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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Jurassia Amber
Jurassia Amber
Galaxy Euclid
Region Kogii'ithip
Star system HUB7-V-56 Barbecue Star
Biome Lush - {{{description}}}
Weather Humid
Resources An Pt Pu Zn GB
Sentinels Hostile
Flora Low
Fauna Ample
Discovered by Syn1334
Discovery platform PS4
Updated Pathfinder

Jurassia Amber is a planet.


Jurassia Amber is a planet in the HUB7-V-56 Barbecue Star system. The system can be located using the HMS.

It is named for the Tyranocae (T-Rex) and Theroma (Triceratops) species which are native to this planet, as well as the native flora's mostly-red coloration. Large, butterfly-like Cycromys birds and 6.08m Felidae bipeds provide further attractions for exozoologists and tourists.


  • “Form” refers to, for example: crystal form, resource deposit form, Pedestal Form (Vortex Cube), “Stem” Form (Gravitino Balls), etc
  • “Rarity” refers to how often the resource appears on the planet, and is just an estimate (there’s no in-game value to measure it by).
Image Resource Form Rarity
Jurassia Amber Gravitino.png Gravitino Balls Standard
(Orbs on the ground)
Antrium Glowing Flower Abundant (in caves)
Heridium Resource Deposit Common
Platinum Flower Common
Plutonium Crystal Common
Zinc Flower Abundant



Image Species Name Gender Temperament Diet Height Genus
Yupusittum Yularei Unknown 1.png Yupusittum Yularei Unknown Docile Grazing creature 6.28m Theroma
Yupusittum Yularei Non-uniform 1.png Yupusittum Yularei Non-uniform Docile Grazing creature 6.10m Theroma
Labodiust Yularei.png Labodiust Yularei Male Passive Herbivore 6.08m Felidae (Bipedal Variant)
Umquesii Sumata Radical.png Umquesii Sumata Radical Timid Vegetation 1.48m Tyranocae
Umquesii Sumata Vectorized.png Umquesii Sumata Vectorized Timid Vegetation 1.36m Tyranocae
Dossace Sekoanama.png Dossace Sekoanama Exotic Erratic Grazing creature 1.20m Cycromys

Fauna Completion %[]

PS4: 100%



Detailed Information[]

  • Image is optional but encouraged.
Image Species Name Color(s) Description Discovered by
No Name - Grass Red (mostly) This planet's non-rocky areas are carpeted with red grass, dotted throughout by white plants, likely some sort of flower. Syn1334 (PS4)

Atmosphere & Climate[]

  • Maximum Temperature: 19.1 °C
  • Minimum Temperature:
  • Storm Temperature: -32.4 °C

Notable Locations[]


Image Name Description Marked by Communications Station


Image Name Description Marked by Communications Station