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The subject of this article is from the Orbital update.
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Glyphs are used when operating a portal.

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Portal Glyph Names


Glyphs are symbols on a portal's wheel. A series of glyphs forms a Portal address that specifies the destination that you want the portal to transport you to. Glyphs are also referenced in-game in the Menu → "Catalogue & Guide" → "The Atlas" → "Portal Glyphs" tab. Note that to capture the glyphs in a screenshot, it must be taken using your PC or console's screen-capture function. If you take a photo using the in-game camera trigger, that photo doesn't include the glyphs.

An Atlas Rises portal has 16 inscribed symbols on the outer ring. When dialing, this outer ring rotates until the dialed symbol is aligned with the top position, at which point the ring pauses and the same glyph displays on the game HUD.

Possible addresses[ | ]

With 16 symbols to choose from and a 12-symbol address, the Portal network since Atlas Rises has 1612 = 281,474,976,710,656 possible addresses (281.4 trillion)

However, not all points in space represented by these addresses have Portals; indeed, there are sufficiently few valid coordinate sets that randomly dialing the portal results in a roughly 1 in 10 chance of working.

All Portals since Atlas Rises use a Portal Terminal to enter addresses.

Finding glyphs[ | ]

You can mainly find them by asking travellers where they came from. This will lead you to a Traveller Grave in the system that then can be searched to get a new glyph. It is possible to find a grave without asking, but they are rare and easily missed.

Using Analysis Visor shows them as Unknown Grave indicated with PICKUP.GRAVE icon.

Players will also learn all 16 glyphs during the Artemis Path mission, The Purge, without discovering Unknown Graves. After beginning the mission, a player will receive one glyph for every time they warp new to a system, accompanied by a strange message.

Table of correspondence for Glyphs:[]

White Blue Glyph Decimal Hexadecimal Legacy name [1] Void Egg name[2]
PORTALSYMBOL.0 00 1 / 16 1 0 sunset Star Over Water
PORTALSYMBOL.1 11 2 / 16 2 1 bird Hunter
PORTALSYMBOL.2 22 3 / 16 3 2 face Reflection
PORTALSYMBOL.3 33 4 / 16 4 3 diplo Ancient Giant
PORTALSYMBOL.4 44 5 / 16 5 4 eclipse Obscured Companion
PORTALSYMBOL.5 55 6 / 16 6 5 balloon Ascending Orb
PORTALSYMBOL.6 66 7 / 16 7 6 boat Sailor
PORTALSYMBOL.7 77 8 / 16 8 7 bug Lowly Insect
PORTALSYMBOL.8 88 9 / 16 9 8 dragonfly
PORTALSYMBOL.9 99 10 / 16 10 9 galaxy Spiral of Reality
PORTALSYMBOL.A AA 11 / 16 11 A voxel Anomaly
PORTALSYMBOL.B BB 12 / 16 12 B fish Ocean King
PORTALSYMBOL.C CC 13 / 16 13 C tent
PORTALSYMBOL.D DD 14 / 16 14 D rocket Vessel To Beyond
PORTALSYMBOL.E EE 15 / 16 15 E tree
PORTALSYMBOL.F FF 16 / 16 16 F atlas

Wiki use[ | ]

To display a 12-symbol portal address on the wiki, this sample format can be used. Simply use the glyph IDs in the proper order.

Use this phrase:


To produce this visual:


To determine the hex value for a specific set of glyphs, use the translator at nmsportals.

Glyph X[ | ]


Glyph X

Among the resources of the game an image was found with "Glyph X"[3]. This texture is not used anywhere in the game, and the purpose of this asset is unknown.

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