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Hello Games is a game developer group.

Summary[ | ]

Hello Games is an English development team based out of Guildford, UK and is the developer of the procedurally generated exploration and survival game, No Man's Sky. Before No Man's Sky, they were most known for Joe Danger.

Founding[ | ]

Hello Games was founded in the summer of 2008 by four friends, Sean Murray, Ryan Doyle, David Ream, and Grant Duncan. They'd worked together as developers with teams like Criterion, Sumo Digital and Kuju Entertainment. They wanted to bring back fun to games. They saw games getting more and more serious and missed the vibrancy of what they played when they were growing up. They talked about how Mario Kart had become nonsense when it had once been so amazingly competitive, and how bright and colourful had started to mean casual and easy. They wanted to bring back deep gameplay and great quality.

No Man's Sky Team[ | ]

  • Aaron Andrews - Artist
  • Gareth Bourn - Designer (left HelloGames in October 2016 to work with Foundry 42’s Star Citizen space sim)
  • Simon Carter - Programmer
  • Harry Denholm - Programmer (left HelloGames in January 2017)
  • Ryan Doyle - Programmer
  • Grant Duncan - Artist
  • Jake Golding - Artist
  • Beau Lamb - Artist
  • Innes McKendrick - Programmer
  • Sean Murray - Programmer
  • Levi Naess - Artist
  • David Ream - Programmer
  • Matthew Reynolds - Comms
  • Charlie Tangora - Programmer
  • Suzy Wallace - Producer

Articles[ | ]

2009[ | ]

Interview with Hello Games.

Gamasutra Interview

Interview with Grant Duncan

2010[ | ]

Sean Murray Interview

This is my joystick interview.

Sean Murray interview Gamasutra


SM interview.

GDC talk by Sean and Grant

Interview at GDC about Joe Danger.

Hello Games wins Best New Studio Award.

2011[ | ]

Interview with Hello Games.

2012[ | ]

Sean speaks about game design

Photo Essay

Sean’s first AMA on Reddit, promoting Joe Danger 2

2013[ | ]

VGX Trailer, December.

Mirror of video

Revsion3 Carboni Interview

Interview, game studio spotlight

2014[ | ]

The Flood

Gamespot, Danny O’Dwyer. Episode #1. Edisode #2.

Sean talks with Ted Price about the industry.

The Story of Hello Games (Playstation)

PSX Trailer (Portals)

More gameplay.

E3 Trailer.

E3 Interview.

GamerHub Interview.

Eurogamer Interview.

Interesting overview.

Gameinformer, Tech behind the scenes

NMS Creatures.

Managing Hype

Game Informer, audio interview

70 Questions and Answers

65dos Soundtrack.

A Night Under No Man’s Sky, 65dos.

2015[ | ]

Game Informer (print) article about NMS.

Interview with art director Grant Duncan.

GDC Grant, How to love procedural generation.

GDC Grant, Artists dreaming about electric sheep. E3 2015, stage demo.

E3 2015 Interview, Danny O’Dwyer.

New Yorker article.

NMS Creature Sounds.

Interview, GameCrate.

Sean talks about the Indie game industry, GamerHub.

Rock Paper Shotgun Interview

Q&A with Sean.

IGN 18 mins of gameplay.

Interview with 65 Days of Static.

Sean talks with Shuhei.

Colbert Show.

2016[ | ]

GamesRadar gameplay.

Playstation blog.

Art of No Man’s Sky (Playstation).

Lore of No Man’s Sky (Playstation).

Carboni plays NMS.

Edge Magazine (print).

Interview with 65 Days of Static.

Kinda Funny Games Interview, March.

IGN 21 mins of gameplay.

Game delayed until August.

Time magazine article.

Paul Weir speaks at SonarD+.

Trademark dispute with SkyTV.

Planet Roulette promo (Playstation).

Five Thing to Do (Playstation).

NMS Launch Trailer (Playstation).

Sean’s AMA on Reddit.

NMS Released

Sean and Grant play NMS on Twitch.

Bill Bailey Plays NMS.

Review by Total Biscuit.

Response by SONY/Yoshida.

Podcast discussion with Adam Boyes about NMS.

Foundation Update 1.1 released.

Interview with Paul Weir, audio. Innes speaks at GCAP, Shoulders of GIants

2017[ | ]

Photomode, Dead End Thrills.

Pathfinder Update 1.2 released.

Innes speaks at QGcon about “spite”.

GDC Paul Weir.

GDC Innes, Continuous World Generation.

GDC Innes, Tech Toolbox, Procedural Texturing.

GDC Sean, Building Worlds using Maths.

Hello Games wins GDC Innovation Award.

Waking Titan.

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