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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.
Colour Light Blue
Type Norm
Updated Prisms
Order 5
Galaxy sequence
Previous galaxy Next galaxy
Hesperius Dimension Ickjamatew

Hyades is a galaxy.


Hyades is the 5th galaxy in the No Man's Sky universe.

The Fade and Galaxy Centre are fundamental parts of every galaxy. In Hyades, the centre appears to be light blue.

This galaxy can be reached by:

  • Warp travel - Players start here with a crashed ship after reaching the centre of the Hesperius Dimension galaxy.
  • Simulation reset - Players in Hesperius Dimension galaxy, who choose to reset the simulation into a Norm galaxy during the New Beginnings primary mission, will start again in this galaxy.

Region categories[]

Regions can be categorised by the prefix or suffix added to the procedurally generated name (∗ marks its location). Names without prefix or suffix can also appear.

  1. ∗ Adjunct
  2. ∗ Void
  3. ∗ Expanse
  4. ∗ Terminus
  5. ∗ Boundary
  6. ∗ Fringe
  7. ∗ Cluster
  8. ∗ Mass
  9. ∗ Band
  10. ∗ Cloud
  11. ∗ Nebula
  12. ∗ Quadrant
  13. ∗ Sector
  14. ∗ Anomaly
  15. ∗ Conflux
  16. ∗ Instability
  17. Sea of ∗
  18. The Arm of ∗
  19. ∗ Spur
  20. ∗ Shallows

Known regions[]

The Hyades core
PS4 3-20-2019

The Hyades core
PS4 12-31-2020

Region Civilized Release
Ansfor Cloud Hyades Travellers Foundation Frontiers
Apiirt InExCor Companions
Ayduko Mass Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Behrei InExCor Beyond
Bujunete Boundary Oxalis Atlas Rises
Cogaialiu Cloud InExCor Visions
Edjeri Band Visions
Eiweil Spur Hyades Travellers Foundation Frontiers
Ethorn Boundary InExCor Visions
Eyanolisb Fringe Alliance of Galactic Travellers Pathfinder
Eymill InExCor Visions
Gibondoz Spur GenBra Space Corp ExoMech
GLITCHED (Hyades) Shared Community Frontiers
Hadaga Nebula Hyades Travellers Foundation Frontiers
Harlinik Nebula Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Hessla Quadrant Morley Celestial Bureau Frontiers
Hoongg Cloud Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Iegfrig Annex Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Inleia Expanse Maya Technology Corporation Living Ship
Jemarchu Nebula InExCor Visions
Kanopik InExCor Companions
Lapessu Cloud InExCor Visions
Lesenerra Anomaly InExCor Visions
Lewulgan Expanse Mud Bunny 11 Expeditions
Nasmisi Terminus Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Nuckienl Sector InExCor Visions
Ocniiji InExCor Visions
Oimunceg Instability InExCor Visions
Ovgorim Fringe InExCor Visions
Owairobu Spur Galactic Agriculture Society Atlas Rises
Ritbert Nebula InExCor Visions
Runicnad Outlaws
Rureshva Mass Alliance of Galactic Travellers Companions
Sea of Nufreya InExCor Visions
Sea of Pivash InExCor Visions
Sesanthi Conflux three Synthesis
Shiden Sector InExCor Visions
Siyahusa Expanse InExCor Visions
Swatko Nebula Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
The Arm of Nurubal InExCor Visions
The Arm of Ugiran InExCor Visions
Tudjab Cloud Morley Celestial Bureau Prisms
Vugupan Conflux GenBra Space Corp Visions
Weyondhen Terminus Hyades Travellers Foundation NextGen
Yazahu Cluster NextGen
Zehkovs Hyades Travellers Foundation Frontiers
Zibamb Adjunct Alliance of Galactic Travellers Frontiers

Specialty stars[]

Black Holes[]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release Coordinates
AAAM ERB-Hyades N Black hole Scientific Vy'keen 5 1 PC Frontiers 08C3:0080:0001:0079
AGT Hoongg Cloud Hole HTF Black Hole Ore processing Gek 6 PS4 NextGen 0805:0079:0801:0079
AGT Swatko Nebula Hole HTF Black Hole Prospecting Vy'keen 4 2 PS4 NextGen 0804:0079:0802:0079
Aneiuro-Ley Black Hole Prospecting Vy'keen 3 PC Visions 062B:0082:0A95:0079
Bokutsu-Mez Black Hole Ore Extraction Vy'keen 5 0 PC Visions 05E9:0080:0DB5:0079
Dearkku-Todai Black Hole Metal Processing Gek 5 PC Visions 0A55:007F:0CF7:0079
Ermonto-Inti Black Hole Engineering Gek 4 0 PC Visions 09EB:0080:0AAD:0079
MCB005-YK2SCI Rumeysky Black Hole Scientific Korvax 2 0 Outlaws 080D:005C:07F6:0079
Oshunato X Black Hole Material Fusion Gek 5 0 PC Visions 0940:0081:0C2D:0079
Rojorge Black Hole Construction Vy'keen 1 0 PC Visions 0DBD:007D:05A7:0079
Yorxun-Hiy Black Hole Construction Gek 3 1 PC Visions 0491:007C:046F:0079

Gateway Systems[]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release Coordinates Distance
AGT Hyades Edge HTF Yellow Fusion of materials Korvax 5 1 PS4 NextGen 07FA:0079:0801:01F5 2,982
AGT The last star of Hyades HTF Yellow Fuel generation Korvax 5 1 PS4 NextGen 0803:0078:07FF:00AF 3,116
Alesia XI Yellow Fuel Generation Gek 6 0 PC Companions 07FB:007F:0806:01E1 3,052
Asmiam-Eljal Yellow Ore Processing Vy'keen 5 0 PC Frontiers 0807:0080:0800:00B7 3,089
Yovsky IX Yellow Manufacturing Korvax 2 0 PS4 ExoMech 0804:0083:07FA:0141 3,113

Atlas Interface[]

System Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release Coordinates
AGT Gemistl-Tel HTF Industrial Vy'keen 5 1 PS4 NextGen 07F8:0078:0802:007A

Civilized space[]

Additional Information[]

This galaxy is commonly referred to as 'Hyades', but it does have alternate names.

  • Galaxy map - 'Hyades Galaxy' as opposed to most other galaxies which don't have this term attached.
  • Teleportation Terminal - Yombesagru
  • The glitched center system is Evskyv