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The Korvax are one of the three primary sentient species in the No Man's Sky universe.


The Korvax are a highly intellectual mechanical race of machines that are found in many of the galaxies, including Euclid. They originate from the planet Korvax Prime located on the border of the Edge and Outer Edge.

They always wish to know more about their own existence, everything in the universe, and science. While native in a distant galaxy, the Korvax had maintained several systems in Euclid for research purposes within the Edge and Outer Edge until First Spawn Gek nearly eradicated the Korvax population from the Euclid galaxy.

Along with the Gek and Vy'keen, they are one of the last three remaining sentient species in the universe.


A Korvax focusing on a touchscreen tablet

The Korvax often stand straight with a slight curve of their upper torso. While they're essentially robotic, they do have their vertebrae exposed and curved on the back of their suit with wires connected into their buttocks. The variation of helmets indicates their job and status within Korvax Convergence, and they are always shown using a touchscreen device.

Head Variations[]

This race has a wide variety of helmet-like heads depending on their job and status within the Korvax Convergence.

  • Astronaut helmet ones are the Code Entities, Interface Entities, Operations Entity and Technician Entity
  • Analytic Visor ones are the Analyst Entities, Mathematician Entities and Physicist Entities
  • Oval helmet with a red chip on left side ones are the Geologist Entities, Scholar Entities, Divine Entities and other variations of Entities.


A Korvax in a outpost

The Korvax worship and venerate the Atlas, which makes contacting their priests a considerable boon for players searching for Atlas-related phenomena, ranging from Atlas technology, to Atlas Interfaces, to even locating black holes that will bring one closer to the centre of the galaxies. Korvax commonly share their memories and discoveries with one another by uploading them onto special platinum cubes that are slotted into each other's brains to copy their contents.

When a Korvax is dying, they will initiate the fading process, release their intellectual form into Korvax Echoes, and a new entity will immediately be generated right after the old one has faded. If the casing is damaged, the shell is often recycled and crafted by another Korvax into a brand new one. For those that are far from any other Korvax entities, the casing will be left behind and decay. The leftover is known as a Korvax Casing, which is quite valuable as a curiosity for all of the races due to their advanced bionic nature. It is rumored that Korvax Convergence Cubes are the physical memory form of the Korvax Intellectual Form.


See Korvax (language)

Korvax language consists of a considerable amount of nodding and analytical actions and sentences which include many references to Korvax Echos and their society Korvax Convergence.

Should players discover new words and wish to contribute to this wiki please visit Korvax (language research) to fill in the blanks.


The Korvax each possess a title indicating their status within their society's hierarchy. Known titles include:

  • Analyst Entity
  • Chemist Entity
  • Code Entity
  • Convergence Entity
  • Divine Atlas Entity
  • Engineering Entity
  • Geologist Entity
  • Interface Entity
  • Mathematician Entity
  • Operations Entity
  • Physicist Entity
  • Priest Entity
  • Research Entity
  • Scholar Entity
  • Technician Entity
  • Echo Analyst Entity


See Testament of the Korvax


The Korvax Monoliths are known for experimenting on players by giving tests like tiny metal spiders crawling all over the skin. There's often only two options like 'wait it out' or 'accept it'. In return for successfully passing experiments, the monolith will reward the player with a blueprint, sometimes even a Warp Cell.


The Korvax plaques often transcribes Korvax research progress and how they wonder about the purpose of their creation. Oftentimes their plaques will tell a little bit of the lore from their point of view.


Korvax ruins contain valuable information about The Great Disconnection and how Korvax Echos partially made the Korvax into who they are. In addition, Korvax Convergence is another term mentioned many times.


The player can gain standing with successful interactions with the Korvax, helping to resolve difficult equations, accepting various tissue donation for research purposes, and pretending to be a lesser, nonintellectual being than the Korvax to encourage them in finding a higher intellectual being other than themselves.

Korvax Traveller of the Atlas rank 100

Standing ranks with the Korvax include, from low to high:

Annoyance (-5)
Irritation (-2)
Unstudied (0)
Player can request to learn new words from Korvax
Point of Interest (3)
Test Subject (8)
Nearby Korvax starships will assist the player if the player is attacked by pirates.
Research Focus (14)
Trial Candidate (21)
Significance (30)
Saviour (40)
Singularity (60)
Traveller of the Atlas (100)


These encompass the factions as shown in the mission clients.

Entity a12248
They collect bio-mechanical scans to recreate those creatures as simulations later on.

Lowest Mission: Rank 6
Known Missions: Scan Creatures

Notable Individuals[]

Additional Information[]

A SynthGek

  • Sometimes, Korvax can be encountered masquerading as other species in elaborate disguises. A Korvax disguised as a Gek is known as a SynthGek.
  • They are the inventors of the Bypass Chip, a useful device for hacking various encrypted panels throughout the universe.
  • Extremely rarely a Korvax will display a coded message displayed in binary (I found mine on PS4; after translating the code it read ATLAS ). This occurs in the interaction:

It is the heartbeat of the universe, Traveller. Do you know it?

The Korvax looks at me briefly before beginning to drum their fingers on the surface in front of them. They beat a rhythm:

01000001 01010100 01001100 01000001 01010011

  • Standing rank names extracted from the 3.71 version of the NMS_LOC1_ENGLISH.MBIN game file.
  • Standing rank requirements extracted from the 3.71 version of the LEVELEDSTATSTABLE.MBIN game file.