The Gravitino Host is one of the farmable plants in the game. The blueprint can be acquired from a Farmer, or from the Construction Research Facility in the Space Anomaly for 3 Salvaged DataSalvage data.png.


A strange, potentially parasitic plant that yields an occasional harvest of the highly tradable commodity, Gravitino Balls.

Suitable for hydroponic indoor planting. Cannot be planted outdoors.

Approximate growing time: 2 hours


After obtaining the blueprint, the Gravitino Host can be planted with these three ingredients.

  • 25x Chromatic Metal  Chromatic Metal.png
  • 120x Silver  Silver.png
  • 25x Magnetized Ferrite Magnetised Ferrite.png

The Gravitino Host must be planted indoors, on a Hydroponic Tray, or a Bio-Dome.


The plant takes two hours of real time to grow, yielding one Gravitino Ball Gravitino Ball.png per harvest.

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