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Ion Sphere
Ion Sphere
Category Tradeable
Type Trade Commodity
Total Value 30,000.0 Units.png
Updated Companions

Ion Sphere is a tradeable.


Ion Sphere is a 4th tier tradeable.

Game description[]

A packed crate of ion spheres.

These delicate glass spheres house a small-scale replica of the upper atmosphere. Sparkly and hypnotic to look at, these baubles are also of importance in the manufacture of advanced material alloys.


Ion Sphere can be purchased from Galactic Trade Terminals in all high-wealth Trading Economy star systems. It is also obtainable in some, but not all, medium-wealth systems with this Economy.


Ion Sphere can be sold for a profit in any Advanced Materials Economy star system.

It is not usable by the player in Crafting or Base building.

Additional information[]

Release history[]

  • Atlas Rises - Added as a trade commodity.
  • NEXT - Stack size in Exosuit general inventory raised from 1 to 5.