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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

Exo-suit inventory (pre-NEXT)

Inventory is a general term for items that can be carried or stored by a player.


A player's inventory is divided into 6 sections: exosuit, multi-tool, starship, exocraft, storage container, and freighter. As of Atlas Rises, there are now three types of inventory slot: General, Cargo, and Technology.

Inventory Slots[]


General slots are able to hold any one of the following stacks:


Technology slots are, as the name implies, limited to containing installed technology; they cannot hold any other items. Specifically, they can hold any of the following:

  • A single installed Technology
  • A single installed Upgrade Module

Note that technology slots cannot store uninstalled upgrade modules.


Cargo slots can be used for storing large amounts of items, but they can't have technologies installed into them. They can hold any of the following stacks:

  • up to 9999 (Normal or Creative modes, the same as general inventory slots), or up to 500 (Survival or Permadeath modes) of any basic resource
  • up to 40 tiny items, including Navigation Data
  • up to 30 small items, including Salvaged Data
  • up to 20 medium items, including Metal Plating and Di-hydrogen Jelly
  • up to 10 large items, including Glass, all trade goods, and many crafting components such as Ion Batteries and Antimatter
  • A single item, mostly Artifacts and uninstalled Upgrade Modules

Cargo slots can hold double of what "General" inventory slots can, with the exception of basic resources and unique items.


The base Exosuit has 12 General Inventory Slots, 4 Technology Inventory Slots and 2 Cargo Inventory Slots available. Additional slots can be unlocked by interacting with suit upgrade terminals in Drop Pods and Space Stations.

General Inventory[]

The Exosuit starts with 12 General slots in this inventory. The maximum number of inventory slots for this category is 48 spaces (6x8). The first upgrade is free and subsequent upgrades increase cost by an additional 10,000 units per upgrade. (i.e., Free, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, etc) (No prompt to upgrade the Exosuit is shown after the 48th slot. [Needs confirmation])

The total amount of units needed to gain the maximum number of General Inventory slots is 6,300,000 units.

Technology Inventory[]

This begins with 4 Technology slots installed. The maximum number of inventory slots for this category is 14 spaces (2x7). They are the cheapest slots to purchase. The first upgrade costs 1,000 units with varying costs for subsequent upgrades.

The total amount needed to gain the maximum number of Technology Inventory slots is 755,000 units.

Cargo Inventory[]

This inventory begins with two Cargo slots installed. The maximum number of inventory slots for this category is 48. They are the most expensive to purchase. The first upgrade costs 50,000 units and subsequent upgrades increase cost by an additional 50,000 units per upgrade, until the 20th slot, where the price is capped at 1.000.000 units for the remaining upgrades. (i.e., 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, etc)

The total amount of units needed to gain the maximum number of Cargo Inventory slots is 38,500,000 units.

Upgrade costs[]

The cost of upgrading all Exosuit inventories comes to a total of 45,555,000 units. Please see chart below for cost per inventory upgrade.

Exosuit Inventory slot upgrades - General 
Slot Number Cost in Units
Gen 13 Free
Gen 14 10,000
Gen 15 20,000
Gen 16 30,000
Gen 17 40,000
Gen 18 50,000
Gen 19 60,000
Gen 20 70,000
Gen 21 80,000
Gen 22 90,000
Gen 23 100,000
Gen 24 110,000
Gen 25 120,000
Gen 26 130,000
Gen 27 140,000
Gen 28 150,000
Gen 29 160,000
Gen 30 170,000
Gen 31 180,000
Gen 32 190,000
Gen 33 200,000
Gen 34 210,000
Gen 35 220,000
Gen 36 230,000
Gen 37 240,000
Gen 38 250,000
Gen 39 260,000
Gen 40 270,000
Gen 41 280,000
Gen 42 290,000
Gen 43 300,000
Gen 44 310,000
Gen 45 320,000
Gen 46 330,000
Gen 47 340,000
Gen 48 350,000
Exosuit Inventory slot upgrades - Tech 
Slot Number Cost in Units
Tech 5 1,000
Tech 6 5,000
Tech 7 10,000
Tech 8 30,000
Tech 9 60,000
Tech 10 100,000
Tech 11 200,000
Tech 12 350,000
Exosuit Inventory slot upgrades - Cargo 
Slot Number Cost in Units
Cargo 1 50,000
Cargo 2 100,000
Cargo 3 150,000
Cargo 4 200,000
Cargo 5 250,000
Cargo 6 300,000
Cargo 7 350,000
Cargo 8 400,000
Cargo 9 450,000
Cargo 10 500,000
Cargo 11 550,000
Cargo 12 600,000
Cargo 13 650,000
Cargo 14 700,000
Cargo 15 750,000
Cargo 16 800,000
Cargo 17 850,000
Cargo 18 900,000
Cargo 19 950,000
Cargo 20-48 1,000,000


The starting multi-tool has five (5) inventory slots. The maximum number of inventory slots for a multi-tool is 24 (8x3). Players can exchange their multi-tool for other versions to get additional slots. Multi-tools with upgraded inventories can be found in outposts (planetary bases with Landing Pads), space anomalies, and randomly as rewards from successfully completing events.

All multi-tools have technology slots only; it is not possible to store items in a multi-tool.


Inventory page for a ship with 27 slots

The starting starship has 15 general inventory slots and 4 technology slots. Claiming and switching to a pre-order ship, Alpha Vector or Horizon Omega, gives one additional general slot, for a total of 16.

The maximum number of general inventory slots for a starship depends on its class. Any Hauler ship can be upgraded to 48 slots (8x6). Any S-class ship can be upgraded to the maximum number of general inventory slots (48 or 8x6) and the maximum number of technology slots (21 or 7x3).

Additional slots can be added to an owned ship by:

  • using the terminal next to the appearance modifier in most space stations
  • Storage Augmentation curiosity for a single-slot expansion.

If neither of these methods are suitable, a player can also purchase a new starship with more inventory slots available; this may be cheaper than repeated upgrades.

If you have 15 general and 4 tech, this gives 19 slots for a ship. Next slot will cost 1M, and the next after 2M. Table may not be accurate for 58-61.

Ship slot upgrades
Slot Number Cost in Units [M]
19 1
20 2
21 3
22 4
23 5
24 6
25 7
26 8
27 9
28 10
29 11
30 12
31 13
32 14
33 15
34 16
35 17
36 18
37 19
38 20
39 21
40 22
41 23
42 24
43 25
44 30
45 35
46 40
47 45
48 50
49 55
50 60
51 65
52 70
53 75
54 80
55 85
56 90
57 95
58 100
59 150
60 200
61 250


Each of the four Exocraft has its own inventory.

Base containers[]

Up to 10 Storage Containers may be constructed at your base, or on your freighter. Each one contains twenty Cargo slots, each capable of storing 9999 (normal), or 1000(survival) resources, or 10 stacking items. These inventory slots are shared with like-numbered storage containers in other bases or on a freighter.


Freighters may also be purchased to expand your storage capabilities.


Transfer Items panel

You can move items from your Exosuit to your Freighter and vice versa without a distance limit, but only when a Matter Beam is installed. Without one, you must be aboard your Freighter to move an item between Freighter and your Exosuit or Starship. On the contrary, moving an item to or from your Ship and Exosuit is limited to 25-seconds walking distance between you and your ship (walls do not block the limit).

Elements can stack up to 9999 in each of the slots in the Exosuit General inventory in Normal mode, and 250 per slot in other modes.

Elements can stack up to 9999 in any inventory in Normal mode, and 500 in each of the slots in the Exosuit Cargo inventory, Ship inventory, up to 1000 in the Freighter inventory or in a Storage Container inventory in other modes. A player may also transfer inventory to another member of their Multiplayer team. When the Transfer Items panel is displayed, the names of the other players in the group are included for selection if desired.


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