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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

Current Full Banner Seal of the HCIS

History of the HCIS is a history page.


The History of the HCIS presents the history and lore of the Helios Confederation of Independent Systems.

Before the Modern Confederation[]

The Ancient Helians[]

Before the HCIS was established, evidence shows that a group of refugees had settled where the Gold Dawn Sanctuary is now currently located. Symbols and scraps pulled from the foundations of the Sanctuary show that this ancient civilization existed thousands of years before even spoken language was common throughout the Galaxy. Only one symbol, a 'six-pointed star' could be discerned. Helian language specialists had determined the symbol to mean "unity". In the end, the symbol became the basis for what is now the symbol of the Confederation. Basic drawings, and remnants of scraps of historical data fragments, reveal that the refugees that settled here birthed a sizeable dominion, indicating at least a few village-like settlements that had been scattered throughout the Nusophr region. Some of these images depict raids from pirates on the Capital Sanctuary being heroically repelled by their mighty turrets.
Most recently, Helian archaeologists had observed depictions of what appeared to be a throne room of sorts, on scraps of Ancient Helian documents. It would be where the modern day Rotunda now stands. This would allow us to infer that the Ancient Helians followed a monarchy of some variety.

Ancient Helian Culture[]

Even before the Modern Confederation took its first steps into the Nusophr region, the ancient Helians had already begun constructing a home that was welcoming to all Travelers. Ancient data fragments reveal the Helians showed great hospitality to their guests, making it customary for villages to celebrate the arrival of a new Traveler.
Their monarchy seemed to believe that all Travelers were destined to continue on their journeys, and that they could never interrupt the will of the Atlas. It is believed that this culture is derived from either fear or revering of the Atlas Interface. Due to the heavy usage of Sentinel Walkers as a symbol of power within Ancient Helian Culture, it can be mostly assumed that they revered the power of the Atlas and its minions, and sought to gain the same level of power. This may have lead to the avoidance of the Atlas entirely, and possibly experiments on Sentinel units.

Theology and Religion[]

Sol Helion Temple

According to recent archaeological findings, the Anient Helian theology consisted of the belief in two "disciples" of the Atlas, Sol Helion and Luna Helion. Children of this religion believed that Luna Helion granted enlightenment, and Sol Helion granted luck and power. As such, a Temple was created for each of these Gods, so that everyone could have made the pilgrimage to pray.
After the Purge of the Ancients, both of these Helian Holy Places were lost to the stars, until HCIS archaeologists decoded the words "Sol" and "Luna Helion" at Gold Dawn Sanctuary. This caught the eye of all personnel at the Sanctuary, and prompted a full investigation. Further decoding revealed the coordinates for two lost worlds. The Ancients had managed to fully preserve one world, but the other was doomed to having all of its resources drained during the Purge.
Luna Helion Temple was located on the drained world, of the same name, and was the only thing standing after the lunar world was drained. Sol Helion Temple was better defended, and therefore its world was fully preserved and hidden away. Keyunth Minor was the world it was built on, and the world was discovered in the distant Outer Rim of the newly annexed Berith system.

Luna Helion Temple

The Acolytes of Infernus[]

Seyciana Altar

According to forbidden texts discovered at Luna Helion Temple, an ancient Cult existed within Helian culture. This cult was entitled the Acolytes of Infernus. They worshipped the Helian Demon God, and the power he possessed within Anomalous planets. Their belief was that his power could be harnessed through tireless worship, and use of an object called the Orb of Infernus. Scientists are unsure of exactly how the device works, but its glowing cables seem to imbed themselves into the ground, suggesting a mysterious power source. The Orb is located in their main Shrine, Seyciana Altar. The Altar itself is located in the Benthan-Yako system, on planet Sithis VI. The Acolytes inhabited this planet for millenia, possibly even predating the Ancient Helians themselves.

Fall of the Ancient Helians[]

Gold Dawn Sanctuary

There is evidence that there was some sort of conflict on planet Valeria, based on burn marks on the original foundation, which is assumed to have resulted in the ultimate destruction of that ancient civilization. These marks indicate a coordinated attack from starship gunfire, due to their high intensity scarring. This leads us to believe that the previous occupants of Gold Dawn Sanctuary were ambushed, and forced to leave their homes at the end of their tenure on Valeria. Helian archaeologists are analyzing ancient data fragments to determine what conflict may have resulted in their ultimate demise.

Creating the Modern HCIS: The First Wave[]

When Director optimus3097 discovered the Kaisium system, he nearly settled on planet Taffro Major instead of Valeria. The storms on Taffro Major are what prevented this from ever happening. The golden waters and frosty peaks of Valeria were quite appealing.
He initially started building a small settlement on top of the Foundations of the Ancient Helians, and eventually that settlement became the city we know today as Gold Dawn Sanctuary. After initial settlement, the search for the first Overseers began. This is what is known as the First Wave of Helian expansion. This included the acquisition of the first two Core Provinces, the Kamiyda and Titania systems.

The Helios Confederation of Independent Systems was officially established on June 7, 2019

Joining the UFT: The Second Wave[]

Symbol of the United Federation of Travellers

The Ambassador Act[]

In the weeks leading up to the Beyond update, the Director of the Confederation began documenting their territory on a larger scale. In preparation for what was to come, the Director began to complete the process needed to join the United Federation of Travelers.
The need to join the Federation lead to what is known as the Ambassador Act. Overall, this act broadened the culture of the civilization as a whole, and made membership in the Federation official in Helian legislation.

This period of expansion legislation and the addition of new Helian territory is what is known as start of the Second Wave. During the process of initial documentation, the Confederation had already acquired the Kamiyda and Titania star systems. After this second wave of initial documentation began, in order to meet the Federation's requirements, the HCIS began adding minor territories to its list of discoveries. This lead to the exploration of what is now known as the Kaisium Star Cluster, and began with the official documentation of the Enxiez-Enogo II and the Baqenzemm systems. The latter of the two systems was also discovered to be the first planet within Helian space to contain a subspecies of the ever-elusive Diplo.

After meeting official requirements needed to join the Federation, the Ambassador Act was made official on August 8th, 2019

The Great Beyond[]

The Sanctuary, After the High Voltage Power Grid was Built

After the implementation of the Beyond update, loads of new content became available, allowing the Helians to move forward on the industrial scale. At this point, the Confederation surpassed a population of 5, all the way up to 7, to become a Standard class Civilization.

Likewise, the Confederation changed physically as well. With the discovery of electricity in the No Man's Sky universe, the Capital City fell into darkness. Emergency renovations began right away, adding a high voltage power grid, mainly placed on tower spires, as well as relocating the landing pads of the docks, and completely redesigning the central courtyard.

Construction on the newly renovated Sanctuary was completed on August 16th, 2019.

The Trinity Pact[]

The symbol of the Trinity Pact

In the weeks leading up to the Beyond update, the Confederation had been undergoing serious talks between the Empire of Phantomium Marxium, and the Domus Stellaris Confederation. These talks were aimed at bringing to life a brand new alliance to civilized space entirely.

This alliance is a secondary committee of the United Federation of Travelers, and was created with the intent of expanding the Xbox universe. In its most basic form, the alliance was created to mark the official military and trade alliance of the three civilizations. But this was also created with additional purposes, outside of those found in any normal alliance. It was called the Trinity Pact, very swiftly being approved by all of the original members. The original symbol of the Pact was created by Viceroy of the Empire, blek18.

The creation of the Trinity Pact was officially ratified by its original members on 26th of August, 2019.

This also marked the end of the Second Wave of Helian Expansion.

Aiding the Universe: The Third Wave[]

HCIS Supply Depot Alpha, located on Korag Major

HCIS Supply Depots[]

After the implementation of the Trinity Pact, the Confederation wasted no time in beginning the expansion process. The Director began with one of the originally intended goals of the HCIS: to create public supply depots for Travelers to rest at.
The first of this series of Supply Depots was HCIS Supply Depot Alpha. It was a small outpost located on Korag Major in the Jangka system, which extracted Cadmium, and doubled as an antimatter reclamation facility. HCIS Supply Depot Gamma was also established on Planet Salar A20, located in the newly annexed Racango system. This particular facility began the mass production phase of the HCIS, providing a public opportunity for all Travelers to amass wealth.
The Confederation also made plans for an Emeril, as well as a Uranium farm, and many more which will be announced as they are completed.

HCIS Supply Depot Gamma, located on Salar A20

The House Guest Act[]

The House Guest Act was a historic piece of Helian legislation. It marked the very first measure to be officially approved by the Helian Grand Council. The act was put in place as an act of kindness toward our allied civilizations. Under its multiple articles, civilization leaders that maintain a close enough relationship with the HCIS may be allowed an Embassy Territory. The official wording outlines specifically how to obtain an Embassy System, and regulations that go with them.

The House Guest Act was approved by the Helian Grand Council, in a 3/3 voting majority, on 2nd of September, 2019


After a short period of inactivity, and stagnant growth, the HCIS began efforts to rebrand itself. It had become apparent that the format of the original government did not allow for large decisions to be made quickly, and that the economic direction of the civilization was too vague. Various changes were implemented, in order to allow the Confederation to function even when the Grand Council is absent. Various intergalactic responsibilities were consolidated to the sole control of the Director. For one, Peace Treaties were now entirely under the control of the Director, as well as annexing new Territory. Hiring new Council members also became the sole responsibility of the Director, but it maintains that any residing Councilman may challenge the validity of the new hire.

Alongside new policies, the HCIS also adopted various visual improvements. More renovations were made to the Capital Sanctuary, to keep it looking updated, and ever-impressive. Likewise, a new Civilization Seal was created to represent the Confederation and its refined image. The Second Generation Seal featured a full banner version, as well as a square icon version, both derived in shape from the original Seal. This glorious new look was inspired by the new Industrialization stance that the HCIS was embracing. Its Supply Depot program had grown to become one of the more important aspects life around the Civilization, and the Trinity Pact.

The Wild Space Accords[]

During a period of mild inactivity, the civilization once again began expanding suddenly. The addition of a new alliance is what kicked this burst of activity off. The leader of Wild Space, Spyder and Helian Director optimus3097 met to negotiate a mutually beneficial alliance. The Treaty that came as a result outlined a partnership based on mutual profit, as well as mutual protection in the event of conflict. These Accords were also significant because they would be a likely future neutrality precedent in the event of a conflict of interest.

The Wild Space Accords were ratified, by Director optimus3097, on November 3rd, 2019.

Expansion: The Fourth Wave[]

The Fourth Core Province[]

The Galactic view of the Berith Province

After a period of focus on Galactic aid, the HCIS turned its attention to its own internal needs. Immigration seemed to have been stagnant for a period of time, and the Helian Government set out to add to its domain. In its hopes to catalyze growth, the Confederation set out to hire a new Overseer, and would go on to claim the Berith System as its Fourth Core Province. The Berith System was a large point of interest for the HCIS. Its wide variety of planets, as well as the discovery of Sol Helion Temple, seemed extremely appealing. After the annexation of Berith was finalized with its prospective Overseer, the announcement was made. SubmergingSky24 was appointed as the Fourth Helian Grand Council Member, and the Overseer of the Berith Province.

The Berith Province was officially annexed on November 26th, 2019

The Christmas Eve Accords[]

After having been approached by members of the Cosmic Cooperative, who had already been the closest neighbors of the Confederation, talks of an official Peace Treaty had begun. SubmergingSky24 was tasked with mediating an agreement with the Cooperative, for the greater benefit of the Alpha Quadrant, and the Euclid galaxy. After a few minor changes, an official document was ratified by both the Cooperative, and the Director and Grand Council of the HCIS.

The Helios Confederation of Independent Systems and the Cosmic Cooperative were officially allied on December 24th, 2019

The Helian Armed Forces[]

Following a significant rise in griefers, which were the result of Community Missions taking place, multiple Federation civilizations began to build their defensive units. The Galactic Hub Defense Force and the Qitanian Knights of the Good Light in particular began monitoring high traffic sites. In preparation for Unification Day 2019, the HCIS began to create its own defensive unit. It was entitled the Helian Armed Forces(or H.A.F for short), and it was split into two divisions. Each division represented a different combat preference. The Valerian Grand Navy was made responsible of air and cosmic defense, and the Nusphyrian Army was created to defend from the ground, in either exocrafts or on foot. Both of these divisions were placed under the command of the First General of the H.A.F, akasparky426.

The Helian Armed Forces were established on December 11th, 2019

The Cosmic Cooperative Debacle[]

During an inter-civilization verbal conflict within the United Federation of Travelers, involving actions taken by the Cosmic Cooperative, the HCIS was labeled as having employed traitors within its government. The exchange between Federation officials and Helian Council Member SubmergingSky24 escalated, resulting in a slight fallout with the Galactic Hub. As a precautionary measure, to have its governing structure reexamined and improved, the HCIS felt that it would be better to step off the stage of Intergalactic affairs for a period of time. Following the conflict, and the Helian exit from the UFT (and the repealing of the Ambassador Act), SubmergingSky24 resigned from his post on the Helian Grand Council, reentering the Cosmic Cooperative as a dual citizen.

Historical Seals of the HCIS[]

Seal Description
HCISSymbol.png The First Generation Seal of the HCIS, or the "Dawn of Helios" Seal. This seal was incepted at the creation of the modern HCIS. The heavy usage of dark reds represent the desire to create, and to explore.
HCISSymbolGen2 alt.png The Second Generation Seal of the HCIS, otherwise known as the "Unity" Seal. This seal was created shortly after the founding of the Trinity Pact, and represented an image refresh for the Confederation, as well as their intent to Unify the Xbox Universe.
HCISSymbolGen2.png The Full Banner Version of the Unity Seal. This is the most commonly used version of this seal, being used as the main representation of the Civilization since the it was created. It was at this point the HCIS set its precedent for the existence of a Full Banner version of every future Seal.
HAFSymbol.png The official seal of the Valerian Grand Navy. The four stars represent the four original Core Provinces that were present at the time of its founding.
NusophyrianArmySymbol.png The official emblem of the Nusophyrian Army. The image depicted is meant to represent the Army's duty to protect all that is innocent.