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The Jetpack is a device in No Man's Sky that allows the player to fly short distances. It is carried on the back of the Exosuit. It can be used to get out of large holes in the ground, or to reach higher places, but without upgrades, the boost time is very limited. The Jetpack is activated by using the Spacebar (PC) or 'X' (PS4). The Jetpack is a permanent part of the Exosuit and cannot be dismantled.

Game Description

Flightpack that uses lightweight canisters to create bursts of safe, neutralized gas to temporarily render the user airborne. User is advised to check skies for aerial traffic prior to take-off.

Jetpack Power

The Jetpack does not require fuel, but using the pack will deplete it's ability to fly over a short period of time. The resource meter will advise the player how much power it has left. The Jetpack will recharge while not in use. Depleting the Jetpack of it's power completely will lengthen the time required before it can be used again (min 25% recharge). Entering a body of cold water will recharge the Jetpack instantly although it is not clear as to why.


Repairing the Jetpack requires Iron x100 and Heridium x50.


Related Upgrades

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