Ahok" and was originally built during the Visions era; it served as an outpost of The Qitanian Empire and a "last stop" for Euclid travelers that planned to do the jump through the galactic center and allowed for stocking up on resources.

Later being used mainly as a portal hub for fast interstellar travel, the base was left more or less abandoned and underwent numerous changes in size, layout and purpose; with the introduction of the Bytebeat Device, the upper floor was established as a "music lab" to experiment with the newly implemented sound machines and get used with their features.

While the lower floors of the base had been used as temporary living space, storage and for displaying objects from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion and Stabilised Reality Glitches, the music lab soon became the most frequented part of the base.

Scans revealed a nearby B-class Electromagnetic Power Hotspot that was used for powering the base and allowed for removing the huge number of solar panels and batteries that had been required for electrical power supply.

To avoid any further lag, the base complexity was dramatically reduced by clearing out the lower floors and scaling down the general size of the base.

What remained was the "core" of the base consisting of the middle floor, a Base Teleport Module, two Landing Pads and a foyer, and a spacious staircase leading to the upper floor with the music lab which eventually had been named "Galaxy Sound Studios".

The Galaxy Sound Studios feature eight Bytebeat Devices that can be turned off and on with a Wall Switch in the control room. Music pieces are newly composed, programmed and distributed via YouTube and other media on a regular basis by PSN player EdVintage.

Newly released music will be added to this page whenever available.

Galaxy Records[]

Galaxy records was established on February 12, 2021, as a subsidiary of the Dapper Diplo Dough Depot company. Being the first "Record company" in the universe of No Man's Sky, Galaxy records offers services in recording, editing and publishing Bytebeat Device music.

The Galaxy Records sound engineers mainly work at Galaxy Sound Studios and monitor recordings being made there; on demand, they will also travel to other bases to record ByteBeat music, edit the recordings and provide clean mp3 masters for publishing on the Galaxy Records label.

The recordings take place at the base of the artist; the artist must provide portal glyphs for their base or, if artist and engineer are on different platforms, offer a crossplay multiplayer session to take the engineer to the base. The engineer will probably drop a temporary base computer nearby; this is solely for the purpose of being able to return to the base should the recording turn out to be defective, incomplete or lost. The temporary base will be deleted as soon as the recordings are definitely finished.

Editing of the recorded files will be done via third party tools outside of the game. Before the recording is published, the artist will receive a copy for approval.

Publishing under the name of Galaxy Records will usually happen via YouTube, but of course the artist will get the master files of their tunes to distribute them on other platforms as well.

By using the recording and publishing services of Galaxy Records, you can both reach a broader audience with your ByteBeat music and keep your No Man's Sky save file clean and tidy; instead of having to build multiple bases with ByteBeat devices and working against your save file's base limits, you can just clear your sound machines from all content after every new release and start creating new tunes at the same location.

Galaxy Records is a partner of NMSFM, a radio station exclusively broadcasting ByteBeat music created in No Man's Sky:

Like its parent company Dapper Diplo Dough Depot, Galaxy Records is Qitanian-owned and subject to The Qitanian Empire's rules of trading; therefor, the services offered by the company and its staff will not be charged according to custom. Instead, customers are free to donate whatever they consider appropriate in return.

Exclusive Galaxy Records artists are currently:

  • Kash Karoon
  • Chaos_Priest
  • TimeloopPlays

Music Distributed by Galaxy Records[]