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Gek info sheet (jrdimpfl)

The Gek are one of the three primary sentient species in the No Man's Sky universe.


Gek staring at stock market updates on his tablet

An amphibious species native to the water-rich system Balaron close to the Galaxy Centre. They are now a mercantile race. Their ancestors once believed themselves to be the first and master race in the galaxies until they had slaughtered every entity in their way to build an empire. They were ultimately beaten into submission by the Aerons (sentinels) when the core junta of Gek the First Spawns were killed.

Along with the Korvax and Vy'keen, they are one of the last three remaining sentient species in the Euclid galaxy.


The Gek are a small-statured race with bird-like eye placements and beaks, which often have metal plates, pointing back to their amphibious ancestry. They are bipedal with claw-like fingers, and have a variety of different head accessories.


Typical Gek are commonly corporate and plutocratic in their mannerisms, with many of their titles tied to trading / industrial related terms. Most of the initial encounters with the species require units (currency). Most Gek monoliths demand players choose a pragmatic approach (putting tortured lifeforms out of their misery, exterminating distant entities etc).


100 different Gek

See Gek (language)

Gek commonly communicate through verbal and olfactory means, meaning that one should also watch for particular aromas when in conversation with them. Many Gek utilize certain dietary additives (known collectively as GekNip and crafted from the harvest of weedy NipNip plants) in order to add specific fragrances to their emissions to elicit certain emotional responses in others.

Should players discover new words and wish to contribute to this wiki please visit Gek (language research) to fill in the blanks.


The Gek each possess a title indicating their status within their society's hierarchy. Known titles include:

  • Assistant
  • Attendant
  • Broker
  • Captain
  • Director
  • Employee
  • Exporter
  • FreeGek
  • Hireling
  • Manager
  • Merchant
  • Mining Overseer
  • Navigator
  • Prospect
  • Resource Analyst
  • SalesGek
  • Secretary
  • Supervisor
  • ToilGek
  • Trade Envoy
  • Underling
  • WorkGek
  • ReneGek


See Scripts of the Gek

Gek lore.


Gek Monoliths dot the landscape of many systems.

Often the explorer is given a choice whose outcome is contingent upon Gek morals. A positive reaction will bolster your standing among the Gek and often produce a reward and a greater understanding of the Atlas language. Artifacts are common gifts from positive monolith interactions while upgraded weapons are rare. A negative reaction may injure the explorer, and drastically hurt their standing with the Gek.


The Gek plaques provide an understanding that the Gek were once an arrogant and blood-thirsty primal master race known as the Gek the First Spawns. They had many rituals designed to conquer the universe and harness its resources for themselves. The Gek Dominion swooped through the universe with blitzkrieg tactics and invaded everywhere at ease and nearly eliminated the entire population of Korvax Prime, causing the The Great Disconnection.


From ruins constructed by the Gek, it was learned that they were biding their time to defeat the Vy'keen Alliance quickly, as the Vy'keen and the Sentinels clashed against one another in The Aerons War. During this time, the First Spawns of the Gek were enslaving a majority of the young Korvax in an act of "Mercy". Fresh Korvax were put into horrific conditions of slavery, abused and neglected. When more of the Korvax died, bodies were refused a return to the remaining Korvax colony planets; instead Gek the First Spawns stripped their bodies down and melted them into more equipment for their war efforts.


The player can gain standing based on successful interactions with the Gek, by assisting a distressed Gek, or by reporting some Gek white-collar crimes. Note that lower standing can result in fewer opportunities to increase standing. The following list is outdated and needs an update

Gek Partner Rank 100

Standing ranks with the Gek include, from low to high:

Rival (-5)
Competitor (-2)
Customer (0)
Player can request to learn new words from Gek
Client (3)
Unlocks Shield Recharge from Gek
Valued Customer (8)
Unlocks Healing from Gek
Colleague (14)
Partner (21)
Friend (30)
Best Friend (40)
Most Favoured (60)
Trade Lord (100)
Highest available standing with Gek; has a very small influence on selling/buying prices on Gek-operated space stations


While united on the surface, the Gek Trade Federation remains a decentralized entity with many groups vying for power and control. Aside of the ReneGeks of the First Spawn, these include the mission clients. All of these can only be gotten from the Gek themselves.

Balaron Mutual Fund

When their interests are in danger, they don't shy away from scorched earth. They further fear to attract Sentinel attention. It is likely they deal in illegal goods.
Lowest Mission: Rank 4
Known Missions: Raid a Depot

Notable Individuals[]

Member of the Gek race

Additional Information[]

  • According to the Gek's lore, they give birth in bodies of water to a multitude of immature infants known as Porwigles which grow collectively together in a large organic mass known as "spawning syrup".
  • Some species of Fauna that bear many similarities appearance-wise to the Gek can sometimes be found in-game, this was demonstrated in the early gameplay demos, but may have been more common since the updates given to Fauna, especially since the Atlas Rises update, the genus that includes Gek-like creatures is known as Mogara.
  • Standing rank names extracted from the 3.71 version of the NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH.MBIN game file.
  • Standing rank requirements extracted from the 3.71 version of the LEVELEDSTATSTABLE.MBIN game file.