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The subject of this article is from the Companions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021.
Hilbert Dimension
Hilbert Dimension
Colour Deep Pink
Type Norm - Imperfect
Updated Companions
Order 2
Galaxy sequence
Previous galaxy Next galaxy
Euclid Calypso

Hilbert Dimension is a galaxy.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hilbert Dimension is the 2nd galaxy in the No Man's Sky universe.

The Fade and Galaxy Centre are fundamental parts of every galaxy. In Hilbert Dimension, the centre appears to be deep pink.

This galaxy can be reached by:

  • Warp travel - Players start here with a crashed ship after reaching the centre of the Euclid galaxy.
  • Simulation reset - Players in Iousongola and Euclid galaxies, who choose to reset the simulation into a Norm galaxy during the New Beginnings primary mission, will start again in this galaxy.

Region categories[edit | edit source]

Regions can be categorised by the prefix or suffix added to the procedurally generated name (∗ marks its location). Names without prefix or suffix can also appear.

  1. ∗ Adjunct
  2. ∗ Void
  3. ∗ Expanse
  4. ∗ Terminus
  5. ∗ Boundary
  6. ∗ Fringe
  7. ∗ Cluster
  8. ∗ Mass
  9. ∗ Band
  10. ∗ Cloud
  11. ∗ Nebula
  12. ∗ Quadrant
  13. ∗ Sector
  14. ∗ Anomaly
  15. ∗ Conflux
  16. ∗ Instability
  17. Sea of ∗
  18. The Arm of ∗
  19. ∗ Spur
  20. ∗ Shallows

Known regions[edit | edit source]

The Core of the Hilbert Dimension
PS4 1-17-2019
The Core of the Hilbert Dimension
PS4 12-31-2020

Origins to Companions[edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Cebang Cloud InExCor Companions
Eirokuj Adjunct InExCor Companions
Ihirakh Boundary Alliance of Galactic Travellers Companions
Imwohlf Terminus InExCor Companions
Jaquat Void NextGen
Louyen Alliance of Galactic Travellers Companions
Macca Hewobot Alliance of Galactic Travellers Origins
Mupfemi Alliance of Galactic Travellers NextGen
Ojinbar Tugarv Compendium NextGen
Sea of Aarius InExCor Companions
Sea of Tuylinjo Companions
Teuriabal Quadrant Alliance of Galactic Travellers NextGen

Beyond to Desolation[edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Anfimb Adjunct InExCor Living Ship
Cekleyzhay Adjunct InExCor Beyond
Erpiachbi Quadrant XCR Beyond
Gittmani Terminus InExCor Living Ship
Gozhevs Conflux InExCor Beyond
Hunkeyac Boundary InExCor Beyond
Irngini Mass InExCor Beyond
Jagholt Mass Alliance of Galactic Travellers Desolation
Komunkun Quadrant InExCor Living Ship
Nuwardia Galactic Hub Hilbert Synthesis
Odharg Sector InExCor Living Ship
Ohouva Conflux InExCor Beyond
Pijabe Conflux GenBra Space Corp ExoMech
Rostejeter InExCor Desolation
Sea of Kazettl Alliance of Galactic Travellers Desolation
Shcahapars Adjunct Alliance of Galactic Travellers Beyond
Simhotepp Mass O.P.A Crossplay
Splinapi Cluster InExCor Beyond
Swatea Shallows CELAB Galactic Industries Living Ship
Urphanigg InExCor Living Ship
Zoryukhof InExCor Living Ship

NEXT to Visions[edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Aijaoi Instability Oxalis Visions
Angsak Visions
Arm of Orphaea Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Ashber InExCor Visions
Bayores Shallows Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Bietyn Shallows InExCor Visions
Dakens Spur Visions
Diclidn Adjunct NEXT
Doikawis Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Enopulc InExCor Visions
Eoffin Shallows GenBra Space Corp Visions
Fijotel Anomaly Visions
Gaiboni Band Visions
Gekumbo Boundary InExCor Visions
Haldemestv Void NEXT
Ijortu Spur Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Inungka Expanse NEXT
Kossiza Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Kremie Cloud InExCor Visions
Leamishe Cluster Empire of Phantomium Marxium Visions
Liwescu Sector NEXT
Logalurug Expanse Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Lorishup Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Lumbava Nebula NEXT
Meaume Terminus NEXT
Meveldrun Expanse Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Oulvill Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Oyashi Band Empire of Phantomium Marxium Visions
Peiriyar Geknip Gang Hub NEXT
Rahlau Shallows InExCor Visions
Ronggul Fringe InExCor Visions
Sagayore Sector Visions
Sea of Aenshud Visions
Sea of Dioman InExCor Visions
Sea of Femanau Galactic Hub Hilbert Visions
Sea of Wipearcia InExCor Visions
Sifang Fringe GenBra Space Corp Visions
Sraelidj Shallows InExCor Visions
Tanitra Anomaly InExCor Visions
The Arm of Viriwat NEXT
Tuemet Anomaly InExCor Visions
Ueperh Band InExCor Visions
Ummitz Adjunct Visions
Varriyfo Fringe Vareryforba NEXT
Wuonjun Shallows InExCor Visions

Atlas Rises[edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Abrigp Boundary Hilbert Gathering Atlas Rises
Adolli Mass Atlas Rises
Aoferrar Atlas Rises
Apisipov Void Atlas Rises
Biwenszon Atlas Rises
Coksole Cloud Atlas Rises
Dusayeu Instability Atlas Rises
Earngi Nebula Atlas Rises
Elwooptet Spur Atlas Rises
Gedhase Quadrant Atlas Rises
Gegvasudze Hilbert Gathering Atlas Rises
Gunyayp Anomaly Atlas Rises
Guptan Fringe Alliance of Galactic Travellers Atlas Rises
Hegesn Galactic Hub Hilbert Atlas Rises
Joarkhem Cluster Atlas Rises
Kuageisind Atlas Rises
Kycher Expanse Atlas Rises
Maffer Atlas Rises
Najokeinh Mass Wanderers Association Atlas Rises
Nezka Quadrant Atlas Rises
Nofrigo Conflux Atlas Rises
Nuchodu Terminus Atlas Rises
Obrokkju Void Alliance of Galactic Travellers Atlas Rises
Sea of Ajukuna Alliance of Galactic Travellers Atlas Rises
Secionor Hilbert Gathering Atlas Rises
Slanomin Adjunct Nibiran Oligarchy Atlas Rises
The Arm of Luhikats Atlas Rises
Tifertny Shallows Alliance of Galactic Travellers Atlas Rises
Uimbiv Boundary Atlas Rises
Ukhatig Spur Galactic Hub Hilbert Atlas Rises
Uukunbina Adjunct Atlas Rises
Veineti Vareryforba Atlas Rises

Release to Pathfinder[edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Abrigpand Void Hilbert Gathering Pathfinder
Acihartist Pathfinder
Adolligne Adjunct Pathfinder
Affnervira Pathfinder
Agmaapezias Band Pathfinder
Aoferrarrol Void Pathfinder
Awyredalri Band Pathfinder
Cedanzansc Boundary Pathfinder
Cidubertha Fringe Pathfinder
Cifeximwood Pathfinder
Cikuychebaylo Adjunct Pathfinder
Clarhulle Pathfinder
Dasayeundu Mass Pathfinder
Dimikerask Adjunct Pathfinder
Dumytissism Expanse Pathfinder
Dwinetilo Boundary Pathfinder
Epsoleody Terminus Pathfinder
Eslavenevier Mass Pathfinder
Fisciusitou Void Pathfinder
Flotephith Expanse Pathfinder
Gagvasudzenat Boundary Pathfinder
Gonyaypunin Galactic Hub Project Pathfinder
Hegesneyr Boundary Pathfinder
Hetonkhaco Expanse Pathfinder
Hockhakhi Boundary Hilbert Gathering Pathfinder
Husalkinso Mass Pathfinder
Hyellrossz Mass Pathfinder
Ieckowahi Pathfinder
Igypetisto Pathfinder
Ittichuche Pathfinder
Kalekfuram Expanse Pathfinder
Kaplithosg Boundary Pathfinder
Kicianpalau Adjunct Pathfinder
Klononesaur Terminus Pathfinder
Kominykohol Expanse Pathfinder
Lekenayan Boundary Pathfinder
Lipovectin Pathfinder
Mimenufont Cluster Pathfinder
Noquelargl Void Pathfinder
Nuchodulie Terminus Pathfinder
Nuvitravi Terminus Pathfinder
Oikawakil Cluster Pathfinder
Owpercunc Terminus Pathfinder
Quirenert Adjunct Pathfinder
Ryfordinsky Band Pathfinder
Sagenblantho Pathfinder
Snjamborovi Terminus Pathfinder
Tobinnebur Boundary Pathfinder
Ugoslowra Mass Pathfinder
Vareryforba Expanse Vareryforba Pathfinder
Vostretskad Boundary Pathfinder
Wakattvanek Cluster Pathfinder
Wobogiintx Mass Pathfinder
Yinchadianski Adjunct Pathfinder
Yutockwood Mass Pathfinder
Zuhaylwind Terminus Pathfinder

Specialty stars[edit | edit source]

Black Holes[edit | edit source]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release Coordinates
AGT Ankard-Tidop SCC (PC) Black hole Technology Gek 4 2 PC Companions 0802:0086:0805:0079
AGT Ankard-Tidop SCC Black hole Technology Gek 4 2 PS4 Companions 0802:0086:0805:0079
Beytz Black Hole High Voltage Vy'keen 2 PC Visions 0A11:0085:017F:0079
Ekvendap Black Hole Mining Vy'keen 3 2 PC Visions 01BB:007D:05D2:0079
Evichu XIV Black Hole Experimental Korvax 5 0 PC Companions 0808:0080:0800:0079
Hetian-Dop III Black Hole Mercantile Korvax 3 2 PC Visions 079A:0081:0A40:0079
Hilbert Hotel Room 1 (Abrigpand Void) Black hole Korvax 1 0 PS4 Pathfinder 0800:0077:07FD:0079
Hilbert's Hotel Room 1 Black hole Trading Korvax 1 0 PS4 Atlas Rises 0800:0077:07FD:0079
HUB-G-79 MirrorEventHorizon (PC) Black hole Gek 4 1 PC Pathfinder 0469:0081:0D6D:0060
HUB-G-79 MirrorEventHorizon Black hole Gek 4 1 PS4 Pathfinder 0469:0081:0D6D:0060
HUB-G-79 Yoarsoja IX -Warp,Portal,X.Ship (PC) Black hole Research Gek 5 1 PC Atlas Rises 0469:0080:0D6D:0079
Sknirob-Zayev Black Hole Mathematical Vy'keen 3 1 PC Visions 06A4:007B:0E91:0079
Wurm Black hole 2 0 PS4 Pathfinder
Zesumxu-Zeman Black hole Industrial Korvax 1 0 PC Visions 014B:0082:070E:0079

Atlas Interface[edit | edit source]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release Coordinates
AGT Oltsov-Pex II Atlas Yellow Engineering Korvax 4 0 PS4 Companions 0802:0086:0805:007A
AGT Oltsov-Pex SCC Yellow Engineering Korvax 4 0 PC Companions 0802:0086:0805:007A

Civilized space[edit | edit source]

Additional information[edit | edit source]

This galaxy is commonly referred to as 'Hilbert Dimension', but the Teleportation Terminal may refer to it as Goquaornsax.

Gallery[edit | edit source]