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HUD evolution

Heads-Up Display is information display.


NmsHUD Layout.jpg

Both ships and a player's exo-suit include technology that displays pertinent information in the viewscreen without the need to look down at a hard-wired console. This is referred to as a heads-up display, and has changed over the months as the game and ships have been modified for game play. Note that some of the graphics in this article are from earlier HUD versions.

Historical - Wanted Levels at Level 3

A ship's console contains both a physical instrument panel and a visual heads-up display (or HUD) for in-flight viewing. The main advantage of a HUD is that it allows the player to see the information without having to look down at the hard console. (Note that the aNa-aa console does provide two small physical HUDs at the top of the window that can be read without looking down.) This can be especially handy when a player's Wanted Level is on the rise.

The HUD normally consists of seven possible sections at the edges of the viewscreen, leaving the centre area open for unrestricted viewing. Note that sections will only display when needed or relevant to the situation. These sections can be described as follows, going clockwise from lower left:

  • Temperature/Time
  • Health/Environment Protection Status
  • Shields/Damage
  • Compass
  • Weapons/Hand Tools
  • Wanted Level
  • Jetpack/Sprint/Storage Status, & Mission Messages


A typical ship-based HUD system consists of a computer for generating the information, a projector to generate the light beam, and a combiner to take the narrow beam and project it in front of the user (normally near the windscreen of the vehicle). The HUD for a player's suit is a miniaturized version contained in the suit's helmet.



Cold Hazard, planet, time and temperature

Once inside a planet's atmosphere, the HUD's lower left shows the following items (when relevant):

  • name of current planet
  • temperature
  • local time
  • time of sunrise/sunset

This part of the display is only present on more up-to-date ships, and was absent in the earlier videos.

Status Bars[]

Life support, battery power, charge level

  • environmental hazards
  • miscellaneous status bars depending on situation. These MAY include life support levels, battery power for the binoculars, and charge levels for other devices.


The upper left corner of the HUD displays a bar for the current shield level. This bar reduces in length as hits are taken, but will regenerate if the attack is halted. Underneath this bar are five boxes representing health status - these deplete from right to left once shield protection has been reduced to zero. An icon is also displayed indicating the current shield type. In older ships, the name of the planet was displayed in this section, as well the number of units in the player's bankroll.


Compass arc - original/updated

This section is centred at the top of the screen. It consists of a thin arc with icons (historical - colored diamonds) representing the direction to pre-determined points of interest on the planet. A scan of the planet is required before these points appear. The player may also set their own points of interest in case they choose to return for further exploration. One of the icons represents the current location of the ship. Some of the icons include these possibilities:

NmsHUD iconBuilding.jpg
 Trade Terminal  
NmsHUD iconMonolith.jpg
NmsHUD iconFactory.jpg
NmsHUD iconShip.jpg
NmsHUD iconBeacon.jpg
NmsHUD iconSpaceStation.jpg
 Space station
NmsHUD iconFight.jpg
NmsHUD BlueBullseye.jpg


The upper right corner of the HUD displays information for the weapon systems currently activated. If this is a projectile weapon, a series of icons shows the number of rounds available. If a laser or beam weapon, the amount of energy available before a required cool-down is displayed via a power bar.

This section also contains the user's current Wanted level ranging from 0 to 5. The higher the number, the more Sentinels are likely to be in the area firing at the ship and the player.


This area is displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen, and consists of status messages shown in a light-blue box. It may show mission information (example: how many pirate ships remain to be destroyed) or warnings of hazardous conditions such as radiation or extreme cold.