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The subject of this article is from the Expeditions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 1 June, 2021.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Gamma Industries
Gamma Industries
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Founded by BlueTechRS
Type DC
Specialisation Research & Military power
Services - Resource Supplier

- Combat Assistance

- Technology Development

UCA member No
Platform PC / PS4 / XBOX
Updated Expeditions

Gamma Industries is a company.


Gamma Industries (or GI for short) is a covert organization mainly operating out of sight in several sectors in both Euclid and Eissentam. Gamma Industries specializes in several different tasks. Among military organizations, they are known to produce highly advanced technological components for complex and high-tech weaponry. They also uncommonly provide extra assistance in large-scale conflicts. Their main focus is the development of tremendously powerful high-tech weaponry and combat vehicles. Only a handful of these prototypes and its technology are known to the public. Some scientists have claimed that Gamma Industries is using classified old and forgotten technology to enhance their heavily modified prototypes.

Gamma Industries has always been the silent, rogue, but impressive development company / FBI of the NMS community. They are mysterious, mainly unknown, but never fail to impress those who know about their existence.

On 24/12/2020, the company went silent. Everything but its defense systems went offline. Partners who cooperate with the organization have not received ATC calls from their HQ, therefore not being able to check out the HQ, because of the powerful Anti-Air cannons installed near the HQ. The current status of the company is unknown.


Besides the development of powerful weaponry and profitable trade, Gamma Industries' mission is mainly unknown as far as intentions go. They also possess [REDACTED FOR SECURITY MEASURES]



Gamma Industries' headquarters location is rumored to be located on the Nitrition planet of the Eissentam galaxy.

On 30-12-2020, at the end of the event that is widely known as "The Fall," Gamma Industries' HQ was confirmed to be located on Nitrition. Upon arrival, the HQ seemed to have suffered severe structural damage, along with disconnected power. Only the anti-air defenses remained online. It is unknown whether or not other structures are damaged.

They are rumored to be active here. Even with their radar-countermeasures, some traffic occasionally is detected coming in and out of the November-Zulu system. (In which Nitrition is located.) Since the region they are rumored to operate in is very desolate, and largely uncharted, it is very unlikely that this traffic is from a different civilization or organization.


Gamma Industries operates under the following circular pattern. Every branch helps support the next, while the last supports the first. This results in a constant, strong, and easily manageable structure within the company.

Gamma Mining Department - GMD[]

The GMD provides the GAD and the GRF with the sufficient resources to fulfill their tasks. They create, manage, and defend mines, and large industrial compounds (which consist of multiple connected mines) and transport and provide them to the GAD and the GRF.

Gamma Architectural Department - GAD[]

The GAD utilizes the resources provided by the GMD to create mostly housing, hangars, and outposts for the GRF and the GEF to work and research in. They make sure the GRF and the GEF are equipped with the best housing and workstations to maximize their engineering and research.

Gamma Engineering Foundation - GEF[]

Anything that involves hardware, software, weaponry, or vehicles, the GEF provides. These are the people that make the prototypes that make Gamma Industries the incredible organization they are today. They helped in the creation of almost all the prototypes listed below, the only exception being the Interceptor series, which BlueTechRS created purely himself.

Gamma Research Foundation - GRF[]

The GRF keeps an eye on everything biological and environmental. Operating with near-perfect sensors and technology provided by the GEF, They scan the entire galaxy for distant planets that might support life, or perhaps the exact opposite: planets that are enormously hazardous, which can then be used for the extraction of resources, or to hide prototypes.

Gamma Operation Department - GOD[]

The GOD is the last branch. They are provided with everything the previous branches provide, and help support all the existing branches, as well as perform their own militaristic tasks. This is the branch most of the GI-operators work for.


The company's origin is mainly unknown.

Rumors claim that the company was founded to further reduce Sentinel activity across the galaxy to prevent unnecessary casualties, while at the same time developing weapons to fight back against any unknown threats yet to be discovered.

At the moment, they are developing powerful weapons and pushing the boundaries of technology to new limits. These prototypes are commonly used by GI-Operators for [REDACTED] purposes.

Known prototypes[]

As mentioned earlier, only a handful of prototypes are known to the public. Most of their specs and quantities are unknown.

Here is a list of the known prototypes:

Land vehicles:[]

Gamma Industries commonly uses basic exocraft as a framework for their land-based prototypes to build and improve upon. This has proven to be very-cost effective while still being able to effectively utilize its heavily modified components.

ATT - Talon[]


ATW - Polaris Walker (Mk. II)[]


AV - Nova[]




IMS-417 Interceptor (Mk. I & II)[]

Little is known about the IMS-417 Interceptor. Rumors say it is the fastest ship to exist in No Man's Sky, rumored of being able to hit 8000u/s on planetary surfaces.

Recently, a file has been leaked by unknown sources, and confirmed the speculation. The dossier file shows pictures that confirm the rumors. This picture shows the IMS-417 hit a staggering 8.542u/s on a test run.

Gamma Industries seems to be very protective of this prototype, as it has not been seen in the public.

The photos below shows a small image of the IMS-417's engine "6-cylinder "Superjumper" Engine Mk. II"

The small boxes in the image point out the following:

  • 6-cylinder engine
  • 4-cycle Nitrogen-cooled
  • Dual fuel injection system
  • Muffler
  • Electric Starter

The image also shows another distorted image with [CLASSIFIED] on top.

MTGS - Titan[]

The "MTGS - Titan" or "Titan" is an Mining-Transport-Attack-Gunship (MTGS) used by Gamma Industries in occasions where a lot of firepower/support is needed.

The Titan serves as a Gunship for Gamma Industries; it is rapidly deployable, very versatile, and possesses a lot of gunpower. A Titan has a lot of cargo space and is occasionally also used for transportation purposes.

This is a list of all the known prototypes that Gamma Industries has installed on their Titan units:

  • S6 Infra accelerator, six large miniguns (3 on each side) which can be fired both in sequence or on their own, to create powerful and accurate strafes and air support.
    • To prevent the S6-IA (which can often reach approximately 940°C when fired continuously for about 15 seconds) from burning the dual shield layers, the Titan is installed with 2 HydroCooling-cycles. These pump liquid Nitrogen through small tubes in the miniguns with greatly and efficiently reduces their temperature.
  • Repelling mounts, which can be used to rapidly deploy a vast amount of units on a very small area.
  • Thrust vectoring, which allows the Titan to hover in place as a VTOL aircraft, which also further increases the possibility of safe and secure repelling.

A gallery has been attached below, which showcases all the special features this ship offers.

ISS Intervention


Tools & Miscellaneous items/devices used by GI[]



One of GI's LANCELOT-Towers, deployed on a planet surface.

LANCELOT-Towers (Launchable Planetary Outpost Tower) are a tool that Gamma Industries uses to rapidly deploy outposts.

A LANCELOT-tower can be injected into the atmosphere and onto a planet surface from a freighter that is in low-orbit of the planet it wants to deploy on. These versatile have a variety of useful features:

  • They are equipped with an internal base computer, which eliminates the need for a GI-operator to manually place a base computer unit and register a new Gamma Industries POI.
  • They contain several storage departments, which contain a limited amount of resources that are needed to set up the outpost/POI.
  • They are equipped with atmospheric measurement devices, which allow for autonomous measurement of environmental hazards and conditions.
  • A brightly visible beacon (IR and in the visible spectrum) that allows for visibility of its location, even in dense storms.
  • Cheaper production compared to the S.H.I.V.E.R-Tower
  • Suitable for large-scale production.

The only S.H.I.V.E.R-Tower known that currently exists.

The LANCELOT-tower is based off an earlier, similar project GI was working on, the S.H.I.V.E.R tower.

The S.H.I.V.E.R-Tower project was started after three casualties occurred after the incident on [REDACTED].

After this incident, GI felt that a tool that allowed them to observe a planet before deployment to ensure a safe (enough) environment for the operators to set up an outpost, was very needed. Although the original S.H.I.V.E.R tower had more precise measurement devices, and provided limited shelter for operatives, it did not contain an internal base computer, therefore requiring a GI-operator to place a base-computer on the specified location. This almost completely obsoleted the S.H.I.V.E.R-Tower's use, since it was designed to monitor and check the safety of a planet before approaching and creating the POI.

Only one S.H.I.V.E.R-Tower has been known to exist, and this is presumably the only one to ever have been built.


A LANCELOT-Tower is deployed in 5 stages:

Stage 1
In stage 1, the LANCELOT-Tower gets ejected from the ISS-Intervention, and rapidly approaches the planet.
Stage 2
In stage 2, the LANCELOT-Tower enters the atmosphere, and deploys its steering thrusters, and starts making adjustments to compensate for disturbances to keep the tower on course.
Stage 3
In stage 3, 3000u before touchdown, the LANCELOT-Tower starts its four main thrusters on 100% throttle to decelerate from its descent, and deploys its drill.
Stage 4
In stage 4, right before touchdown, the four thrusters are pushed to 110% throttle (afterburner) and its drill starts. About 50u before touchdown, the four main thruster-nozzles are ejected sideways to prevent them blocking the drill. The steering thrusters keep the tower level with the ground.
Stage 5
Lastly, in stage 5, the drill spins at full speed, digging itself into the ground, until the main structure is level with the ground. This process is done with very accurate rangefinders mounted on the tower, and complex algorithms. When the tower is in place, four titanium rods at each corner are slammed into the ground at crushingly high pressure by its hydraulics system. This further reinforces its foundation, as well as the entire structure, and finalizes the deployment.


Gamma Industries is not partnered with any civilization at the moment.

We are open for collaborations and projects with other companies/civilizations and are looking forward to push technology to its limits.

(Note: all prototypes/projects shown during a collaboration are subject to a non-disclosure agreement and are to be kept classified at all times.)




Interested in working with high-tech hardware and developing the most powerful tech in the galaxies?

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