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Impact Damage Omega
Impact Damage Omega
Defensive weapon upgrade.
Category Multi-tool - Projectile
Type Boltcaster Companion Unit
Stats Damage = +6.0
Updated Atlas Rises

Impact Damage Omega is a multi-tool upgrade.


Impact Damage Omega is a fourth-level projectile technology upgrade for the multi-tool's Boltcaster.

The Impact Damage upgrade automatically increases the damage caused by Boltcaster shots.

Game description[]

Boltcaster inflicts maximum damage on chosen target, bringing device up to the "Vy'keen Standard."

Charges ionised plasma shots to the very limits of physical possibility.

Works automatically once constructed within user's multi-tool inventory.


Impact Damage Omega cannot be crafted.

Original formula:

SUBSTANCE.YELLOW.2.png Copper x200 + Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium x200 + Heridium x400 → Render.projectile1mod.png Impact Damage Omega

Additional information[]

  • Works automatically when located in a player's multi-tool inventory
  • Needs no fuel or recharging

Upgrade progression[]

Release history[]