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Gas Extractor
Gas Extractor
Category Base Building
Type Power Distribution Module
Total Value 1 Units
Power usage 50
Updated Origins

Gas Extractor is a base building product.

Summary[ | ]

Gas Extractor is a base building product that can be used to automatically harvest atmospheric gases.

Game description[ | ]

An automated gas harvester. Identify a Concentrated Gas Cloud site with the Surveying upgrade for the Analysis Visor. Gas extraction rates and produced gases will vary from site to site.

Requires power to function. Connect to Supply Depots with Supply Pipes to allow collection from more convenient sites.

Source[ | ]

The blueprint can be obtained from the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly, costing 10 Salvaged Data to unlock.

Build[ | ]

Gas Extractor can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Additional information[ | ]

Available gases for extraction vary from planet to planet and biome to biome.

Release history[ | ]

  • Beyond - Added as a base building product.

Gallery[ | ]