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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.
Used as a flight pack to temporarily render the user airborne.
Category Exosuit - Utilities
Type Aerial Propulsion Booster
Updated Desolation

Jetpack is a core component of the exosuit.


The jetpack allows the user to fly for short periods of time.

It can be used to reach high places or to explore underground tunnels without fear of getting stuck. Pressing X on the controller or Space on the keyboard will activate the jetpack.

Game description[]

Provides the Exosuit with advanced movement capabilities, including temporary flight.

Control thrust with PSBUTTON.X.png/ (PS4/PC/Xbox). The flightpack uses energy from the Exosuit Life Support system to pressurise and vent bursts of gas, propelling the user into the air.

Jetpack can be temporarily overloaded by gathering Deuterium-rich plants, causing a dramatic increase in available thrust for ten (10) seconds. Consuming a specific cooked product such as Bread will give eight (8) seconds of free thrust per unit.


The jetpack, once it has been activated, draws quickly from its tanks for its initial burst of thrust. Continued jetpack use in the air draws more slowly from the tanks than the initial thrust, but accelerates the player upward at a diminished rate. The remaining fuel in the jetpack's tanks is indicated by an icon in the lower-right corner, both in the normal heads-up display (while the tanks are not full) and in the Analysis Visor interface (always).

While in use, the jetpack incurs a heavy drain on the Exosuit's Life Support system. This drain is especially large while on Dead planets, though the low gravity on these planets greatly increases the effectiveness of jetpack use.

Whenever the player enters a body of water, the jetpack's tanks are instantly replenished and the jetpack can be used in the water at no fuel cost to propel the player toward the surface. Jetpack use while underwater still incurs a heavy drain on Life Support.

Deuterium plant boost[]

While supercharged by a Deuterium-rich plant, the jetpack gains three benefits for the duration of the boost:

  • Jetpack thrust is greatly increased
  • The jetpack has unlimited fuel
  • Life Support is not drained by jetpack use.


Players are already in possession of the Jetpack when they begin the game.

It is possible to acquire the blueprint. (Possible bug)


Jetpack can be repaired using the following ingredients:

Jetpack cannot be dismantled.


Jetpack / Melee boost[]

The jetpack can be used for a special technique called the dash-boost. While running, the melee attack button causes the player to dash forward; if the jetpack is activated during this dash, the player will fly forward at very high speeds for as long as they remain off the ground. This is a bit tricky to pull off at first, but it saves running stamina and is much faster.

Harvesting a Deuterium-rich plant gives the player a short jetpack boost as well, which can help you travel greater distances using the jetpack+melee combo.

Additional information[]

  • If you believe you are stuck in a location where you can't escape, or just can’t reach your ship, you can jetpack forever whilst pushing against any surface.
  • The audio director of Hello Games said he created jetpack sounds by going into the bathroom and recording a hand dryer.
  • Despite being impossible to Craft, a placeholder Blueprint is present within the Space Anomaly, with a suggested cost of 100 Ferrite Dust

Release history[]

  • Pre-release - seen in a hands-on pre-release video with web personality and occasional Sony collaborator Anthony Carboni who accidentally activated the controls.
  • NEXT - repair blueprint changed, formerly used Iron and Heridium; jetpack can be used underwater