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The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 15 February, 2022.

Mission Board

The Guild Envoy provides Special missions and rewards within No Man's Sky.


The Guild Envoy is a stall located inside space stations next to the Mission Board stall, or in Colossal Archives. It allows players to receive free rewards in some of the star system's specific guild. Space station Guild Envoys also offer Increase in standing with the dominant race in exchange for Captain's Log and Crew Manifest.

Engaging An Envoy[]

The player can only receive the reward once they have achieved a minimum level of standing in the guild.

The envoy is only there to provide rewards to a traveler if the traveler already has a good standing with that guild. The better the standing, the better the rewards (ed: need to confirm if this is true). Otherwise the guild envoy will refuse to speak to the traveler.

If the guild envoy refuses to speak, then the traveler will need to speak to the mission giver in the Mission Board stall next to the Guild envoy to get missions to try to increase their standing with a specific guild. It may take a substantial number of missions specific to that guild before a traveler has sufficient standing to engage with a guild envoy.

Explorers Guild Envoy[]

Explorers guild rewards are typically Raw Materials or Raw Ingredient. Some known rewards have included:

Merchants Guild Envoy[]

Merchant guild rewards are typically some amount of units.

Mercenaries Guild[]

Mercenary guild rewards are typically Consumable items that assist you in performing actions during the explorations. Some known rewards have included:

Guild Standing[]

To achieve a higher standing, the traveller needs to complete missions specific to the guild from the mission board. Not all missions provide a guild standing increase so selecting a focus plan may be required to target improved standing with a specific guild.


(ed note: draft standing)

  • Rank 1: 3
  • Rank 2: 8
  • Rank 3: 14
  • Rank 4: 21
  • Rank 5: 30
  • Rank 6: 40
  • Rank 7: 60
  • Rank 8: 100

Additional information[]

Release history[]

  • NEXT - Introduction of the Guild Envoy.
  • Beyond 2.00 - Guild Envoys no longer offer Special missions.
  • Desolation - Added rewards for Crew Manifest and Captain's Log.
  • Origins - Added Guild Envoy stall in Colossal Archives.
  • Update 3.05 - Made rewards consistent for all races.


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